11,000 people signed an on-line petition opposing Labour’s Cosmeston wakeboarding scheme and scores added their signatures in the streets of Penarth

The now-Conservative controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council has finally sunk the controversial Cosmeston wakeboarding scheme which had been floated-out by the previous Labour administration.

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour Stanwell) had been a leading advocate of the Cosmeston wakeboarding scheme

A leading advocate of  the scheme was former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in the Vale of Glamorgan Council Cllr Lis Burnett (formerly Labour St Augustines and now Labour Stanwell). [Cllr Burnett was also  behind the disastrous Penarth Head Viewing Platform scheme, the unpopular (and now scrapped) skateboard park planned for Paget Road playground and the yet-to-be-decided proposals to redevelop the site of St Paul’s Church into 14 social housing apartments.]

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) stopped the wakeboarding scheme being considered by just one “delegated” Vale Council planning officer – has had been originally intended by the defeated Labour administration

However, after the Labour administration in the Vale lost its control of the council on May 4th 2017 , Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) “called-in” the planning application for the wakeboarding scheme for consideration and examination by the full planning committee – thus preventing the scheme being decided by just a Vale staff planning officer on a “delegated” basis as had been originally intended.

Cllr Mahoney also  contacted Cllr John Thomas, Leader of the Conservatives on the Vale Council  when the new administration took over from Labour and asked for “a reconsideration of the whole plan”.

Cllr John Thomas Conservative Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cllr John Thomas, the Conservative Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council stepped in to freeze the wakeboarding planning application and  initiated an immediate “review” of the scheme .

Cllr Thomas said today  “It was always my intention to review this proposal which I was never convinced was suitable for Cosmeston. There is an obvious need to safeguard the future of the Vale’s country parks through introducing appropriate new attractions and suitable commercial activities, but these must be just that – appropriate and suitable.”

“We have an equally important responsibility to safeguard the park’s natural environment and after speaking with residents and consulting with the local elected members I remained far from convinced that wakeboarding was appropriate for Cosmeston. Ultimately the park belongs to the public that use it and it is their views that have prompted me to take the decision that the scheme should not progress.”

Today the scheme was officially axed .

The Vale Council says “While there remains a planning application in progress for the scheme, the Council as landowner at Cosmeston will not now be permitting any new facility to be built.”

Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies – leader of the Welsh Conservatives

Local Andrew R.T. Davies (Conservative South Wales Central which  includes Penarth)  has today welcomed the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s decision to cancel the wakeboarding scheme at Cosmeston Country Park.

Mr Davies described today’s Vale Council decision as “a victory for common sense”. He said “The plans for the wakeboarding facility at Cosmeston were inappropriate – and it is clear local people did not want them. I was approached by several constituents calling for them to be scrapped – and it would have been absurd to press ahead with them.”

Mr Davies concluded “I’m pleased that common sense has won out and the scheme will not go ahead – which I know will be welcomed by people across the local area.”

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Thank you and sincere congratulations to PDN, all your contributors, protestors , Councillors opposing the scheme and of course Andrew RT Davies for getting this one right.
    People power in Penarth does work thanks to PDN I posted details of a similar case near Bristol on here in May last year. ==================

    START BY CALLING IN THIS VILE PLAN that will destroy one of our most precious Education resources.
    Just 150 people objected at Portishead Bristoi and they succeeded in getting these aquatic vandals THROWN OUT DESPITE OFFICERS RECOMMENDATION TO APPROVE.
    BBC WEBSITE 13 August 2015
    “Portishead Marina wakeboarding plan rejected”
    Proposals for a water sports centre at Portishead Marina near Bristol have been turned down, despite planners recommending its approval.
    Nearly 150 people had objected to the plans, which would have seen activities including wakeboarding.
    The decision was applauded by members of the public as North Somerset Council rejected the application.
    Marina bosses argued it would generate more tourism, while residents said it amounted to a “funfair”.

  2. Chris David says:

    HURRAHH well done Mr Mahoney- lets hope old post it note stays quiet for a decade or three now. Most bonkers plan I’ve heard for ages. Suppose the boss Goldsworthy wasn’t that fussed in the end. Pity we cant stop a few more follies underway or planned.

  3. Penarthur says:

    What a shame. It looked great fun.

  4. Cynical Jock! says:

    Great news! At last a “harebrained” scheme bites the dust!!!

  5. No-brainer says:

    Do we know how much money was wasted on the viability of this daft scheme?

  6. Wild West says:

    Well done to those who sank it but it’s still frightening that such an ill-conceived ‘scheme’ could easily have got through with no public consultation.

  7. Johnabutt says:

    Every swan, tufted duck, cormorant, gull and mallard say: “thank you V of G Council for a bit of common sense”, at last!

  8. Frank Evans says:

    At least this is one bit of damage to Penarth that Lis Burnett didn’t manage to do. Thank you electorate.
    Anyone know if her viewing platform has collapsed into the sea yet?

  9. snoggerdog says:

    liz burnett will have to trudge down there herself & frighten the wildlife now.

  10. wdytyablog says:

    The article reports that Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) stopped the wakeboarding scheme being considered by just one “delegated” Vale Council planning officer by calling the application in, many many thanks Councillor Mahoney, well done.

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