The new Barry Docks Biomass incinerator (photographed yesterday and now nearing completion) – is supposed to burn woodchip – but is designed to burn pretty much anything – including domestic refuse

Vale of Glamorgan councillors will tomorrow ask questions about a statement by Natural Resources Wales – the body which is responsible for licensing  major industrial installations – that it is “minded to issue a permit” for the controversial Biomass incinerator project at Barry Docks 

The huge new Biomass incinerator plant is rapidly nearing completion on Woodham Road in the Barry  Docks area

Nobody knows just what will be in the fumes spewing out of this tall smoke-stack when the incinerator starts operation in Barry Docks  – but the prevailing Westerly winds could carry the gases to Penarth

It’s feared that effluent from the plant – discharged from its high smoke stack –  will be carried by the prevailing Westerly wind towards Penarth.

Natural Resources Wales –  which has the responsibility for approving such projects –  has now all but given the nod to the project by saying it is now “minded” to issue the incinerator plant an operating permit .

Last month Diane McCrea – chairperson of Natural Resources Wales – was unable to say when  the morale of her staff would improve

Natural Resources Wales [a.k.a. NRW]  – is chaired by a qualified nutritionist called Diane McCrea and is the Welsh Labour Government’s largest “QUANGO” [Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation] and is seen as being very much in the pocket of the Welsh Labour machine.

NRW, which spends £180,000,000 a year  has been criticised for its poor financial management and poor control of contracts. Its CEO Dr Emyr Roberts “retired” in May.

The 1,900 people who work for NRW  are so disillusioned with the poor quality of the organisation and its failing management that – in an internal staff survey – only about 1 in 10 NRW staff expressed any confidence in the decisions of their senior managers. The results of they survey came as such a shock to the NRW managers than they’ve decided to issue a new questionnaire to the  NRW staff in the hope that –  when polled a second time –  the disillusioned scientists will come up with less-devastating responses .

Cllr Vincent Bailey Environment Scrutiny chair

Meanwhile tomorrow (December 13th) in a full meeting of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cllr Vincent Bailey (Conservative Dyfan Ward) is to ask the council’s cabinet how air quality monitoring of the incinerator will be carried out .

He will ask :  “Following Natural Resources Wales’ confirmation that it is ‘minded to issue a permit’ for the Biomass Plant, will the Council provide an update on how air monitoring would be undertaken if operations at the site were to commence?”

Cllr Amelia Collins (Plaid Cymru)

Another member  Cllr Amelia Collins (Plaid Cymru Castleland Ward Barry)  will also ask a question about the Biomass plant:-

She will ask “How does the Vale of Glamorgan Council intend to respond to the most recent consultation from Natural Resources Wales where they say that they are ‘minded’ to grant a permit to the Biomass Ltd site on Barry Docks?”

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  1. Last Person To Leave Switch the LIght Off says:

    Welcome to Barry, home to a Blue Flag beach and a Biomass incinerator.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      A wood burning stove in your home with a dirty flue is a biomass lethal killer
      .High Death rates in the U S A are proof.
      The all male Cowbridge Vale Cabinet are happy to have Wood Burning in their idyllic BBC Countryfile Lifestyle Kitchen but wouldn’t have a Biomass Plant near their precious Cattle Market in case they breathe in burnt cow dung fumes on the way to buy their Quinoa in Waitrose..
      State Murder.
      You can add this toxic cash generator Biomass to the list of all the Environmental Lies the Westminster Bullies have Licensed below.
      Diesel Fumes (Cowbridge has a bypass of course since the 1960s)
      Mad Cow Disease
      Adding Lead to Petrol
      Alcohol Limits
      Nicotine Smoking
      Legal Highs etc etc etc

  2. Chris Franks says:

    What a shame that Conservative as well Labour councillors have backed the Biomass incinerator in the past.

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    Hmmm I reckon this will put any concerns about pollution or air quality ‘to bed’ so we can forget about reducing traffic pollution as this incinerator will fill that gap in the wrong direction so it overrides any good concerned may achieve in the Cogan area or Dinas Powys and when we get the radioactive waste or sludge from Hinkley dumped literally on Penarths doorstep , this are will be a magnate for people wishing to move here (only joking on that last bit ).

  4. Simone from DIAG says:

    It is great to see newly elected councillors from Conservative and Plaid taking the initiative and asking these questions. Thanks to both Vince and Millie. Let’s start getting some answers.

    Amazingly – NRW are not concerned with the increased traffic pollution caused by the HGVs trucking in 6000 tonnes of waste wood and taking away 340 tonnes of ash every month. Its a lot of HGVs.

    Note that approx 140 of the 340 tonnes of ash that will be produced by the incinerator every month will be hazardous waste in the form of “fly ash” also known as Air Pollution Control Residue. This must go to landfill. What distance the HGVs will need to travel to find a suitable landfill site is anyone’s guess. NRW have not asked the Applicant to specify.

  5. Chris David says:

    All we need now is for Trump to find coal on the Sully Moors. Still we’ll be able to De-Claire & brag about new species to help the tourist trade. There will be Plumed Tit’s and Carbon Crested Gulls nicking your Iso-Tope & chips.

  6. cogan nomen says:

    Mandate not magnet ,
    There is more rubbish generated
    By councillors than can be recycled .
    Abolish Penarth councillors !

  7. Forty two says:

    What sort of nonsense is this that a complex like this is built without the consent of the council, the people or the NRW. The company that owns it must have had tacit approval from somebody. Will it be pulled down if no consent is given? The people should object strongly to this polluting monstrosity and if Councillors give permission then don’t vote for them next time.

  8. The Tax payer says:

    This will be up and running soon. As they have not spent all that money just to walk away from it. But it will generate a few jobs but most of which will be hi Tec and will be staffed from outside the area 😎 Bet a few planning staff had a nice away day and a meal out. But as you know. No such thing as a free meal ? Well maybe for some 👍

  9. Cheryl says:

    The Incinerator is not just a Barry problem. Hopefully more people will wake up to that before they have to live with the result of allowing the WAG to make stupid decisions unchallenged. C

    • Scootergirl says:

      Surely they should have waited until they received absolute approval for this project before building it. As this site is totally unacceptable – being so close to houses, with more and more expected to be built in that area. Who is the culprit (for want of a better word) actually responsible for agreeing this particular site. Surely if it had to be built why not somewhere closer to where the hazardous residue has to be disposed of without spreading even more potential harm. What with the Hinckley dumping as well – why aren’t our councillors vigorously defending our beautiful area – do they even live here. Come on earn your money do the right thing for your voters. I cannot believe that Penarth and the Vale are to become a dumping ground for other people’s waste!! We have to STOP this.

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