The “new” video was placed on YouTube by developers Newydd on December 31st – but it doesn’t represent the current version of the scheme as submitted in the planning application. Press the arrow sign to play it.

The Newydd Housing Association is promoting a misleading and out-of-date video of its plans to redevelop St Paul’s Church in Arcot St Penarth as a block of rented social housing apartments.

This video – called “St Paul’s Church CGI Model”  – gives the false impression that there is intended to be a grassy “amenity space” at the rear of the building where tenants can sit in the sun and children can play.

The original scheme included a grassy “amenity space ” with public seating for tenants at the rear of the building. The YouTube video placed on line on December 31st 2017 wrongly indicates that this grassy area is still in the plans – but it isn’t

What was to be that grassy amenity space shown in the previous picture (and in the misleading Newydd video) – is now to be an all-tarmac car-park

In fact the LATEST amended version of the plans – as submitted in the planning application – shows that this grassy space with public seating has since been scrapped from the scheme – and is now designed as just a tarmaced car-parking area.

The plans were amended by Newydd after  a “pre-application consultation”  in the Paget Rooms in September  but those amendments aren’t shown in the video

In other late-changes, the number of apartments in the scheme was reduced to 14 . The amended proposal is now for  11two person” flats and for 3three-person flats” – meaning that a total of 31 social-housing tenants would now be crammed onto the tiny site – with only 5 parking spaces between them. It is not clear whether children would count as “a person”.

The video being promoted on YouTube by Newydd however does NOT include these changes  and is based on the old original 15-apartment plan – and shows the grassy amenity space at the rear of the development as part of the scheme – even though it has since been taken out of the plans.

The out of date Newydd video on YouTube is being promoted in emails sent this week b y Newydd  to local residents in Penarth – giving a false impression of what the scheme would actually be like –  if planning permission is given.

Newydd Housing Association is being criticised for sending out emails to local residents this week with the out-of-date video attached to them giving a false impression of the St Paul’s development

One local resident said “Newydd describe  their video as “nifty”. I’d say that “totally inaccurate” would be a better description” .

Penarth Town Council’s planning committee –  which was  due to consider the planning application this week – has postponed discussion of the scheme until January 25th.

The application is then due to be discussed by the full Vale of Glamorgan Council planning committee in a few weeks’ time.


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  1. Chris David says:

    Well if it’s misleading they should be labelled dishonest. The scheme should be scrapped and Newydd struck off as a body that can tender for public works.

  2. David Day says:

    I hope that the apparent intention to preserve the ugly late Victorian pseudo-Gothic façade is one of the misleading elements. What a regressive and complete lack of confidence in modernity!

    • Mark Foster says:

      Err, its a Christian facade, and all Christian churches since the Middle Ages have Gothic facades. It commemorates Saul of Tarsus who was a tax collector for the Vale of Glamorgan Council before he saw the light whilst walking along Penarth Road. Perhaps you would prefer Minarets, which was the Labour Party’s original intention as the picture of the Imam in the yellow kaftan shows. They also thankfully had second thoughts about Goering’s Ministry of Aviation at Cogan Bahnhof on Windsorstrasse. TGFPDN. (Thank God for PDN). LOL.

      • Ann Other says:

        Victorian churches are not medieval and therefore have Gothic revival features. They also bear little resemblance to medieval styles, really, My point is that we should be able to knock down old things that have no aesthetic value. There is nothing Christian about the preservation of a mere facade – no sacred or indeed consecrated space is involved here, just some bricks and mortar which undermine the plans for the development and are themselves demeaned by being left in this ugly, inane and vestigial state.

      • Matthew Griffiths says:

        Ever seen St Paul’s cathedral, St Peter’s Rome, or any of the thousands of churches n the UK and across the world that are classical designs?

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    The green space was no bigger than a car parking space and useless. They haven’t addressed the issue of the back lanes being used as access by vehicles causing noise nuisance and a hazard to pedestrians. They have chosen to ignore the issue of the bats. The Penarth labour town council have yet to discuss these matters or demand some honesty from Newydd and conduct a frank discussion with the community. Perhaps we should give both their packing orders!?

  4. Tim Hughes says:

    The planning application will be judged on its actual merits against the agreed planning criteria. The approved/unapproved drawings then will become a matter of record. The use of a slightly outdated video whilst trying to keep the public informed of the process is unlikley to be of any consequence. Designs change quite frequently during the design process as issues arise and need to be addressed.

    • Dai Banjo says:

      Totally agree Tim – the changes are a result of listening to the public. Not reasonable to kee redoing promo videos based on each small change.

  5. Thomas the tank engine says:

    Insensitive overdevelopment.

  6. AK says:

    It doesn’t need a green space. There are two safe, large public green spaces a short walk away; Plassey Square and Paget Terrace.

  7. Luca says:

    Why does the low wall obliterate the pavement?

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