The familiar chaotic scenes outside the Emergency Unit at the University Hospital at the Heath in Cardiff – which comes under the Cardiff and Vale Health Board and ultimately under beleaguered  Labour Health Minister Vaughan Gething – AM for Cardiff South and Penarth

The performance of the Labour-Party-dominated Cardiff and Vale University Health Board – which runs the NHS services in Penarth, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan – is getting steadily worse according to figures compiled by the BBC.

The Cardiff and Vale Health Board – which runs the Heath Hospital in Cardiff and Llandough Hospital plus all NHS doctor’s surgeries in the area – compares badly with most of the other 6 health boards in Wales in terms of both Accident and Emergency services and also in Planned Operations and Treatment.

Three other health boards in Wales provide a better A&E service than Cardiff and Vale – even though Labour Health Minister Vaughan Gething – who’s responsible for the NHS in Wales –  lives in Penarth

In yet again missing its Accident and Emergency targets, the Cardiff and Vale Health Board came only in a lowly 4th position in rankings of the 7 health boards in Wales.

In Planned Operations and Health Care, the Cardiff & Vale Health Board came only 5th of the 7 Health boardsi n Wales – and again missed its targets

In its Planned Operations and Care the Cardiff and Vale Board fared even worse and could only come in 5th place out of the 7 Health Boards in Wales.

Not once in the last 5 years has the Cardiff and Vale Health Board met its targets for Accident and Emergency and Planned Operations.

Stephen Doughty the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth made a limp and ineffectiuve intervention in the Health Secretary’s speech

In the House of Commons this week in a debate on the Health Service, Stephen Doughty the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth accused the Prime Minister of being “willing at every opportunity to attempt to smear the Welsh [ Labour-run] NHS”.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the Welsh Labour Government had increased spending on the NHS in Wales by  only 8%  – whereas spending on the NHS  in England had been increased by nearly 16%

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt reminded Doughty and the other Labour MPs that – under Labour –  the  NHS in Wales [which is the responsibility of Welsh Labour Government Health Minister Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth)] had not met its targets since 2008.

Hunt asked whose fault wasit  that in the Labour-run NHS in Wales, one patient in every six had to wait too long for Accident and Emergency treatment ?

He also asked whose fault it was that people in Wales were 9  times more likely to have to wait too long for their NHS test results compared with patients in England?

Hunt said  from 2011, funding for the NHS in England went up by 15.6% but in Wales the Welsh Labour Government had chosen to increase funding by only 8% . 

Even though this was a Labour-initiated debate, Doughty did not attempt a second intervention.

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  1. Chris David says:

    It’s not all about money- it’s also about management starting with the feckless Gething. Its difficult to even get a doctors appointment without joining the “ring in at 8:30 and take a chance in the lottery debacle”. Funny- they threw money at that and employed practice managers- then it all went down hill. It’s a 28 week waiting time to see a consultant in some areas, and because we don’t have a health card system health tourists increase the pressure on some hospital departments and GP surgeries. It would help if they introduced a fee to visit the doctors- £5 for pensioners and children £20 for everyone else, register with your health card you’ve paid for via your taxes- no exceptions. That would stop the hangover time wasters and intruders from overseas. We can’t be the NHS to the world. Just ignore Doughty- he’s a useless grandstander (who wont answer uncomfortable questions) and cares nothing for Penarth that’s for sure.

    • says:

      I agree that the phone-in is ridiculous. However, your solution seems to contradict yourself – isn’t that also throwing money at the problem? Your solution also undermines the original idea of the NHS – for healthcare to be free to all, regardless of wealth. Finally, your comment regarding ‘intruders’ is baseless and your choice of vocabulary suggests you have most likely spent your life reading the Daily Fail.

      • says:

        Who is going to be administering and paying for your health card system? If it’s anything like the passport system, it’s going to be expensive and badly managed, leading to people who are entitled to it going without healthcare or having to pay for it. And how will that stop the hangover time wasters (who surely are overwhelmingly British) as they’ll likely have a card?

      • Mark Foster says:

        “your comment regarding ‘intruders’ is baseless”

        I believe the majority of the British electorate including Christophe Davide is coming around to understanding that the fundamental problem of the NHS is mass immigration, which is clearly evident to anybody who visits the Heath Hospital or any non-private hospital or doctor’s surgery in England or Wales, especially in a large town or city. There you will find that the indigenous White British are substantially outnumbered by immigrants.

        Mass immigration is the simple consequence of the “Western” strategy of an intellectually superior people who have operated this way for 3500 years in the countries to which they attach themselves, for their own supremacist benefit. What I really do not understand is where this intellectual superiority originated. Is it from the DNA of Abraham of Uhr as Jewish and Palestine literature from 1500 years later tells us? Did it just happen by chance, or is it a consequence of divine monotheistic intervention?

        One thing I believe is certain. We are embarking on the same repetitive process that the Ashkenazi Jews experienced under the thumb of Catherine the Great, the German Princess, as Leon Trotsky aka Lev Davidovich Bronstein describes her in the first example of the use of Racism to disenfranchise an indigenous people. It was also the process that caused the Jews to be further removed from Catherine’s Pale of Settlement in Eastern Europe by Adolf Hitler 150 years later.

        Donald Trump who would have learned about all this growing up developing real estate in Brooklyn is a genius and is the modern manifestation of Catherine the Great and Adolf Hitler. We are almost where Germany was in 1933 when the Daily Express came up with the famous headline “Judea declares war on Germany”. What also amazes me is that our Jewish colleagues do not heed the warnings given to them by one of their own, Robert Merton, in his Law of Unintended Consequences, and just carry on regardless. Perhaps their DNA protected by frowning on inter-marriage does not intrinsically allow them to do so.

        If you had experienced the Japanese Health Service, Watashi-kun, you would find that they do not suffer from these problems. There are not many Westerners in Japanese doctors’ surgeries.

      • Chris David says:

        Hah Mr Watashi no I don’t read that abhorrent rag the DM, but it looks like you do!. Ok I can’t write a thesis here so for just one example look at the French system. French citizens – note citizens, have a carte vitale that proves they are paid up. If you don’t have one you pay 23 Euros for a doctors appointment or the full cost of treatment if say for example you have an operation(all is c70% reclaimable IF you are an EU resident- (not a health tourist) Healthcare is NOT free to all in the UK- just those that abuse it. You, if you work? and the benefits system if you don’t, pay NIC’s (stamp)- plus your employer pays as well. Administration for your health card system when done properly is very cheap- and you could charge a nominal initial card fee anyway, in fact we already have a card system- the EHIC!! The French do it very well. The hangover wasters – just as one example of abuse, in this case to get free paracetamol, wont be paying £5, £10 or £20 to waste the GP’s time. We should be charging full whack to non EU residents and a reciprocal fee to EU residents who’ll have an EHIC card- so again we already have a card system in the UK OK. The card system bar coded would (does) do it. It applies to prescriptions as well. If your not prepared to pay a very nominal fee to free up the system and help fund the NHS you don’t deserve the good will of those others paying for you.

    • snoggerdog says:

      couldnt have said it better myself,mr david.

    • Crass David says:

      Ha! What have you ever posted constructively luv? Take off the rose tinted glasses and face reality. You are a fool and a coward!!
      You need to get a grip on the overall picture. Otherwise shut up because you don’t know what your talking about. As to the rest of your drivel I’ll just ignore it. xx

      • Chris David says:

        I’m the coward? ! You’re the one hiding behind a false name. Come out yellow-belly, who are you ?. Now- if I’m wrong I’m willing to learn- prove me wrong. My guess is your some waster freeloader that has a chip.

      • Crass David says:

        Nope. Just taking the P. Recognise the language? Probably not, delusionists usually don’t.

      • Chris David says:

        Ha- looks like case proven crass. nothing to offer and a free loader. 🙂 Now all lets have a real debate on this. Mr Bull and others here I think you have Labour summed up. Politics before people. Some in the NHS tell me stories about how it’s Politics bound and badly run the NHS is. Wales has an opportunity for someone with real guts, vision and talent to change things and show the UK how it can be done. I don’t think that’s Gething or Doughty somehow. We’re small and more easily planned. Oh and things maybe not ended in the Senedd debacle- watch out for a big story on Carwyn Jones that may be lurking in the shadow at present.

    • Gomer Davies says:

      Mr David, you really have become a caricature of yourself. The same bluster and hot air time and again. Any contradiction of your views, which are so often repeated that they are redundant, is met with the same familiar insults and abuse. You fail to recognise when you are being teased, or the subject of mickey taking, Have you any hobbies apart from sifting through here? Please don’t be predictable in your reaction to this, just ponder whether your detractors have a point. I fear you will do nothing but prove them right, yet again.

      • Chris David says:

        Think I have a few more positives than you scrounger 🙂 x Any ideas? your petticoats showing.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    NHS England
    Kings College London a comparable Teaching Hospital and with a similar demographic to UCHW is in special measures i.e. direct control from Westminster. They have- “run out of money”- as waiting times reach crisis point.
    NHS Wales
    “But on other key procedures such as heart bypasses and kidney transplants, the waits were shorter (in Wales). Cancer diagnoses were similar in the two countries”
    BBC website today
    12 1 18

  3. Jan Harding says:

    If you have paid all your taxes and elderly you havent got a chance of being cared for be it seeing a doctor or trying to get in to hospital. you would have a better service in America, in fact The Vale doesn’t have any service now. Chris David is right.

  4. CelticMan says:

    Lots of good points made by Chris David but God knows what it will take to change the NHS.

  5. Nigel Bull says:

    Some honesty by Labour politicians, especially V Gething and S Doughty would be a good start. Accept that there are problems, then we can discuss ways of improving and there is some chance with Wales being smaller that it might happen faster and in an more acceptable way. If you cannot accept that there is failure(no other word will suffice) there is no chance of making real improvements. I belong to the Labour party feel ashamed at the attempted cheap political points scoring of S Doughty, when it is clear that the situation is not only worse in Wales in many areas, but is not accepted as being so.

    Some issues in politics are very difficult to grapple with, the NHS, Trident, the list goes on, but they can never be resolved without honesty. and integrity. Trying to score cheap political points when Labours record in Wales is so poor is getting us nowhere. Honesty in politics is THE most important criteria. There is a reason that Ann Widdecombe, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Ken Clarke are popular with so many of the electorate including Labour voters. They are all honest about their views, even when unpopular. There is much that the Labour Party in Wales could learn from them, but I am not holding my breath!

  6. Gomer Davies says:

    Vaughan Gething is the Health Minister for Wales. It would be quite wrong of him to show any priority to Penarth simply because he lives there.

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