The Dutch jack-up barge was towed away from the shore at Hinkley Point, Somerset where it could have been vulnerable to the impending storm and anchored  off Penarth en route to Avonmouth

A large  Dutch jack-up barge has been moved from the Hinkley Point nuclear power station complex on the Somerset coast  – to a position off Penarth.

It appears the lyrically named barge –  called “NP 497”  – is to be engaged in laying undersea pipelines to provide cooling water to the new Hinkley C reactor. [ It’s the mud being excavated to lay these pipelines which is the cause of the controversy between EDF, the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the Welsh Assembly]  

The barge was moved from the shore at Hinkley Point nuclear power station on the Somerset coast into the comparatively sheltered waters off Penarth

An authiritative PDN source says  that contrary to earlier reports that the barge was to take shelter off Penarth during the stormy weather predicted for the rest of this week, it’s now understood that the vessel will be moved to Avonmouth Docks from where it will pick up sections for the new jetty being constructed adjacent to Hinkley Point’s new Hinkley 3 nuclear reactor.

The rig left Hinkley Point at just after 07:30 this morning and was being secured with multiple anchors off Penarth as darkness fell this afternoon to await a turn of the tide.

South Westerly winds of up to 50 mph are expected over the next 3 days.



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  1. AK says:

    Cooling water from off Penarth ??

    You’re avin’ a larf!

    That’s a tall tale if ever I heard one

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Saw them chugging up the channel this afternoon and thought “haven’t they seen the weather forecast with Storm Caroline blowing in?-hope they have a strong anchor!

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    People up in arms about this, which hasn’t been shown to be in any way harmful. Yet everyday we put up with car after car after car belching poisonous gas into our homes, our faces, our workplaces, all because people were sold a ‘dream’ by a car company and now don’t want to use their legs, or their public transport to get to places. The world is messed up and most people seem to want to blame anything and everything external, and ignore their own failings in blissful ignorance.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Fair point- recall a Marty Feldman sketch years ago where he lampooned us worshipping “The Great God car”-quite prophetic-“sustrans” think the answer is to worship “the great God bicycle”. However I have been using the bus lately to avoid the Cardiff traffic chaos-at peak times, much of the journey time is stationery in traffic, engines using fuel and pouring out pollution-however none seem to have the engine idle cut outs which most modern cars have.Perhaps “sustrans” should look at this.

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