The interior of Blu Hair Design at Washington Chambers, Stanwell Road

The well-known Penarth hair salon, Blu Hair Design, has become the latest business in the town to be targeted by burglars in an escalating crime wave.

Blu Hair Design – which is based at No.1 Washington Chambers on Stanwell Road reported that all their stock had been stolen – and asked for their customers to “bear with them” over the next few days as their staff work to sort things out.

The raid is understood to have happened some time between Friday evening and yesterday ( Saturday) morning. Despite the break-in staff managed to open for business as usual yesterday.

Blue Hair Design posted a tweet on Twitter informing customers about the overnight raid

The total value of the stolen goods has not yet been released.

Police are expected to be appealing for help from anyone who might have seen anything unusual late on Friday or early on Saturday morning.


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  1. Fishhenge says:

    Are the street lights off after midnight in the area?

    • Money to Burn says:

      Vale probably saving the power to fire up the floodlights over Paget Road way.

  2. Chris Franks says:

    Amazing the rise in crime coincides with the 20,000 drop in police officer numbers. Mrs May’s time in the Home Office has a lot to answer for. Meanwhile expect a big increase in taxes for the police in the next few months.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      Amazing rise in crime coincides with laughably self styled progressive parties demanding fewer and shorter jail sentences for convicted criminals..

      No surprise to the rest of us.

      • Tim Hughes says:

        Amazing to think people believe criminals decisions on whether to commit a burglary or not is influenced by political parties proposed policies.

      • John powelll says:

        Actually it is a surprise since the RIght has been in power since 2010, and indeed for almost all of my life.

  3. RIchard Price says:

    The number of police officers in the South Wales Police force has risen year on year and every year since 2014.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Police officers or PCSOs ??. The Police don’t don’t seem to do much just turning a blind eye as it’s less paper work for them to do. And the PCSOs are a waste of time and money never mind what it costs to kit them out to look like Police officers 👮

  4. Pamela Armstrong says:

    How awful, can’t understand why people do this, are they desperate or just despicable?
    Alexis, Hayley and Gaynor, along with their staff, have worked hard over the years to build a really good business and they give such a great service to their clients – as shown by their determination to carry on and not to allow this incident to dishearten them. Well done to all at Blu!!

  5. Papa Lazarou says:

    Cctv out…police on the beat..out..lights out after midnight. Crime up.

  6. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Went out at 5.00 other evening and couldn’t see the broken slabs but- phew I got home o.k.Work tomorrow another Dingle road bridge up to Penarth Heights hate it so dark.

    • BigpooSki says:

      A torch would come in handy.

      • Shouldn’t need a torch with all the council tax we pay. Council should turn the lights back on like they promised when campaineing for our votes. This concervative lot are no different to the last shower that were in.

      • PB says:

        David is right, the conservatives are no different from labour. Nothing will ever change until the electorate look beyond which team the candidates represent. They promise the earth to get elected and then promptly forget every promise they made. Once all the parties have had a turn at being in charge and found to be useless perhaps people will pay attention to what their beloved party drones have actually achieved when in power. The answer is usually very little other than blame someone else. Alan Michaels are crime commissioner makes me laugh every time I read it, the man has no qualifications for this role, he’s a retired party yes man, who has lived in a bubble for so long he doesn’t understand anything about the world outside politics. His election is an embarrassment given how much crime has risen and how little he has done other than squander our money

      • Fiona Whitfield says:

        I just don’t feel safe walking in the dark.

    • snoggerdog says:

      fiona,the penlight & keyring l.e.d.s are small but powerful & cheaper than chips on ebay, as for P.H. it may have new buildings but its still the billybanks!

      • Fiona Whitfield says:

        Yes , seriously I don’t feel safe out in the dark when the street lights are so dim , I panic when I hear anyone behind me and see the huge shadows .

  7. Paul Fenton says:

    It’s worth the Police doing some house to house enquiries as our illustrious Crime Commissioner Alun Michael lives opposite about 50yds away. You literally couldn’t make it up!

  8. Mark Foster says:

    The South Wales Police will not provide CCTV of these burglars either because they do not have any, or because nobody in Penarth would know them anyway, or because to identify them would harm their multicultural strategy. In all probability these robbers just know that Penarth is a soft touch with no CCTV. Robberies are a price worth paying to protect Alun Michael and the Labour Party’s grand plan Seriously, would anybody in Penarth break into a hairdressers to steal their stock? Where would they sell it?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Checkout the next new hairdressers to open in Penarth or around! Seriously, they steal to stock a new shop – the creeps!

  9. John powelll says:

    Crime seems to be either endemic in an area, or it migrated to wherever criminals feel safe …

    It reminds me of a chronic problem in dinas Powys – kids came from elsewhere (on the trains!) to drink, sniff lighters, intimidate residents etc etc. They came at evenings and at weekends when they knew the police would not come out. The police would then come out on a Monday and say they couldn’t see any gangs …. this went on and on until eventually and inevitably they broke into an older lady’s house and torched some cars. Hen the police acted and made many arrests.

    Am so sorry for Blu, and can’t imagine why they were targeted, but that this happened across the road from our PCC is beyond parody.

  10. Andrew Worsley says:

    Look the Police in South Wales in general prefer to do the ‘easy stuff ‘ you hardly ever see any Police on the beat in Penarth and if you do its usually PSCO s who don’t have the powers of arrest and whos training seems to be limited to enforcing , Alarm , Harrassment . and Distress and even that they don’t understand fully. There are no working CCTVs in Penarth , no Police on the beat and its lights out in some areas after midnight . I don’t know why local traders don’t put adverts up on the roundabout inviting crooks to rob them then claim on insurance , assuring the robbers that Police action will be little to none existent .

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