Left to right: Unlikely bedfellows – Assembly members Jane Hutt (Vale Labour) Andrew RT Davies and Neil McEvoy (South Wales Central including Penarth)  are presented with the letters from local residents calling on the  Welsh Labour Government to stop the Barry incinerator project.

Over a hundred letters from local residents calling on the Welsh Labour Government to stop the controversial Barry incinerator project have been presented to Assembly Members.

It’s feared the plume of pollution emanating from the plant in Barry Docks will affect Penarth even more than Barry itself.

Natural Resources Wales – an offshoot of the Welsh Labour Government – is  currently undertaking a “public consultation”  before deciding whether to grant the plant an Environmental Permit which would allow it to operate.

Legislation governing the permits allows Welsh Labour Government ministers to intervene and veto the project if they so decide – but Labour ministers are understood to be keen to allow the project to go ahead – despite the concerns of residents in Barry and in  Penarth.

Meanwhile a cross party group of politicians – who back local residents’ demands and want the make incinerator project toast – turned out to meet the Docks Incinerator Action Group (a.k.a. DIAG) to receive  the letters.

They included South Wales Central AMs Andrew RT Davies and Neil McEvoy, Vale AM Jane Hutt [ who was sacked from the Labour cabinet in May]  and Vale of Glamorgan councillors Nic Hodges and Vincent Bailey.

Andrew R T Davies says  “I have been vociferous in my calls for the Welsh Government to step in and refuse the incinerator an Environmental Permit – and it is very pleasing so many residents think likewise. While the Cabinet Secretary [Lesley Griffiths] has turned down my initial request – I hope the strength of feeling will cause her to think again. It was great to have representatives from a range of parties present – demonstrating the widespread opposition. It’s quite clear the incinerator will be very damaging but now it is down to the Welsh Government to stop it. I would urge people to continue to make representations to NRW and the Welsh Government – before the consultation closes on January 22nd.”


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  1. Jan Harding says:

    Pollution coming here from an incinerator and mud being dumped here, what next?
    It makes you feel ill just thinking about this. Please stop.

  2. Tim Hughes says:

    There is a sense in which putting incinerators close to the population that creates the waste, that is being burnt, is correct. It stops a large number a lorries travelling in and out of the area and the positioning helps ensure we all strive for the highest standards in both our individual approach to recycling and also by paying appropiately for well developed incinerators. Wasn’t there a famous chemist who housed his family close to his factories to help ensure they remained safe?

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