Roadside boatbuilding under way on Harbour View Road, Plassey Square

Residents of Penarth’s Plassey Square have found that their local thoroughfare – the  saltily-named “Harbour View Road”  – has suddenly assumed an even more nautical character than usual.

What appears to be a major boat-building project is under way at the roadside –  in which what evidently started life as a modestly-proportioned 16-ft fishing boat, is now being enlarged, extended and taking on the appearance of –  if not quite a Cunard liner –  at least a kind of home-made Noah’s Ark.

Extensive – but economical – interior and exterior works are under way aboard Elizabeth II

The boat – patriotically named “Elizabeth II” – is still on a trailer, but has just had a large ship-lap wooden cabin installed on what was an open cockpit area.

Local residents, aghast at – but intrigued by – the alfresco DIY being carried out on their doorsteps,  say the newly-built aft cabin looks suspiciously like a former B&Q garden shed; a view confirmed by the somewhat unseaworthy side-opening door which has now been installed.

Elizabeth II’s owner “Jack” has asked not to be identified in the photo

The project is being carried out by local resident “Jack” who has modestly asked for his surname to be withheld and not to be identified in the photographs. He bought Elizabeth II – including her trailer – for a grand total of just £200 and is carrying out all the work on her himself.

Jack says the engine has been removed from Elizabeth II  and Penarth’s RNLI lifeboat crew might be relieved to hear that he doesn’t plan to put to sea in her. The intention is to convert the craft into a trailer-mounted mobile home which he will tow from place to place. He expects to complete the work next week  and will be on his travels to somewhere warmer than Penarth shortly thereafter.

Elizabeth II (left) and HMS Queen Elizabeth (right)

As the “Elizabeth II” might be all-too-easily confused with the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS “Queen Elizabeth”   it may be worth noting that of the two vessels Elizabeth II – notwithstanding her modifications – appears to have the cleanest lines in comparison with her Royal Navy namesake.

The following comparison checklist may be of further help in distinguishing between the two vessels.

ELIZABETH II                                            HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH

Displacement:         0.5 Tons                      70,600 tonnes
Length:                     16 ft                               920 feet
Beam:                        5 ft                                240 ft
Draught:                   2 ft                                 36ft
Engines                      0                                   2 × gas turbines 4  X diesels

Speed                          30mph (towed)          3o mph

Range:                        Unlimited                    10,0000 nautical miles

Crew                            1                                    679

Armament                  0                                    3 × Phalanx 30-mm DS30M Mk2 guns
Aircraft carried:        0                                     50

Price                             £200                            £3,100,000,000

Shortly there will be less risk of confusing the two vessels as Jack says he doesn’t really like the name Elizabeth II after all and is now pondering a new name for his boat.



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  1. H Caulfield says:

    How have the national papers missed this bombshell of a story?

  2. Plassey Resident says:

    Can you tell him to move it somewhere else? We don’t want this junk in Plassey Square. Thanks

  3. St Augustine says:

    He’s not local and drives to the square everyday.

    I’m not normally against people doing their own thing but he’s made a huge mess, which has blocked the pavement and obstructed the road.

    Plassey Square seems to be the dumping ground of choice for caravans, trailers, and now boats.

  4. Lex79 says:

    It’s a total hazard to pedestrians and road users. Junk all over the pavement and road and the door on the ark endlessly swinging open nearly hitting passing cars. This with endless untaxed and in mot’d cars is making Plassey Square a dumping ground open to all!

  5. Penarth realist says:

    With the way the assembly is going downhill he might want to offer this vessel to Carwyn as his official mode of transport.

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes, he can sail the world doing great trade deals for Wales when we leave the EU with the rest of the UK.
      A bit like the old Royal Yacht Britannia, except more down to earth!

  6. The Tax payer says:

    Next job for Penarth lifeboat 😹

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    My God typical Penarthian comments …..”we don’t want this junk in Plassey Square ” if you had taken the time to speak to the boat owner you would have found out it was temporary.. but you wanted a ‘moan’ so didn’t bother . Another.” its a hazard to road users” ! its TEMPORARY..God I wouldn’t have wanted such people living near me when I was young and we made wooden ‘go karts’ each year hammering away to know something together. Oh and of course the usual solution for ‘moaning minnies’, ‘call the police’. As I said typical Penarthian behaviour , no sense of fun, no ‘live and let live’ and certainly as proved on many occasions NO SENSE OF HUMOUR worthy of a mention.

    • Bemused says:

      Spot on, Andrew, there’s no sense of individuality anymore.
      Everyone has to have a 4×4 and Mandarin Stone tiles in the bathroom and then they think they’re arrived. All the “eccentrics” have been pushed out by poseurs in blue and white striped boat neck tops.
      Best of luck to Jack on his travels – perhaps he’ll find a more welcoming, interesting place to dock.

      • Plassey Resident says:

        Let’s hope so. I hear the Bermuda Triangle is particularly cikarku beautiful this time of year.

  8. Anon says:

    The boat owner has had a legal notice served on him by the council giving him 7 days to remove the boat. It was attached to the boat and also the caravan a little further along last Thursday!

  9. Plassey Resident says:

    No sense of individuality?! It’s a shed on the back of a boat! There is a mess all over the floor all around it. It’s a health and safety nightmare, especially when opposite a children’s playground. Stig of the dump needs to go and build his ‘Ark’ outside his own house.

  10. Andrew Worsley says:

    As I said earlier ‘moaning minnies’ why is it an health and safety issue , does it fill a large area? and using the kids as a convenient excuse to moan , its temporary … get over it. Stig of the dump eh? do you know the person or are you just name calling …? hmmm thought so . And I will have a guess that you were born and bred in Penarth ? Now stop moaning your giving the town a bad name oooooooops sorry its already got that , pompous busybodies or rampant gossips .

    • Bemused says:

      Not least bearing in mind Plassey Square’s aspirations to become Primrose Hill, never question the “children” argument, Andrew. The little ones must not be polluted with notions of modest handy work or mess for these developing minds are the inheritors of the earth.
      Those living in Penarth – especially if they attend Stanwell School – will become political leaders, ground-breaking scientists, lawyers, doctors…Nobel Prize winners. The children of this town are delicate geniuses poised to scramble up the social ladder. The man on a budget with the shed must go.

    • Lex79 says:

      Hey Andrew, as you and Jack seem on such good terms, why don’t you tow his shed boat combo to your house so he can finish off his temporary renovations there. You could even take him out the odd cuppa!

    • St Augustine says:

      Who’s name calling? Seems like it’s mainly you.

      I enjoy your rants but you don’t like facts to get in the way of a good moan. Bottom line is that it is a hazard. He’s blocked the pavement and the road, which is dangerous, illegal and inconsiderate.

  11. sjleworthy says:

    The usual ‘i love it, but not on my doorstep’ 🙂

  12. Andrew Worsley says:

    Grow up Lex your not in the playground now, as for St Augustine, nice to have a Saint joining the debate , anyway as for St Augustine , get over yourself!! , don’t tell me where this boat is , is a major thoroughfare ? no its not the photos show that but of course , nowadays its got to be a problem especially with the insular no tolerance darlings dotted around this town. In a more open minded and friendly town , some of the locals might even have stood chatting to this man or show a bit of friendliness , but that’s not the way around Penarth , its either moan , exaggerate , or lets call the Police . No wonder the town is treated with indifference by those running the Council or is that Councils ?? Build a massive folly on top of a crumbling cliff , ignore the locals and any objections , and if it starts the come apart once finished SO WHAT!! but make alterations to a tiny boat and its “call the Police” and the “not in these here parts you don’t” and I saw the film ‘Deliverance’.

  13. My name is not Dave says:

    Sooner this monstrosity gets moved on the better. Doing work roadside is one thing but leaving the roadside looking like a gypsy site is another. Can’t he clean up after himself? Nails and screws all over footpath and road. His caravan, which has also been served a notice by highways looks a mess too. As for his handywork my 2 year old son could do better

  14. Andrew Worsley says:

    Spot on Bemused , I better be careful agreeing in with you as its not the way things are done “around these here parts ” no wonder any travelogue on Penarth concentrates on the seafront and of course the pier , if they started filming in the town the Police would be called . Oh unless there’s a big BBC van or similar, then you can look important , busy and professional and then your tolerated , errr! to a point.

  15. D J BARRY says:


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