Luckily there was no one in the Garden of Remembrance when this huge branch split from its trunk and crashed down onto the area where local diginitaries, military detachments and service families gather every Remembrance Sunday  to pay their respects to the fallen of two world wars

In today’s strong winds – a large bough of a tall conifer tree at the Rectory Road entrance to Alexandra Gardens collapsed onto Penarth’s Garden of Remembrance.

The huge branch – estimated to weigh more than 2 tonnes – had become overloaded by the gale and snapped at the point where it connected to the main tree trunk.

Vale of Glamorgan Council parks staff closed the Garden of Remembrance as a precaution

The tall conifer tree is one of the most familiar features of Alexandra Park but appears to be unstable.

Where the bough broke. The  health of the tree may now need to be assessed to establish whether any of it is rotten – in which case it may need to be felled

Local resident Jane McLaughin photographed the collapse shortly after it happened (Photo J McLaughlin)

Today’s collapse was witnessed shortly after it occurred by local resident JaneMcLaughlin  and parks staff were on the scene early this afternoon.

Luckily there was no one in the Garden of Remembrance at the time . The collapsing branch fell onto the hedge separating the garden from the main park and onto a public pathway . It will need to be sawn up before it can be removed.

The failure of this tree may lead to a safety survey of similar trees in Alexandra Park the popular public park where in the past other large trees have been brought down by gale force winds.

The Sea Shore Grill in Sully – where the sea today came a bit too close for comfort (Library photo)

In other parts of Penarth there were reports of fences being blown down and in Sully the Seashore Grill was partially flooded by breaking waves driven inshore by the wind during  this morning’s high spring-tide.

The grill remained open but a clear-up operation was in progress there this afternoon

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  1. whatsoccurin says:

    The wind seemed more gusty today than yesterday, swirling around in a very dangerous manner-not surprised there has been some damage,

  2. Grim Reaper says:

    How cruel the wind is, taking out another tree in a town that needs no help with felling Nature.

  3. The Tax payer says:

    That will be due to all the Bats we seem to have Nesting in Penarth. Well that is if you are to believe all you read from some people and all the so called experts who seem to live all over Penarth?? 😎

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    I’m the Council have a Rapid Response Team in place for fallen branches , just imagine if that had been a human they would have had to wait ages until an ambulance was available . Nice to know we have things prioritised in this way.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    the missing word was ……………….GLAD

  6. cogan newman says:

    Gwladys Over ?

  7. Mark Foster says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if young and middle-aged women in Penarth and Cardiff dressed like GLADYS Morell instead of showing all their boobs, thighs and bums in drunken stupors on a night out like hookers in Kings Cross or the old Bute Street

    They would stop people like Harvey Weinstein in their tracks.

  8. mikeyorke says:

    The whole place must be full of rotten trees. Quick, build some flats. But no parking spaces please

  9. Luca says:

    All existing trees clearly present an inherent, clear and present danger. The VoG council must really do something more proactive about removing such dangers from our lives. I doubt they have even carried out a H&S Risk Assessment yet we are all in constant danger as we attempt to live our lives avoiding these obstructions. DO SOMETHING !!!

  10. bizilizi says:

    Please read reports from well informed organisations by googling “Value of trees in the urban environment” .This would be useful to all of us and maybe inform those who make decisions. Nobody can be an expert in everything but at least we can understand the issues involved.
    Street trees should be cared for or replaced.

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    Once the lovely incinerator gets under full production in Barry adding more worry to those concerned about the air quality at Cogan and elsewhere we can forget about trying to improve the said ‘air quality’ as the incinerator , when the wind is in the right direction will make all those concerns redundant . So in fact every tree in Penarth is precious and needed and we need more planting and a stop to the ‘Chainsaw Massacres’ that have been allowed to run riot over the past few years . Penarth Heights being one area , coppicing mature trees IN SUMMER all around town reducing them to posts with stumps, we already know the Council workers or their bosses know little about how to manage fauna and flora , I am witness to the fact they dug up Bluebell bulbs in the Dingle just a few years back , a protected species and protected ‘by law’, they send out ‘cowboys with strimmers who strim so close to saplings that many are killed off when they cut through the bark, once again proof offered in the Dingle, they are careless , and even worse care even less . Every tree in Penarth is now needed more than ever stop the vandals from the Council destroying what they don’t seem to understand .

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