Left to right: Labour PCC Alun Michael, Carl Sargeant – the minister who is understood to have killed himself – and Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones who fired Mr Sargeant 

The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales Alun Michael has now called on Welsh Labour Government First Minister Carwyn Jones to spell out in detail the allegations made against sacked former children’s minister Carl Sargeant.

Mr Sargeant apparently took his own life after Carwyn Jones fired him last Friday as a minister and suspended him from the Labour Party.

Carl Sargeant in one of his last appearances at the Welsh Assembly

Mr Sargeant is understood to have killed himself on Tuesday this week – without ever being told exactly what he was being accused having done –  and without receiving any support or assistance from the Labour Party.

Alun Michael – who is himself a former Welsh Assembly First Minister (technically “First Secretary” in his day)  –  has now publicly called on Carwyn Jones to spell out the allegations made against Mr Sargeant – at least one of which had already been dealt with and which dates back several months.

South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner Alun Michael

Mr Michael – who lives in Penarth and is the former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth – said “Carl was a superb minister, one of the best ministers I’ve ever known in any government – UK or in Wales – and he was one of the most effective people I’ve ever known,

Carl Sargeant, who was apparently suspected of –  and summarily dismissed for –  the unwanted touching and “groping” of a number of women had – according to Alun Michael –  “made Welsh Government a world leader in tackling violence against women and girls”. Michael now asserts that the allegations against Carl Sargeant were made by  three women who had alleged  “unwanted attention, inappropriate touching or groping” – all of which are accusations which Mr Sargeant had apparently totally denied.

The former First Secretary went on to say “It may have been entirely appropriate that [the matter] was referred not to civil servants, but to the Labour Party, but  that depends on the nature of the allegations and that’s why it’s so important for the family, for the friends, for everybody involved in political life in Wales, to know exactly what it was that was alleged” .

Alun Michael says Carl Sargeant was not offered the pastoral care that he needed.

A shaken and frightened-looking Carwyn Jones had to face the press for a second time of the week on Thursday – and later do a U-Turn on his initial refusal to commission an independent inquiry

UPDATE : It emerged that on Thursday, November 9th there had been a graffiti attack on the home of First Minister Carwyn Jones – thought to be the work of Labour Party zealots. Police set up a watch on the his home in a leafy suburb of Bridgend.

On Friday night the enfeebled First Minister found himself with no choice but to cave-in to growing demands for an independent inquiry to be held into Carl Sargeant’s death – whilst clamour grew for his resignation over his maladroit mishandling of the matter.

The independent inquiry will led by an as yet un-named “senior QC”. The family of Carl Sargeant and their legal representative has said they  want the inquiry to discover  “the reasons for the serious failings in following the correct procedures practices and protocols and the reasons for the complete abdication of responsibility and duty of care that was owed to Carl”.

The First Minister – looking like a frightened stag at bay –  had attempted to kick the issue into the long grass by saying that the inquiry should not begin until the inquest was completed – a delaying action which could take many months. Now, however, the Welsh Labour Government is to take what it describes as “further advice on this matter.”

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  1. Chris David says:

    Pastoral care !!

  2. Penarth realist says:

    Headline in the paper was the toxic atmosphere in the Welsh assembly Government, this before they even start flinging the radioactive mud.

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    The W.A.G is a bit of a political backwater but the fact that Carwyn has to have police outside his house after a “graffiti attack” shows that people have strong opinions about this, and a perception that Carwyn’s “friend” was not treated fairly, and did not have proper support-all praise to P.D.N allowing us to share our views-I am sure the “Echo” had numerous contributions about this and the recent murder of a child but have chosen not to print them.

    • Mark Twain says:

      Not only do we have to pay his salary out of Taxes, now it seems we have to pay for someone to guard his house as well.
      Gravy train gone mad, no wonder Blair saddled this upon us, more jobs for failed ex Labour Councillors.

    • Saunderton Folly says:

      He has a very nice house in Bridgend.
      Newspapers helpfully published pictures of a police car outside.
      All you have to do is use rightmove and search for the most expensive road in Bridgend and that where true socialist Carwyn lives.
      AM’s tend to live near the best schools, don’t they?

  4. Chris David says:

    I have not seen one word of concern re the alleged victims. Not by a person nor in the press! Odd in the madly deeply overly PC world!

  5. aledrobertt says:

    While I don’t wish to advocate for the Daily Mail, I found this article rather interesting:

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