A Vale of Glamorgan Council refuse team at work in Paget Road today – 3 days after the rubbish was supposed to have been collected

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has sent out a number of refuse collecting teams  to specific streets in Penarth  to pick up rubbish which had been overlooked in the main post-Xmas scheduled collections over the weekend .

The council was said to be reacting to complaints from householders that – most commonly – blue recycling bags had not been emptied on Sunday when they were due to be collected.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council published on on-line schedule of deferred waste collection days on its web site. In most cases refuse was collected on time – but in Penarth a number of residents reported that their recycling collections had been missed on Sunday.December 31

A number of PDN readers reported that recycling bags had not been emptied in their streets even though they had been left out for collection as per the published Vale of Glamorgan website’s on-line schedule.

The smaller vehicles targeted areas where householders had contacted the council yesterday – the first working day in the council offices since the Christmas/New Year holidays.

There were still some householders whose refuse had not been collected.

Even more unfortunate were some who had put their recycling out for collection on Sunday morning, waited all day and throughout Monday for it to be collected and then – in desperation brought the un-emptied bags back into their homes to wait for next Saturday’s deferred collection ….only to find that the unscheduled “hit squads” had visited the street yesterday and collected recycling which other residents had left out on the pavements.

No information had been posted on the Vale Council’s website yesterday about the unscheduled “hit squad” collections but at least two of the teams were spotted working in Penarth yesterday and another today.


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  1. 249ers says:

    I am aware that my rubbish was not collected until Tuesday but I would still like to thank the guys who collected it and have done so, rain or shine, throughout 2017. You do a fantastic job and one few of the correspondents on this forum would like to tackle

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Things could be worse as you could be waking up in England! this morning.
    Some Number Crunching for you!
    5000 Bin Bags left on the Streets of Penarth by the Vale of Glamorgan Council Cowbridge biased Privatisation Cronies yesterday.
    55000 Patient’s Operations Cancelled by Teresa May’s NHS England Fat Cat Privatisation Cronies today

  3. LeighA says:

    Definitely not in Penarth Heights, rubbish still left all over the place!

  4. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Still havnt been up Penarth Heights but Im fed up of my chav neighbours putting unrecycling items on my bags,A pair of Calvin Clin underpants, classy, I even had a car bonnet on there this morning , I lie not.

  5. Dan says:

    Recycling that was scheduled for pick up in Penarth Marina still not done. Has now blown everywhere.
    Classic Vale council….. useless!

  6. Jayflan says:

    Still waiting for scheduled Sunday collection on Stanwell Rd. Ours is secure, but others blowing all over the place. Thank goodness for Ricky Mountjoy the street sweeper – he does a fantastic job, but doing much more than his own job today.

    • Lesley Monger says:

      Can we borrow him?
      We seldom see a street cleaner in streets above town centre!

  7. Birkett says:

    They need to get rid of the useless blue bags and green crates, which allow material to blow out. Many of us now use clear bags which can be tied up, bit this should be policy and they should be supplied, as they are in Cardiff.

    • sjleworthy says:

      Trouble is a vast majority of residents (not all of course) couldnt give a flying **** to be honest. How many people put black household waste out whenever they feel like it on any days? How many dont recycle and just use numerous black bags? How many, as you say, put recyc out and dont care if it’s blown all over their street or not and left there for days on end?

      Most put litter out and wash their hands of it. It’s out now. On the street. Not my responsibility. Couldnt care if its littering the place up and blowing up and down everywhere. Blame someone else.

      It really is a mixture of residents, council workers and council bosses/budgets all together that make the problems. But for me, blaming the establishment of whichever government is in power is too easy – its us residents that need more care and protection and responsibility of our environments.

      • Lesley Monger says:

        I agree!
        People should take responsibility and not litter the streets and put out wrong bags on wrong days etc and should pick up their litter
        I think recycling should be compulsory and it’s a joke that ‘litter patrol officials’ employed by the council can give out automatic penalties if they see people dropping litter but the streets can be covered in detritus by irresponsible households
        It makes me so mad and I will have no hesitation in reporting people who continually abuse the system and use the pavement as their ‘dumping ground’

    • Ethel says:

      We have never had any trouble with the blue bags. If all the recycling is properly packed into the bags and then closed securely having the bags outside for two days should not be a problem. They are also weighted so don’t get blown about easily.

  8. Dusty says:

    Still waiting in Lower Penarth since Sunday. Tried ringing VoG this morning and the phone 📞 just rings and rings. Maybe they are all out collecting rubbish.

  9. sjleworthy says:

    Chaps cleared Salop area this morning.

    But, cant thank them or their bosses.

    It’s a job and they do it failry shoddily at that in my opinion. Crap and plastic and rubbish still strewn everywhere. No attempts to pick anything up (split bin bags for example, plastic containers everywhere, bags they’ve split themselves) other than the recyc at hand. Went behind them picking up the mess they left.

    Sorry if others dont share this opinion, but as mentioned, its their job, and like my job i dont expect/want praise.

  10. Lesley Monger says:

    They came for ours this morning not bad only 3 days late!!!!!!

  11. Rachel says:

    Yeah you missed all of King Street but after last night and this morning’s weather I think most of my recycling is now in St Augustine’s Crescent!

  12. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Came at Penarth Heights this morning 10 ish felt sorry for them they looked so tired, gave them chocs, only had sec to think, wish I could of had money to of given them a good tip each they are under paid and over worked.

  13. I saw a lot of recycling material blowing around the marina area during my walk this morning along with plenty of overflowing containers.

  14. Grechla says:

    Speechless!!!! Let’s hope all the moaners on here have a healthy, happy 2018 and that uncollected recycling remains at the pinnacle of your concerns. Try putting some effort into making a difference in our society instead of being eternally critical.

    • Paget Road resident says:

      While I have sympathy with your comments it really does annoy me that we are requested to place our waste out for collection on New Year’s Eve and it is left on the street for the who;e of the New Year. My street and the pavement outside my house looked awful for our guests arriving to celebrate New Year. And so on New Yars Day we lined the boot of the car (as the waste was now soaking wet due to poor weather) and drove from Penarth to the Civic Amenity site in Barry. Unbelievably it was locked up completely, despite the Coumcil’s website stating that it would only be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and on all other days it would be open in accordance with winter opening hours of 10am to 4pm. It was chaos outside the gates with vale residents angry and confused all turning their vehicles around to leave with the waste still in them So, many of us did try to do something ourselves and make a difference but it was thrown back in our faces due to yet more mismanagement. This really added insult to injury and despite 3 written requests to the VOG Council I have failed to receive an explanation for the closure. Additionally why couldn’t the VOG Council place an update on its website to tell us what they were doing to clear the backlog so that we knew what to do with our waste. It would be much better if the Council did not ask us to place waste on the streets for collection on New Years Eve because when they fail to collect it it just spoils the look of people’s homes and environment for the New Year celebration. Much better the Council just stated that there would be no waste collection that week and then we would all know where we stood (and if they could open their Civic Ammenity sites in accordance with the published times then some residents would have the option of depositing waste there themselves). I am truly disappointed by the needless shambles.

  15. Nincompoop says:

    I think the fact remains that householders who pay hefty council tax to include collection of rubbish and recycling were let down end of story. The matter of individuals leaving out rubbish/recycling incorrectly is a separate issue a does need to be addressed. I think we should be responsible for taking pride in our community and I have no problem in picking up start bits of rubbish and placing it in the nearest bin.

    The refuse collectors are paid to do their job, in my opinion it would be an improvement if they could put the blue recycling bags back in the gardens they collected from. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen them blowing around on the pavement ,or see people trying to negotiatetrip hazard paving slabs and green plastic recyling boxes.

  16. AK says:

    Hmm. Must be bin day tomorrow – the bags were out on the streets this morning !

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