Some of the “Up and Running” location trucks which  formed a base for “Casualty” operations at the Penarth end of the Cardiff Bay barrage (Photo John Clark)

A large BBC production unit from the medical soap-opera Casualty was back in Penarth yesterday filming at a number of different locations in the town.

Although Casualty units are frequently seen on the streets of Penarth, the size of this  unit – comprising several large trucks rented from facility company Up and Running   – was unusually large , particularly as the main studio base for the programme is in nearby Cardiff Docks.

The wagon-train includes dedicated caravans in which lead actors can relax and learn their lines.(Photo John Clark)

The unit descended on the Cardiff Bay Barrage car park and took up almost all the available car park space – although  actual filming was being carried out at other locations in the town – including a regular favourite venue of the programme – a ground floor apartment at Clive Crescent.

Inside mobile makeup room (Photo Up and Running Facilities)

The Up and Running Facilities  trucks include a double-deck mobile restaurant with sufficient seating for a complete cast and a mobile make-up unit in which several actors can be dealt with simultaneously.

The lead actors in Casualty are the best paid in the BBC and receive phemonenal salaries which are many,many  times the multiple of the lowly nurses and NHS staff whom they portray .

Derek Thomson of Casualty – the BBC’s highest paid actor

Casualty veteran Derek Thompson who plays a male nurse  called  “Charlie Fairhead” – and who has gone grey over the years in the role –  receives up to £399,999 a year – [ this is said to be because the BBC thinks a salary  £400,000 a year might be seen to be just a little too generous].

Colleague Amanda Healing appears not only on Casualty but on the companion series “Holby City” and earns up to £299,999 a year.

It’s not known whether either actor had to endure the rigours of filming in Penarth  yesterday . Local passers-by were told by security staff not to take photographs of the trucks and to keep away from the Barrage area.


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  1. The area is a public place so the security staff are overstepping their powers by stopping people take photographs.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Was down there yesterday and mentioned to the young woman security guard that Casualty often filmed in the area but the number of support vehicles was unusual-she said I was “not allowed” on the car park. Did not want to start an argument over this but thought the TV/Film companies having a sense of entitlement had gone.

    • Frank Evans says:

      This just sums these TV drama crews. Don’t you know they also own Plymouth road. Don’t dare ask them to move their lorries so you can get your car out.
      Anyone know who in the beeb to complain to? As most of these low life are free lance and are plain rude when you challenge their behaviour.

  3. Marcella says:

    How I loathe hospital dramas.
    I’m sure the money could be better used on decent drama instead of catering to the lowest common denominator.

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