The Penarth Coastguard and Penarth Lifeboat stretcher party carries the casualty – injured on Bridgeman Road last night – to the lifeboat station to wait in the warm for an ambulance (Penarth Coastguard Photo)

The daily backlog in dealing with emergency admissions in the Welsh Labour Government’s NHS emergency services has brought about an unusual walking “rescue mission” –  carried out by Penarth Coastguard officers and Penarth RNLI lifeboat crew.

The casualty in this case was a woman who had injured her back in a fall last night on Bridgeman Road – near Penarth sea-front.

At Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s Hospital at the Heath in Cardiff,  ambulances – with patients in them – were yet again being “stacked” outside the Emergency Unit because of a shortage of available beds within the hospital.

The fleet of ambulances tied up at the hospital  led to another “knock-on” of  delays to ambulance emergency calls across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

In the case of the woman lying on the pavement in Bridgeman Road Penarth – in plummeting outside temperatures –   someone had the brainwave of asking the trained “first-responders” of Penarth Coastguard officers and the RNLI crews to step-in to go to her aid.

The injured person was transferred onto a coastguard stretcher and carried back to  the rather warmer Lifeboat station on Penarth Esplanade to wait for an ambulance to arrive.



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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Don’t fprget to thank your “mate down the Pub” who” never has a flu jab”
    Whimpish selfishness like theirs is spreading and creating this Flu burden on the whole population,
    The NHS and the brave Emergency Services such as Penarth RNLI. are suffering because of these people described below.
    Some facts from NHS England Jan 18.
    The best vaccination uptake is among those aged over 65 with around 67% of those eligible receiving the jab – which means Thousands have not been vaccinated.

    There was nearly a 4% increase in vaccination by those aged below 65 but who have a long-term condition, such as heart or liver disease which puts them at particular risk from flu. But only 44% took up the jab, meaning over 156,000 people have still not protected themselves.

    Just 44% of pregnant women have received their free vaccination, an increase by over 4% on last year. But over 12,000 women have not been vaccinated, putting themselves and their child at serious risk.
    The vaccine protects the mother while pregnant from developing serious complications associated with flu, but also provides protection for the baby in its early months when born.

    Only 36% of children aged between two up to five-years-old have been vaccinated. But this means parents of over 58,000 children have still not taken steps to protect their child and those around them from the threat of flu. Young children are both vulnerable to the effects of flu but can also spread the virus to others.

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