Wasons and Robert James proprietor Nick Osborne loads stock from the Robert James store in Glebe St into one of John Bruno’s fleet of little “tuc-tuc” three-wheeler vans to be shuttled to the  new “Robert James” shop-within-a-shop at Wasons in Windsor Road.

It’s taken just a single day for one of Penarth’s oldest retailers – the Robert James household goods store –  to move  lock, stock and barrel from its familiar corner shop in Glebe Street into a newly created section of Wasons DIY store in Windsor Road.

Yesterday two small “tuc-tuc” vans, supplied by John Bruno and his local fitness-training firm, were shuttling between the two premises transferring most of the remaining Robert James stock to the new “shop within a shop” inside Wasons.

Wason’s proprietor Nick Osborne (left) gives a helping hand to store manager Steve Gallagher who has overseen the historic move of Robert James – reputedly the oldest shop in Penarth –  from Glebe Street to Windsor Road

The proprietor of Robert James – and of Wasons – is well-known local retailer Nick Osborne – a former Mayor of Penarth. He said he was very pleased with the way the move had gone.

The operation was  supervised by store manager Steve Gallagher and his team. Mr Gallagher, who has been working in Wasons for 35 years, is renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the huge range of items stocked in the Windsor Road DIY store.

Sales staff  have been busy stocking the shelves of the extensive  new Robert James unit inside Wasons on Windsor Road, Penarth. The store will stock the complete range from Glebe St

Working with Mr Gallagher on the move has been his wife Elaine who manages the Robert James part of the business.

Almost all the stock of Robert James, including  kitchen utensils, crockery, pots and pans is now already on display in the Windsor Road store, where new signage has now been installed to indicate the area comprising the new Robert James section  –  now fully open for business.

A John Bruno “tuc-tuc” van was almost small enough to be driven straight into Wason’s – but not quite.

The old Glebe St branch of Robert James will be closing towards the end of this month when the last of the remaining items there have been sold and the premises will then become available to lease.



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  1. Ann Other says:

    I hope the bouncy, cup-rattling, squeaking floor in Robt James has also been transported – one of the wonders of Penarth, surely. Also, the excellent offer of 10% off senior citizens on Thursdays needs to make the move. I’ve purchased several and they’ve been very reliable. Both excellent shops that will work well together. Good luck.

  2. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    Glad to hear your senior citizens have been very reliable, maybe i will get one.

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    Not a female in sight on the posed publicity photos despite the fact that a female was in charge of Robert James , and of course its always wise to wear white trousers when your doing dirty work , but then if its just posing for the camera I suppose not time to get dirty .

  4. CelticMan says:

    No jokes or sarcastic comments – just good luck to a long standing local business in the merger of the two shops.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Who was being sarcastic i’d like to know.?

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