The Biomass incinerator will be able to burn almost anything to fine ash – but no one knows what dangerous material could be in the smoke and fumes it will emit

The Conservative-led Vale of Glamorgan Council re-affirmed last night its outright opposition to the building and operation of the huge and highly-controversial incinerator plant in Barry Docks – the effluent from which is forecast to affect Penarth.

In last night’s Vale Council meeting Cllr Amelia Collins (Plaid Cymru Castleland Ward)  asked Deputy Leader Cllr Hunter Jarvie (Conservative Cowbridge)   “How does the Vale of Glamorgan Council intend to respond to the most recent consultation from Natural Resources Wales where they say that they are ‘minded’ to grant a permit to the Biomass Ltd site on Barry Docks?”

Deputy Leader Cllr Hunter Jarvie is in charge of Vale of Glamorgan Council regulatory and legal services

Cllr Jarvie replied ” The current administration [ i.e. the present Conservative led- Vale Council] has consistently   been opposed to the development of the gasification plant at Woodham Road, Barry  – and maintains that position.”

Cllr Jarvie said specialist council officers are reviewing the detail in the “draft permit” for the plant being prepared by Natural Resources Wales (NRW)  [ the heavily-criticised QUANGO run by the Welsh Labour Government]. The council will respond formally on the technical issues directly to NRW by the end of the consultation period – January 22nd 2018.

Cllr Jarvie said that because NRW are the “regulators” it will be up to them to decide whether or not to issue an Environmental Permit – but he said council officers would raise concerns with NRW if it looks as though environmental standards won’t be met.

Cllr Amanda Collins (Plaid Cymru Castleland, Barry) asked about the Barry incinerator which could pollute Penarth

Posing a supplementary question, Cllr Collins said “Many of the complaints from local residents in the consultation were about the planning system. “ She called for an “open and transparent investigation into the planning process here to ensure that it was – and remains – all above-board”

Cllr Jarvie said he was puzzled by the question because the planning process was “totally open and transparent and fully debated.” He noted that the planning process was “quasi-judicial” [ i.e. the planning committee acts independently of the “executive” or “cabinet” of the council and invokes its own legal powers] .

The huge incinerator project was forced through the planning process by the Welsh Labour Government despite the protests of the Vale Council

Cllr Jarvie understood that on the first occasion the council planning committee had refused the application    for the incinerator plant – but that decision had been overturned on appeal to the Welsh Government .   A subsequent planning application had left the council planning committee with no option but to agree.

Cllr Vincent Bailey Environment Scrutiny chair

In a further question on the incinerator project, Cllr Vincent Bailey (Conservative Dyfan Ward, Barry ) asked “Following Natural Resources Wales’ confirmation that it is “minded to issue a permit” for the Biomass Plant, will the Council provide an update on how air monitoring would be undertaken if operations at the site were to commence?”

Cllr Jarvie  confirmed that the operating company would have to fulfill the requirements of the “Emissions to Air Schedule”. Air monitoring would have to be carried out by an accredited independent contractor using CDM continuous monitoring equipment. He said council officers would continue to monitor Nitrogen Dioxide  levels.

The smoke stack of the Biomass plant

In a supplementary question, Cllr Bailey in view of the fact that it was likely that what he called  “this abomination” would go on   he called for the council to write to NRW to ask for “proper independent data monitoring” and that the Vale should make that appointment rather than the NRW – an organisation which he described as a “poacher turned gamekeeper”.

Cllr Jarvie said he had been assured the Vale Council’s officers had the necessary expertise but wanted to re-iterate that “I and the rest of my cabinet colleagues and all members of the council – certainly in my group [ i.e. the Conservatives] are opposed to this development ” 


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  1. Chris David says:

    Well we should look forward to DIAG’s (and Claire’s) presentations. Perhaps DIAG is liaising with NRW? whom I telephoned and frankly they were in disarray. Let’s hope the new administration can get this part of the VoG operation working properly and defeat the operation of this plant. The WG as we’ve seen at also in disarray and pretty feckless. More concerned with their feelings and advancing the number of AM’s than dealing with important matters. Its such a mess here in Wales.

    • Cheryl says:

      Spot on Chris David it is all ridiculous.

      If this is Devolution it’s not working out to well.

  2. Mike Baker says:

    We all understand the need for proper waste control, and I am not a ‘Nimby’, but has there been any assessment of the wider impact of this plant, I refer of course to Cardiff and Bridgend and the prevailing winds taking any polutants further afield..

  3. Claire says:

    Just to make it clear. The Conservative members of the planning committee also voted for the plant to be allowed to be built. Funny how Cllr Jarvie forgot to mention that key point when saying his party has always been against it

  4. Cheryl says:

    Spot on Chris David it is all ridiculous.

    If this is Devolution it’s not working out to well.

  5. Shirley Hodges says:

    It’s not true the tories have consistently been against the Biomass plant. The Tory candidate in Baruc ward, complained about me in May 2017 to the ombudsman. She said I had misused public funds in obtaining independent technical advice on the Biomass plant which amounted to misconduct in public office. The ombudsman threw out this complaint. The tories are re – writing history. Barry Town council, with the Plaid groups full support, are obtaining further technical advice on the draft permit. I believe objections to the permit should be made on solid technical and safety grounds. I’ve no faith in tories who voted for it, suddenly blowing a lot of hot air political objections. I see the hand of the tory press office in this, spin, spin and yet more spin.

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