Welsh Labour Government Health Minister Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) said he was sorry “if” anyone had had their operation postponed. In fact hundreds of patients have been notified of cancellations as the NHS in Wales struggles to cope with emergencies

The beleaguered  Labour Health Minister Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) has now made a public apology for the mass cancellation of scheduled operations in the National Health Service in Wales.

Hundreds of patients – many of them in pain – waiting for routine operations have had their procedures postponed whilst the NHS in Wales concentrates on winter emergency admissions instead.

Gething – for whom it seems the word “sorry” never comes easily – was put in a position where he had no option but to make a public apology after the chief executive of the NHS in Wales – Andrew Goodall  – used the so-called  “s-word” in a radio interview.

Even so, Gething’s apology was only a conditional “semi-apology” –  hedged around with  weasel-word “if”. He said “Well of course I’m sorry if anyone has had their planned treatment interrupted  by the extraordinary pressures we’re seeing in the Emergency System”.

Gething went on to say that “in any event” –  in planning for Winter –  the NHS normally reduces its  level of planned admissions for operations . But he said “given the pressures we’ve seen, understandably there have been extra cancellations have taken place “(sic) .

NHS patients waiting for knee-surgery will not have been heartened to hear  Gething saying “I don’t actually think that anyone facing  a planned operation that’s cancelled will say that it’s more important that they have treatment than somebody who is  genuine emergency. Who on earth would say it is more important they have an operation for example on their knee  than a frail 85-year-old who really needs to be in a hospital bed in an emergency situation?”.

[PDN Note: Gething has also said there are 350 people occupying hospital beds in Wales who are perfectly fit and don’t need to be in hospital at all – but can’t be found alternative accommodation]

Gething said “But I’m genuinely sorry that if anyone has had their care or treatment postponed because of the pressure we’re facing – of course I’m sorry”.


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  1. Chris David says:

    The problem with the NHS doesn’t appear to be about money. It seems it’s management and politics. From top to bottom. They can’t even buy paracetamol (which they shouldn’t be dishing out) as cheap as you can. How’s your doctors appointment system going?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Still a living daily miracle and the best Heath Service in the World- overall performance stats below.
      The problem with the NHS is not Hospital Porters, Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors and our World Leading Surgeons it is rather the the self motivated dogmatic. political opponents.
      The NHS was constructed in the Welsh Mining Valleys at a time of rampant disease and starvation thanks to the greatest Labour Politician that ever lived. Nye Bevan
      The Conservative and Liberal Parties have never forgiven the Labour Party for establishing the World’s greatest Healthcare system..
      Bevan is on record as describing opponents to the scheme as “lower than vermin”.
      Lloyd George Liberal Party Mass Murderer by conscription to the Trenches and certain death in the First World War. Later a Hitler loving appeaser in the run up to World War 2 David Lloyd George tried to claim credit for the NHS miracle as a form of rehabilitation of his career.. He failed and his daughter Megan joined Labour.
      The rankings
      1 UK
      2 Australia
      3 Netherlands
      4 Norway
      5 New Zealand
      6 Sweden
      7 Switzerland
      8 Germany
      9 Canada
      10 France
      11 United States
      Source: Mirror, Mirror 2017 report by the Commonwealth Fund

      • Ralph says:

        Nurse – he’s out of bed again

      • Mark Foster says:

        Get your facts straight. Aneurin Bevan created the National Health Service to look after his own people, the coal miners of the South Wales Valleys and the British working class, not champagne socialists like you in Penarth who have private medical insurance anyway. Third world immigrants would be far better off in health services set up by their own people in places like Zambia and Mosul, recently liberated by the Russians after your Labour Party and the Tories destroyed it in subservience to Israel and World Jewry. Also, their repatriation would save British lives by getting poorer British seniors medical attention in reasonable times and saving them having to walk down and uphill to the Cogan multicultural medical centre to see a doctor, which is the WAG’s new objective.

  2. daipop1 says:

    Disgusted to hear Vaughan state there are 350 hospital beds being occupied by “healthy” patients who can’t be found alternative accommodation – surely a hotel or b&b could be used to free up these beds for “emergency” patient admission.? Surely a crisis of care outweighs a crisis of just accommodation?

  3. Jan Harding says:

    Out of hours Dr waited 28 hours and 12 hours the second time for very elderly person who lives alone, what a worry.
    Then Ambulance 36 hours and 7 of those hours were for a 999 ambulance.
    For future ref does anyone know of any private ambulance Phone numbers or companies in The Vale? It is a huge worry for people who live on their own with no family or friends who cant drive. How do you cope if you are feeling so ill???Was told on the phone this is nothing to do with Christmas or New Year it happens all the time.

  4. Phil Nedin says:

    This is the same “sorry” made by Jeremy Hunt and Teressa May. The main difference being that it is JH and TM who are jointly responsible for the lack of investment in the NHS and of course, as they are with social care which prevents vulnerable people from being discharged from the acute sector. The criticism of Welsh Assembly health minister by R.T Davies on BBC Wales news yesterday should be written down and sent to his Government in Whitehall.

  5. Chris Franks says:

    Surely we have to accept the fact that with an aging population there has to be a greater investment in the NHS. In addition the decision by the UK government to cut funds for social care has led inevitably to bed blocking. The failure to merge Health and Social Care budgets as advocated by Plaid Cymru will perpetuate these terrible conditions at hospitals.

  6. Jean Thomas says:

    Instead of knocking down beautiful old houses in large grounds, why not convert these into half-way houses to free up beds in hospitals.

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