“There’s a long, long trail a-winding”... The queues in Glebe St Post Office evoke the words of the WW1 popular song as the queue snakes around the premises as patient Penarthians wait in line. Customers need to verify exactly where the end of the queue is before joining it   (PDN reader photo)

Long queues are building up day after day in Penarth’s only post office – in Glebe Street – partly as  the result of the closure of the  Wood St Post Office in Cornerswell Road.

The queues build up in the Glebe St Post Office from early in the day and continue throughout opening hours . It often takes half an hour or more for customers for customers to reach to reach a counter – even though all the counter positions are staffed.

Wood St Post Office closed at the end of August. The promised replacement has yet to materialise.

Some customers have taken to bringing flasks of coffee with them to sustain them during the interminable wait.  One former post office worker told PDN “Unless you go early to Glebe St – the queues are just horrendous” 

The queueing etiquette in Glebe St – on entering the post office (assuming you can get in) – is to check where the end of the queue is. The queue extends from the counters back to the entrance the Post Office and then curves in a U formation  back up towards the rear of the premises. One customer said that it would be nice if there was somewhere to sit down – but there isn’t.

Since the closure of the Wood St Post Office in August, Glebe St has been the only Post Office in Penarth.

The Spar store at Brockhill Rise used to have a Post Office counter – but that counter closed in January

The former post office desk at the Spar convenience store in Brockhill Way shut down in January this year

That left Penarthians with the option of either queuing in Glebe St or travelling to Sully to the little  Sully Post Office at 106 South Road .

The quaint little Sully Post Office may be an alternative for Penarth customers

However many other people have already sussed-out this alternative,  so queues – and parking problems – may also be encountered at Sully.

The lack of post office facilities in Penarth looked so bad at one time that Penarth Town Council even considered opening a post office in vacant offices at the council HQ at  West House, Stanwell Road.

This was pre-empted by the Post Office doing a deal with the One Stop convenience store in Cornerswell Road, Penarth  – but it’s taken ages to come to an agreement.

Now – at long last –  Post Office counters are to open at the One Stop store  next week – but it won’t be in time to deal with this week’s peak pre-Christmas pressure.

The new Cornerswell Road post office is due to open for the first time at lunchtime on Monday December 18th – by which time the Christmas rush will mostly be over

The new replacement post office for Wood St – is  to be called the “Cornerswell Road Post Office” and  is to officially open for business at 13:00 hours on Monday December 18.

The full range of post office services should be available 12 hours day from 08:00 to 20:00 hours and will also be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

A B Snell and Son – the newsagents in Stanwell Road are agents for a parcel courier service which is faster than Royal Mail

It’s worth remembering however that many local retailers – including WH Smith,  Spar in Glebe St and Tesco sell stamps. Parcels can be dispatched via courier from the well-known Snell’s newsagents in Stanwell Road .

Once the town was well served with multiple post offices like the  sub post office at Queen’s Road and the former Cogan Post Office which are now much missed.

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  1. OB says:

    The Cornerswell Road post office will open next Monday, according to staff when I called there yesterday (Monday), having walked away from the massive queue at Glebe Street PO. I went on to Sully — closed for lunch. The one person serving there had been up since 6am and wouldn’t finish until 7pm. Happy Christmas!

    • Peter Church says:

      How would old people spend their days if it wasn’t for the post office queue!
      More queues not less and don’t forget to wear that extra 6 layers.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    The Great Post Office Robbery. Rip Off

    You start with the ” viscious lie” that you pay your taxes so Her Majesty can ensure her loyal subjects may use the Royal Mail and communicate efficiently with each other.
    Then see the reality of Westminster bully boy Government punishing Wales and especially Penarth.
    Albert Road Closed
    Sully Terrace Closed
    Cogan Closed
    Brockhill Closed
    Wood Street Closed

    The £1.34bn ‘baked bean’ rip off plan

    “The Post Office wants at least 5,000 small post offices to turn into a cut-price ‘local’ where a counter is shared with a shop – a ‘baked bean’ branch. Sub-postmasters are offered £10,000 to spruce up their premises if they take this option. So far only 1,850 have taken this blood money as, tucked in the small-print, the contract says they must accept a cut in commission that will reduce annual revenue by £10,000.”

    “A big chunk of the £1.34 billion secured in 2010 has been spent on sweeteners to sub-postmasters to quit their jobs with an 18-month pay-off of about £30,000. A big chunk of the £1.34 billion secured in 2010 has been spent on sweeteners to sub-postmasters to quit their jobs with an 18-month pay-off of about £30,000.”
    This is Money 2015

    Read more:

  3. HappyCustomer says:

    I’ve just got back from the post office on Glebd Street and wanted to say how amazing the staff were. The queue was out of the door as you describe but everyone was very jolly and the queue moved very quickly – I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. The staff were all brilliant and the people in the queue seemed happy and understanding.

  4. Last Person To Leave Switch the LIght Off says:

    It seems more than a little ridiculous that a town the size of Penarth has only one dedicated Post Office (as opposed to a counter in 7/11 shop).
    Closure of this, closure of that.
    Soon nobody need bother getting up in the morning.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    and now the former p.o. in albert stands there forlorn & empty,whats become of our once great country,or are my bins rose coloured,please dont tell me its progress,only the goons walked backwards,& that was just for xmas!

  6. Peter Marsh says:

    Glebe street staff are fully trained and offer the best and knowledgable service. Most helpful staff. We all need to support our main post office as it could also be lost.
    They are also open Sundays, why? Because they care about the folk of Penarth.

    • Peter Marsh says:

      Totally agree. Shame people
      Mourn about queuing for a few mins, shame
      The world hasn’t become a selfish place.

  7. Johnabutt says:

    I tried Dinas Powys today, the guy in there has real “attitude”, welcome to the friendly, community post office!

  8. Ben Dover says:

    Not sure why people are moaning? It is in the British DNA to queue, we love it as a society.

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