“Normandy” in Bridgeman Road

Today PDN highlights the second of two illicit YouTube videos shot in  two decaying Penarth mansions “Ashdene Manor” and “Normandy” in Bridgeman Road .

Yesterday’s video showed the current state of “Ashdene Manor” which, following the failure of an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate – now faces even longer delays before redevelopment work begin on the site.

Today’s featured  video (press the button on the screen above to run the movie) shows the sad state of Normandy – (the grey stone mansion next door to Ashdene Manor) which – like Ashdene – has a tangled planning history and is awaiting redevelopment or renovation.

The YouTube video was shot by a film maker using the nom-de-plume “CollidingPlanets” . Inside Normandy the delapidation is so great  that the floors are bowed and collapsing. Filming interiors must have involved considerable personal risk.

It is hard to believe now – but as recently as 2012 the classic Normandy mansion was still almost intact and relatively watertight.

Normandy’s exquisite banded slate roof was still intact in 2012

One day however an anonymous workman was spotted on the beautiful banded-pattern original Victorian slate-roof. Local residents watched in horror  as he was seen deliberately smashing in the roof tiles with the back of a spade. In the course of a single morning, most of Normandy‘s wonderful roof had been smashed in.

That  spade attack opened up huge holes in the roof – leaving the ceilings and the floors below open to the rain and the elements.  It was the beginning of a rapid deterioration of the property.

Three years after the wanton attack that spelled the death knell for Normandy, the derelict property was bought by entrepreneur Philip Day’s EWM Property Company Ltd, (EWM stands for Edinburgh Woollen Mill – the name of the parent company ).

[PDN Note: Since that purchase, the EWM Property Company has been  renamed as Equorium Property Company Ltd.  The same company has previously had a number of different identities – being previously called Factory Outlet Centres (Scotland) , EWM Retail Ltd, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Retail Ltd and The Cotswold Trading Post Ltd]

Since the most recent purchase of Normandy – no planning permission has been sought for the redevelopment of the house or of the Normandy site.



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  1. AK says:

    Walked past it today – it’s an absolute disgrace and an eyesore.The one next door is not much better.

    Such a shame in a prominent position, and fairly obvious what has been going on. Systematically destroy it until it is no longer viable to be saved or refurbished, then permit demolition.

    Cross a few palms with plain brown envelopes and another block of flats will be allowed in its place.

  2. From below says:

    I remember seeing a young lad, maybe 15 years old, on the roof smashing he tiles in on the roof whilst being directed by a man in the garden. Looked very dodgy due to no scaffolding, harnesses or anything.

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