Heading for harbour and safety on a freezing morning – the fishing boat Benjoma tows in the broken-down vessel.

The well known local fishing boat “Benjoma Too” went to the aid of a smaller fishing vessel in freezing temperatures off Penarth early this morning.

A PDN contact says the casualty vessel “Manatee” had lost all electrical power and was unable to start her engine or even call for help on VHF radio.

The vessel’s crew had to call the Cardiff Barrage operators on a mobile phone to summon assistance.  The barrage staff put out a call to ask if there were any vessels in the vicinity of the stranded craft that could render assistance  – to save having to call out a lifeboat crew.

Benjoma Too‘s skipper Paul Crossman immediately volunteered to help and successfully towed the crippled vessel safely into the barrage locks. All aboard the “Manatee”  are understood to be safe and well.

High tide at Swanbridge yesterday (Friday January 5th 2018)  saw more big waves drenching the sea-front. (Photo Steven Huxtable)

Meanwhile a bitter north easterly wind is keeping temperatures low in Penarth. Swanbridge and Sully saw more large waves crashing onto the beach yesterday in the high spring tides – following the flooding which occured earlier in the week.

Tonight temperatures are expected to fall to 1 degree centigrade.

[PDN BACKGROUND NOTE : BENJOMA TOO.  Paul Crossman has carried out a number of previous rescues in the Bristol Channel – including two in September 2016. In the first of those incidents he and his  crew pulled two anglers out of the water off Sully after their boat had capsized . The two anglers would almost certainly have died if “Benjoma Too” had not reached them as quickly as she did. Afterwards they posted a comment on PDN saying “Thank you so much to the Benjoma Too and the Penarth RNLI who came to our rescue off Sully today… Literally you saved our lives today.”]


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