The existing Multi-Use Games arena at Penarth’s Paget Road Children’s playground is to be replaced and floodlighting is to be installed there which will be available  until 21:00 hours each night.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council  is to install “on demand” floodlighting at a proposed new “Multi-Use Games Area”  to be installed at the Paget Road Children’s Playground  – as part of an overall  upgrade of the facilities.

A planning application for the floodlight installation has been submitted by the council to the officers of its  own planning department – and will NOT be brought before councillors who are members of the Vale of Glamorgan planning committee  unless a local member of the council “calls-in” the scheme. So far, that has not happened.

The three 20ft high columns – will be about the same size as a street lights – and will have brilliant white LED floodlights

The lighting scheme involves the installation of three new floodlight units which would illuminate a proposed new Multi Use Games Area at Paget Road Open Space. It appears that this new Multi-Use Games Arena would replace the existing football/basketball area which has been on the site for many years.

Other parts of the proposed “upgrade” to the Paget Road Play Area are not being submitted to the planning department because they are considered to be “Permitted Development ” – which the council already has the necessary authority to build on the site

The council has specified 3 “Urbis Ampera Maxi 5121” floodlights which will be mounted on grey-coloured 6 metre-high aluminium columns (i.e. nearly 20 feet above the ground).

The council’s ecology officer is amongst those being consulted about the installation.

The floodlights will be controlled by a timing device triggered by a  push button and set up to allow the lights to be switched on at any time up to 21:00 hours at night. A “warning buzzer” will inform give users advance warning when the lights are about to be turned off.

The Vale Council says the lighting will meet Class 3 lighting standard for pitches and has been chosen as a lighting standard for use by local families and is not intended for competition sports matches.”

The Paget Road children’s playground is overdue for refurbishment but was one of the  few playgrounds in the town not to be upgraded before the local elections by the former Labour administration in the Vale Council after Labour’s controversial plans to install a skateboard park at the venue were vehemently opposed by local residents

Details of the other equipment to be installed at the Paget Road Play Area have not yet been released by the council – and will not be subject to planning permission.

Penarth Town Council’s planning committee has not yet considered the scheme.


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  1. Rock n' roll says:

    They’re really going for it over that end of town with the assault on wildlife, aren’t they?
    No trees, 24-hour lighting, get the noise levels up.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Scandalous hypocrisy. Where is the Cowbridge controlled All Male Cabinet and Rigged Environment Quango Policy on this? How dare they discriminate against our Mariners and Pedestrians and then permit this insult to St. Augustine’s Residents?
      Hypocrisy because the noise level will be the same if not higher than the Marina Swingbridge .Mechanism and Klaxon.
      Depending on the number of children 80-90db would be typical for 20 of them at 20 metres.
      The Light Pollution will be exactly the same as the Marina Swingbridge Safety Lighting andprobably a lot worse as it is continuous.

  2. James says:

    What an utter WASTE OF MONEY.
    in summer they won’t be needed.
    in winter they won’t be used.

  3. James says:

    horribly intrusive and about as useful as the “viewing platform”.
    another waste of money from our esteemed council.

  4. Revolving floor says:

    I thought we were all supposed to be trying to cut back on electricity?
    Nobody uses that park they did over on the Plassey green

  5. Michael says:

    this council seems to do exactly as it wants – labour or tory.
    and the frightening thing is that most of us wouldn’t know about it if we didn’t read it here.
    what is the point of these 20 feet lights nobody will make use of them.
    aside from waste of power, intrusive to wildlife, new blots on landscape
    have these councillors a wish to fill every space with concrete and metal, noise and light
    and never ask those paying their wages?
    makes me wonder about all the things going on that can’t be written here.

    • jonathancoleuk says:

      It’s not just that end of town, our esteemed council are now proposing to concrete over the grass verge on Lavernock Road. I hope that PDN run a story on this latest act of vandalism by those clowns in Barry

  6. I’ve seen the area used up until it is fairly dark so this seems to be an excellent scheme to me.
    If this encourages more healthy exercise all the better.
    I wish the moaners would think before they type.

    • Peter Church says:

      I’ve seen the area used after dark too, with that fragrant smell of cannabis wafting through the air.

      Moaners: Those who complain that all the greenery in Penarth is being removed and the area floodlit.

    • Money to Burn says:

      Wasting thousands on the outdoor gym in the bay was designed to ‘encourage more healthy exercise’ but barely anyone uses that.
      Let’s spend a fortune on the possibility one or two might spend the occasional half-an-hour under the LED lighting.

  7. Modom says:

    What a hideously invasive idea, the light pollution will damage the wildlife, the noise pollution will affect those living nearby. A big no-no.
    I agree Michael, how else would we find out about these dreadful schemes?

  8. Wembley Here We Come says:

    There they are switching the streetlamps off at midnight to save on resources and cash and now they want stadium lights blazing in temperatures nobody will turn out in.

  9. snoggerdog says:

    cmon the vale,give us a bus shelter at the top of paget rd opposite st joes, you could call it an “on demand keep dry while waiting for a bus unit”.

    • snoggerdog says:

      today(tues09) i had an email off andrew eccleshare,transportation officer the v.o.g.c. the 95a/b bus stop at the top of high st is still under review,so anybody waiting for a bus will,if raining have to keep getting soaked,saying that anyone that catches rocking pneumonia & the boogie woogie flu,at least will be on the right bus (llandough hosp)

  10. Keith Stevens says:

    Total waste of money – Who are these people that make these decisions without consulting local people ?? – put the money to good use… fix the potholes in the roads or something ?

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    I know this does not fit with this item above ,but id like an update on whats been done , now that the unused platform at Dingle station has been cleaned up, after pleading for it to be done for ages . I am waiting with baited breath to hear of all the delightful and interesting ideas being discussed or put in motion.

    • snoggerdog says:

      i was chirping( no its not illegal yet) to a pair of sparrows recently & they are looking forward to quick spring regrowth leading full cover by late summer,early autumn

      • Money to Burn says:

        Tell the sparrows to sleep with one eye open – no greenery lasts long in this town.

  12. Peter Church says:

    Total waste of money, plenty of footpaths that are lit until midnight to do your walking or indoors why not use the leisure centre?
    Why do we keep building and tarmacing over every where, when we cant look after what we’ve got?

  13. CelticMan says:

    Waste of money and intrusive.

  14. snoggerdog says:

    floodlit dogging?could become a new spectator sport for those with rose tinted binoculars!

  15. Clive Jones says:

    I remember that football pitch being built and I spent many hours on it and the park area in general.

    However, I think floodlights are completely unnecessary and will end up being a white elephant.

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