Morel Court – run by “Methodist Homes for the Aged” is in Raisdale Road, Penarth

The independent care watchdog the CSSIW – which checks how well institutions look after people in their care – has been carrying out an assessment of the Morel Court Care Home in Penarth – and given it full marks.

The home, on Raisdale Road in Penarth, has accommodation for 36 residents

The inspectors found that “generally people living at the Morel Court Care Home are happy with the support and care they receive”. The inspection team spoke to residents and relatives of residents who “were extremely complimentary of the service provided. They further told us of the friendly welcoming environment in which they lived or visited.”

Morel Court in Raisdale Road

The official report says a newly registered manager had been in place since August 2016 and she and the deputy manager are “delivering clear and strong leadership with a commitment to improve quality assurance and providing positive outcomes for residents.”

The CSSIW report registers only one caveat. It says “the Welsh Government initiative of the active offer (which means people receive a service in Welsh should they wish to without asking for it), needs to be clearer in the information provided to residents and their relatives.”

A web-based consultation recorded a review score of 9.7 out of 10 for the quality of care at Morel Court . The report says residents  are ” consulted on their view of the care they receive and involved in developments in the home. We observed positive and welcoming relationships between staff and residents, meaningful conversations, consistent interaction and support for those who were known to be feeling unwell. When we spoke with residents they confirmed that the atmosphere we observed was a normal part of living at Morel Court.”

One resident said “it is like a family and it is lovely living here.’ We saw residents interacting with each other and conversations at lunch and breakfast time. People are able to feel a sense of belonging and have safe and meaningful relationships.

The CSSIW says there is an “assigned chaplin” at the home who provides emotional support for residents. Inspectors found there were “several levels of monitoring to ensure consistency of care and that staff have an up to date understanding of needs. Twice daily, the senior care staff chair a ‘cwtch’ in which issues of concern are recognised and addressed during the shift.”  and there are weekly and monthly reviews of residents’ needs – including menus.

Morel Care Home has a top ‘5′ rating from the Food Standards Agency which the CSSIW says means that food is prepared and delivered in excellent hygiene conditions.

Residents were reported to be eager to inform the inspectors of “the pleasant and relaxing environment and how ‘you can make friends here and enjoy their company’”.  There is a busy “designated hair salon” at the home and a “reflexology spa room” which is said to be very popular with residents and there are several areas where residents can ‘sit and watch the world go by” .

The home was found to be full compliance with CSSIW standards.

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  1. Alan & Pam Armstrong says:

    Well Done!

  2. Mark Foster says:

    Not only did the Morel matriarch show your women how to dress properly instead of like tarts, she also shows the Labour and Tory Parties how to look after your old people. The Decline and Fall of the British Empire.

  3. Teresa Mitchell says:

    This confirms how I have always felt about Morel Court. How nice to hear such positive words about a care home.

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