Penarth Lifeboat has an AIS transmitter which enables its position to be tracked at all times (RNLI)

Penarth Fire and Rescue Service’s fire-boat was joined last night by Penarth Lifeboat and a South Wales police helicopter to search the River Taff following reports received by the police of a  “missing man”- 

South Wales Fire and Rescue now say they understand that the emergency call (made originally to the police) could have been a hoax.

The South Wales Fire and Rescue Boat

Both the Fire Service vessels and Penarth lifeboat combed the River Taff and the entire area of Cardiff Bay after the initial call was received just after 16:00 .

A police helicopter was also brought in to comb the area using infra-red sensing cameras. The area covered from was Clarence Road to the main A4232 bridge and the entire area of Cardiff Bay

Police have not released any information about the person or persons who raised the initial alarm.

The combined cost of the operation – including the helicopter – could be as much as £5,000 to £10,000. Operations were stood down at 20:00.

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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    It’s interesting to see that, despite their claims last week of working with other agencies and that this is on their door step and training grounds, not to have seen CAVRA involved in this search at all?!

    It raises further questions to their interoperability and required use. If they can’t be included in basic searches for missing persons right on their doorstep, what use is the public getting from its share of money given to CAVRA? They have boats provided by the government which are ideal for this type of search, yet didn’t get called upon.

    Does this speak more about the fact that the agencies don’t see CAVRA as a fit-for-purpose organisation, capable of working to the high standards required and expected.

    Maybe the volatile and confrontational attitude of the team members has been deemed too unprofessional for the emergency services to use.

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