Penarth Town Council claims on its website that its “Penarth In Bloom” initiative “wins awards” . The truth is that it hasn’t won anything

Doubts are now being cast on the impression given by the Labour-run Penarth Town Council’s widely-promoted claims that the council has won “awards” for its  “Penarth in Bloom” initiatives.

The claims are made in a welter of pre-Christmas publicity which appears to suggest that the council’s little-known Penarth in Bloom initiative has received prestigious trophies from one of Wales’s best known environmental pro-gardening organisations – Wales in Bloom.    

A Penarth Council “tweet” trumpets the totally bogus “award wins”

The town council has prominently  headlined the so-called “awards” on its own website and also on its Twitter social media site.

…But today the award organisers, “Wales in Bloom”, have confirmed that, notwithstanding the hype, Penarth Town Council hasn’t actually won anything.

Penarth Council had proclaimed on its website:-  “Penarth Town Council is delighted to announce that the Penarth in Bloom pilot projects that took place during 2017 have all been awarded certificates as part of the RHS & Wales in Bloom ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ award scheme.”

Volunteers wearing safety vests apparently gathered under the aegis of the Labour-run Penarth Town Council’s secretive Momentum Group and preserved their anonymity during their work the Arcot Street Triangle for the council offshoot organisation “Penarth in Bloom” .

Penarth Town Council’s publicity went on to claim “Awards were received for the Community Gardening project in the Arcot Street Triangle, the town centre planter scheme, the development of vegetable and herb beds in the garden at the West House Town Council Offices and for the improvements made in the grounds of the Kymin House on Beach Road.”

However the “Wales in Bloom” version of events is somewhat different from Penarth Town Council’s  version of events… 

Wales in Bloom 2017 organiser Lynda Goodwin said today that Penarth Town Council had NOT BEEN ENTERED  in any of the scheme’s 19 different award categories [ the majority of which each presents 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes]  .

Penarth Town Council – she said – had only participated in a separate junior category called It’s Your Neighbourhood” – a part of the Wales In Bloom scheme which does NOT give any awards but is designed to encourage towns to enter the main competition.

The Penarth Town Council website claims that it has been “awarded certificates” by Wales in Bloom – but Ms Goodwin has made it clear that EVERYONE WHO ENTERS GETS A CERTIFICATE.

Penarth Town Council has installed branded “planters” around the town which have already been criticised by some local residents for obstructing pavements

In the non-award-giving “It’s Your Neighbourhood” part of the “Wales in Bloom”  scheme ( designed to encourage participating organisations to improve) there are 5 levels of merit comprising  “Outstanding”, “Thriving”, “Advancing” , “Improving” and “Establishing”. All of Penarth Town Council’s entries were judged to be in the lowest 3 of the 5 categories.

All of them automatically received certificates – but were not eligible to win any awards  – and didn’t get any.



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  1. Summo secretum says:

    Whether or not awards have been won, I think there’s something very affected about that ‘Momentum Group’ ‘preserving their anonymity’.
    Who do they think they are?
    Why do they think people give too hoots?
    And what are they frightened of happening if the cat gets out of the bag?
    If their undercover ‘community’ activities are an attempt at self-effacing noblesse oblige, it’s backfired in spectacular fashion – the absurdity of their ‘anonymity’ has made them a talking point – and laughing stock.
    I saw this lot arriving to fiddle about on the ‘Arcot Street Triangle’, full of the most laughable self importance, straight-faced busy bodies carting garden tools, reminiscent of the humourless jobsworths once portrayed so amusingly by Dom Joly.

    • Helen says:

      I was one those people who with ‘laughable self importance ‘ gave my time freely to try and help improve Arcot Street Triangle( along with many local residents ).I am a member of Penarth Gardening Club and have absolutely no interest in anything political and have never heard of The Momentum group until I read your post . My ‘fiddling’ as your called it took quite a few hours of my time which I gave freely to help the community that I have lived in all my life. Your demeaning and ill informed comments reflect more on you than on us ‘busy bodies.’

      • Steven says:

        But nothing bern mproved. The area is still a dump.

      • Steven says:

        Sorry nothing’s been improved. Not … nothing bern improved. Wrong glasses on. Oops!

      • Sarah W says:

        Thank you for giving up your time to make the area nicer. I think it looks a lot better than it did before and I really appreciate the efforts of people who give freely of their time for others.

      • Anne Greagsby says:

        Was that position advertised anywhere? Many might have volunteered if given an opportunity. You are privileged to be ‘recruited’! Ask Martin Gossage about the ‘momentum’ group now renamed ‘future projects’ as he is chair.

  2. David Day says:

    An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ council in which ‘all must have prizes’. Pathetic, really.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Anyone else noticed there ain’t many stories about the Vale of Glamorgan Council anymore on PDN . So what if the town council big them self up every now and then.

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    Momentum Group is not secretive as far as I know. They are an unofficial rather pompous cross party committee supposedly having “progressive discussions” on the future of Penarth.
    Only achievement to date is the establishment of the dream come true for the fans of summertime soporific absorption in Station Square at Vale Council Tax Payers expense.
    The so called “Picnic in Penarth” or as some rather euphemistically prefer to describe it “The P*** Up in Penarth.”
    Having proved they can just about organise the proverbial in a Brewery they have achieved nothing else at all.
    Please do not confuse them with Labour’s secretive Momentum. Group and shameless Trotskyite rabble

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      You should know as you supported its creation. We don’t know who is on the momentum group or how they are chosen. We do know that Martin Gossage with his dubious background is the chair but has no accountability to Penarth citizens. Even a FOI request for membership was turned down. This is a way for the Town council to make decisions behind closed doors without scrutiny. Who is paying for these planters which don’t fit in to our victorian streets? How much did they cost? The old fashioned idea that decorations are above and across the street works well.

  5. Jane Davies says:

    Find some real news!
    Labour bashing is not news , it just alienates half of your audience .

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