Some of Penarth’s town councillors on the front lawn at the council HQ at West House, Stanwell Road. The declarations of Cllr Ellie Evans (Labour Stanwell) (front row 2nd from left) and Deputy Mayor John Luxton (Labour Stanwell) (front row extreme right) have yet to appear on the Penarth Town Council  website 

Two of the 16 members of Penarth Town Council have yet to have details of their “member’s interests” published on the council’s web site.

All members of the council are supposed to answer a series of 14 questions about  employment, business interests, land and property ownership, and their membership of political parties and organisations in the council’s area .

There was a prolonged delay before ANY Penarth councillors’  “Members Interest” declarations were published  in the wake of the May 2017 local elections – even though such information should be published immediately.

The returns for 14 of the councillors – some of which were incomplete –  eventually appeared on the council website in August last year 2 months after the deadline.

Cllr Ellie Evans (Labour Stanwell)

Cllr Jon Luxton (Labour Stanwell)

However still missing from the website – a full 7 months after the elections – are Member’s Interest declarations for the Deputy Mayor, Cllr John Luxton, and Cllr Ellie Evans both of whom are members of the Labour Party.

No reason has been given for the failure to publish this information.

On Wednesday this week Penarth Town Council  is due to meet in an Extraordinary Council Meeting  – part of which will be closed to the press and public – in order to consider which members of the council should receive the new “allowances”  of £500 per annum in respect of their duties. (see PDN http://tinyurl.com/y8utbffr ) .

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  1. Surely there should be a deadline for this information to be registered. Seven months is ridiculous. Who do they think they are ignoring this simple requirement.
    Maybe they have something to hide !!

  2. John64 says:

    I thought it was a requirement to complete the list of interests before signing the oath of office.

  3. Ann Other says:

    Perhaps they need someone to explain to them why these declarations are an important element in democratic accountability? Maybe they just think it’s just another form to complete?

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    If they are not complying to the rules and regulations its obvious they have something to hide that they do not wish others to know, in that case they need to resign as they knew the rules before hand and they cannot pick and choose which to comply to and which to ignore.

  5. The Tax payer says:

    Come on PDN. You can’t be seen to be picking on poor John Lurton. That’s not fair him 😎👍. Also if and when the questions are answered who if any does the checks to see if they are correct ??.

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