Traffic is so heavy in Dinas Powys that an Anti-By-Pass Green party activist confesses – paradoxically  – that she’d rather drive her car the short distance than struggle along the pavements with her children .

A glossy video just released by the Wales Green Party  is aiming to convince the residents of Dinas Powys to change their minds about their 40 year-long fight to build a by-pass built which would divert traffic from the centre of the village.

The ‘anti-By-Pass’ video – presented by Penarth Green Party activist Anthony Slaughter and released on YouTube – highlights the congestion problems affecting Dinas Powys : problems which the pro-by-pass campaign say can only be solved by a building a by-pass.

A packed public meeting in Dinas Powys in November last year gave overwhelming support to the Pro-By-Pass campaign

Yorkshire-born Mr Slaughter (who doesn’t have a driving licence himself)  claims that building a by-pass is “not the answer” and suggests various solutions to the congestion – including adding more carriages to local trains, persuading more local people to commute by bike – and staggering the working hours of  local residents so that they don’t all travel to work at the same time.

However the environmental thrust of the video is more than somewhat undermined by the frank admissions of a former local Green council candidate Hilary May .

Green Party council candidate Hilary May says why she’d rather drive a car than walk in Dinas Powys .

Ms May draws attention to the existing traffic congestion in Dinas Powys and  says “the air quality issues are pretty bad” – particularly in the area around the local primary school – a factor the pro-by-pass campaign say underlines the need for a by-pass .

Even more surprising however is the Green activist’s frank admission that she DOES use her car to travel on short local journeys within the village of Dinas Powys itself – and drives locally “more than she would like to”.

She says “just walking and cycling along that road, particularly with children, is not particularly pleasant”….a comment which local Pro-By-Pass campaigners may well feel makes their case for them.

The full video fronted by Green Party activists Anthony Slaughter can be seen by pressing the arrow button on the screen above.

Rod Harrod chairman of the Dinas Powys By Pass Steering Grup

Rod Harrod, Chair of Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Committee said today . “The Green issue is something we all need to keep in mind but there’s a line between idealism and reality. “

Mr Harrod said “ We’d all like to turn the clocks back but we have to be realistic. People need homes, schools, food, shops, universities, work, retirement places. They all take up land and space. Of course brown-field sites should be used where possible but that’s not enough. There is not a motorway or by-pass that isn’t built in some part on green field space – many with hedgehog tunnels and the like.”

He added “The site we want delayed at the top of Murch Road has already been reduced from 300 to  houses because dormice and bats were found nesting in parts.”

On travel statistics Mr Harrod said “People talk about moving the population to sustainable transport. Currently 72% of commuters in Dinas Powys travel by car, van or motor cycle. 6% more are passengers. That leaves 22% of which 10% go by train and around 2% each use buses, cycling, walking and other options. (Gov Statistics Office 2011). To change those figures substantially would be a Herculean task. And it couldn’t happen without moving most of the cars off the road to allow the buses to run unhindered, knocking down some houses to achieve park and ride – or running a concrete slab over the stations. “

Mr Harrod asks  “Do the Green supporters expect the elderly, infirm and parents with babies and young children to start walking and cycling in the rain, wind and snow – leaving their cars in the garage? “


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  1. Dan Potts says:

    And the slaughter self publicity machine rolls on, “it’s all about me ” GPG need to ditch him now, if only someone in GPG could stand up to his bullying.

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Agree. However GPG is moribund. It’s just Slaughter and Patricia now. If they have meetings they are a closely guarded secret!?

      • Dan Potts says:

        Many thanks for the info Anne, that’s a shame as GPG did some useful community projects before Slaughter took it over to try a progress his own moribund political “career”. The next question is if GPG is now just those two, who is auditing the funds from the new shop in Penarth project ? Especially has GPG has a very poor record of what happens to public money it has received in the past, the failed Wordsworth Park referb springs to mind, maybe time for a P.D.N investigation ?

    • Peter Church says:

      Anthony Slaughter Election results: (General Elections)
      2010 4.0%
      2015 3.7%
      2017 1.0%

      Or to put it another way, he is heading for a complete wipeout, no one can even be bothered to vote for him any more so why bother listening to him.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    The average house price in ” desirable village Dinas Powys” is already higher than Penarth (Zoopla Online Estate Agency 11/12/17) Penarth residents are the ones who will get dumped on if this goes ahead. While property prices in our smug suburb Dinas Powys soars pollution in Cogan and Windsor Road doubles.
    Re-uniting Penarth and its semi detached suburban utopia Dinas Powys with Cardiff will immediately qualify both for the Metro and Rail improvements this excellent research so well presented by the Greens describes.
    This ill conceived bypass plan fortunately does create a formidable case for no more roads and no Cog -Cosmeston Housing.

  3. Mark Williams says:

    The best thing A Slaughter can do for the local environment is move back to Yorkshire, he has no credibility and no environmental qualifications.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Heard from a customer in the Glebe Street Post Office queue this morning.-
      “I usually drive to Dinas Powys to use the Post Office there is never any one in there so it is quicker in the long run”

      We cannot have the Sleepy Hollow Nimbys of Dinas Powys selfishly inflicting their traffic problems on us in Penarth.

      Dinas Powys is a suburb of Penarth and merely a rather self important, snobbish Dormitory Village which contributes next to nothing to the South Wales Economy.

      The population is 8,790 ” There are little in the way of major employers in the village. The majority of the working population commute to Cardiff , Penarth and Barry”.(wiki)

      Penarth contributes much to the South Wales economy with a population of over 25000 three times the size of our already over subsidised neighbours in Dinas

      “Most employers in Penarth are local services but the town is also home to some larger companies, some of which operate globally.” (wiki)

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    We qualify at present as part of the Cardiff City Region. Obviously Slaughter and Rapiers research is wanting It was Rapiers labour party colleague Liz Burnett LDP that led the charge to build build build – that he supported – that will lead to grid lock in Dinas and Penarth especially at school run time or should schools stagger their starting times?! Staggering hypocrisy from Rapier and Slaughter.

  5. Peter Church says:

    Its not the car owners of Dinas that are the problems, its the entire Vale using Dinas as a cut through to reach Cardiff.
    The choice you have if you live in Barry:
    Use the port road to Culverhouse and then A4232 queue for 1 hour
    Use Sully Moors road and cut through Penarth and queue for 40 min
    Use the A4055 to and cut through Dinas and queue for 30 mins.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Does he live in Dinas?
    The Greens: great as telling us what to do. But don’t ask them to lead by example. A pippa jag anyone!

  7. Max Wallis says:

    No need to unite Dinas and Penarth with Cardiff, Phil, to get a slice of the £700million Metro bonanza. It’s earmarked for the “city region”. Just we have no sensible projects to bid for it. Rapid-transit buses over the barrage, hammering through Penarth to Park&Ride at Cosmeston – what a joke!
    A Dinas Powys by-pass moves queuing traffic from Dinas itself to queuing traffic on a new road to the Merrie Harrier. Building a flyover junction there (taking houses at top of Andrew Rd) adds the queue to the Barons Court stretch. £millions on a flyover at Barons Court takes the traffic queue onto Cogan Spur.
    At the Dinas Powys consultation group, we proposed a new Biglis rail station with large Park&Ride, maybe fed by shuttle buses as well as bike/walking routes. That depends on substantial increase in rail capacity. But there’s no sign of our politicians appreciating the huge size of the problem and the Biglis idea has been lost.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      We are scheduled to have the Metro link two years after Cardiff and the areas North of the City

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