Carl Sargeant in one of his last appearances at the Welsh Assembly

It’s now been dramatically revealed – on the floor of the Welsh Assembly – that it was the late Welsh Government Minister Carl Sargeant himself who had first revealed the alleged “bullying” in the office of the First Minister Carwyn Jones  – 3 years ago.

Mr Sargeant committed suicide last month after being sacked by Carwyn Jones over the Labour Party’s unproven, undocumented and potentially trumped-up allegations of “inappropriate conduct” . 

Penarth Conservative AM Andrew RT Davies  interrogates the Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones on the issue of bullying in Jones’s private office

The allegation of bullying in the First Minister’s private office have been raised time and again by the Conservative Leader in the Assembly, Andrew R T Davies (AM for South Wales Central which includes Penarth) – only to have the allegations denied or stone-walled by the First Minister.

Yesterday however it was revealed, for the first time, that it had been the late Carl Sargeant himself who – in 2014 – had said HE was being bullied and that he had asked fellow AM Darren Millar (Conservative Clwyd West) formally to question the First Minister about it.

Darren Millar Conservative AM for Clwyd West shocks AMs in the Welsh Assembly

Darren Millar revealed that he had had a private conversation with Mr Sargeant in October 2014 in which Mr Sargeant had confided he was “unhappy because there was bullying going on within the Welsh Government which was coming from an individual in the First Minister’s office”. The bullying – Carl Sargeant had told Darren Millar  –  was “taking a toll on him personally –  along with others”.

Darren Millar went on to tell Assembly Members that, 2 weeks later, Mr Sargeant had given him a hand-written note containing the “draft questions” which he wanted Mr Millar to ask  Carwyn Jones.  Mr Millar submitted a re-drafted version of the written question to the First Minister – and received back the (now dubious) outright denial.

The National Assembly’s official record shows the First Minister DENIED that any allegations relating to bullying had been made to him in 2014.

The First Minister had said in a terse and carefully-crafted written reply “No allegations have been made” – an outright denial which “surprised and disappointed” Mr Sargeant Mr Millar told AMs.

However last month – in the wake of Carl Sargeant’s tragic suicide – the First Minister’s version of events  wavered somewhat when he blurted-out in an unprepared  verbal exchange on the floor of the Assembly that “Any issues that were brought to my attention at that time were dealt with.” ...That was a rather different answer to the one given in 2014.

The First Minister’s conflicting answers are now at the heart of three inquiries as to whether he “misled”  the Assembly. A former lawyer James Hamilton is holding one of the inquiries – specifically into whether the First Minister broke the ministerial code, and it’s to THIS inquiry that Mr Millar now wishes to give evidence.

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