The Railway Path today: No one knows exactly where all the tacks have been scattered

A Penarth primary schoolgirl – cycling to school today –  has had a tyre on her bike punctured by one of a number of notice-board thumb-tacks or drawing-pins which have been  – apparently deliberately – scattered along the Railway Path.

The girl cycles to Evenlode Primary School every day along the Railway Path but  ran over some of the  tacks scattered on the tarmac which punctured a tyre on her bike. On arrival at school the young pupil telephoned her mother  to tell her what had happened.

The girl’s mother has told PDN ” This would appear to be a deliberate act and is most worrying as the path is regularly used by school children cycling to school as well as many other cyclists and dog walkers.”

Later this morning a dog-walker who is also a PDN reader reported finding – and picking up – other drawing pins  which had also been placed on the public pathway – pointing upwards . The reader’s wife used a magnet to pick up other drawing pins which had been scattered on the path

Another local resident has also reported seeing tacks thrown onto the y path

It’s being suggested that all users of the Railway Path should be on the alert in case there are more tacks yet to be found on the surface of the path.

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  1. cogan nomen says:

    My wife picked up the rest
    With a magnet at midday .

  2. Christopher Warner says:

    I got a drawing pin in my bicycle tyre last night on the Railway Path. Whether this is a prank or sabotage, it’s dangerous and is evidently causing expense and inconvenience for path users.

  3. sjleworthy says:

    Where exactly is it on the path? As to know where to avoid

  4. Steve says:

    Possibly some sort of retribution from those that object to cyclists and cycle paths. A previous article re the planned extension of the cycle path on Lavernock Road exposed some pretty vociferous opponents to cyclists and cycle paths. Shame as I’m planning to get myself fit by cycling to work and will most probably use the railway path and Lavernock Road, guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for some sad losers throwing tacks around.

    • Peter Church says:

      While I and other can’t stand speeding cyclists who cycle aggressively on shared paths, this behaviour (Drawing pins etc) is down right evil and very dangerous to all users of the path; humans, animals and even cyclists!! 😉

    • Jane Rapier says:

      The problem is that people like you don’t care how fast you ride past unsuspecting pedestrians walking on the JOINT old railway path. At one time this path was enjoyed by walkers and gentle cyclists. Now the speeding upsets the walkers because the cyclists assume they have the right to speed on the path. I say, if you are such a confident rider why not use Westbourne road to cycle towards the town and back.

  5. Dai Banjo says:

    This sort of stupidity also impacts much wider than cyclists – embedded into pets feet, toddlers picking up shiny objects, or falling onto them.

  6. Mark Foster says:

    Nobody can justify throwing tacks onto cycling paths, but why aren’t the Tories in control of the Vale of Glamorgan Council taking emergency action to prevent Marcus Goldsworthy and his team of planners from surreptitiously destroying the grass verge environment and vista on Lavernock Road and running this obnoxious anti-social cycle path all the way from Sully presumably along the lane around the back of the Spar Store through the Cosmeston Housing Estate and onto the Railway Path to Penarth Station? Its very ugly, dangerous and destroys the environment, going against all current thinking. I personally have recently been missed by one foot by a cyclist on the Railway Path doing 20 miles per hour coming up silently behind me. If I’d stepped slightly to the left I would have been severely injured or killed. (I know a lot of you would say good job).

    This is part of the Progressive Left Douglas Macarthur peripheral action strategic plan for Penarth. Its also a legacy of Liz Burnett’s grand plan for the bus exchange at Cosmeston and the massive housing estate planned there to provide for the effects of mass immigration. They will destroy the very beautiful Lavernock Point.

    Does anybody know if the private limited company Goldsworthy Developments of Sully which was dissolved in 2014 (see Companies House) has anything to do with Marcus Goldsworthy?

    The Vale of Glamorgan Council stopped the wakeboarding, Now they must stop this Cycle Path. Thats what they were elected for, by you the people.

    • Social Pickle says:

      How do you know, so accurately, the cyclist was travelling at 20 mph?

      • Mark Foster says:

        Because I could smell the lycra sweat from underneath his armpits and the salbutamol a la Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins, dopey.

  7. AK says:

    Shared paths like the railway path are great. They encourage people to get on their bikes, or take walks and they do so safely and away from traffic. By creating safe cycling routes to schools, they reduce the number of cars doing the school run twice daily.

    Perhaps some clear signage stating clearly that it is a shared path and that pedestrians, not cyclists, have the right of way (this works in Hyde Park, although they do have the added benefit of the Royal Parks’ Police!)

    The photograph above seems to show plenty of greenery for wildlife.

    Cyclists who choose to put their lives at risk by cycling on the highway are permitted by law to do so. Probably quicker than travelling by car these days, with the awful traffic around here.

    What’s not to like?

  8. Steve says:

    Mark, I think you’ll find the extension of cycling paths are part of the Welsh Government Active Travel Plan which, I believe, the Vale Council are obliged to support. I understand your frustration with dangerous cyclists, and there’s obviously some merit in your argument with regards to the detrimental affect of removing grass verges. However, there are clearly positive environmental benefits to be had by reducing the number of cars on the road, and associated health benefits as a result of cycling, which hopefully would translate into budget savings for the NHS. This article is particularly poignant in my opinion as it relates to a young schoolgirl who’s doing the responsible thing and taking appropriate exercise rather than be ferried to school by car.

  9. cogan nomen says:

    I’ll never forget the groan
    As a speeding cyclist ,after
    Ringing his bell,
    Coaxed me to move aside .
    I moved to one side of the
    Posts under the bridge .
    He of course hit it .
    The pain was graphic .

  10. Wild West says:

    Just walked along there now and cannot get over the unnecessary intrusion of such an ugly great big path on the green area between the two lots of houses. What on earth were they thinking, taking a third of the grass out to put down that path when there were already TWO roads and TWO pavements on that stretch?
    Why do that?
    They are tarmac crazy at that council. Are they still going ahead with wiping out the grass verges?

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