“They have their exits and entrances”. The doors of Penarth Pier Pavilion have now seen a total of  52 directors walk-in to join the board of the struggling company .. 43 of whom have since walked-out.

It’s now been confirmed that 4 more directors have resigned from the board of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd (a.k.a. PACL) – the beleaguered “not for profit company/charity” which holds the lease on Penarth Pier Pavilion – and 2  directors have now joined the company.

Quitting the firm are  Andrew Healy,  Dorothy Marian Johnson, Peter Charles Winstone , and Linda Patricia Wells.

The latest changes at Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – as promulgated by Companies House – the body which regulates all companies in the UK

The “termination of the appointments” of Andrew Healy and Dorothy Marian Johnson as directors is recorded as having taken place on January 24th 2018. Mr Healy was originally appointed a director on 1 April 2016 and has served less that 2 years on the board. Mrs Johnson the other hand, had served on the PACL board since 23 Oct 2012.

The “termination of appointment” of Peter Charles Winstone and Patricia Wells is recorded as having taken place last year –  on 24 April 2017 –  but the information was only published by Companies House on 30 Jan 2018. Mr Winstone had served on the board since 29 Nov 2011 and Mrs Wells had been a director since Mar 2011.

Meanwhile its now confirmed that two new directors have joined the PACL board. They are   Ms Kathryn Williams,  whose appointment was  promulgated by Companies House on Feb 8th 2018,  and  Cllr Benjamin Thomas Gray (Conservative Plymouth Ward) whose appointment was promulgated on February 7th 2018.

Ms Williams is a director of the Torch Trust Foundation Ltd,  Independent Family Martial Arts Ltd, Dylan’s Den Ltd, and Completely Organised Ltd.

Vale Planning Committee chairman Ben Gray (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Gray , who is chairman of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning committee, was nominated in June last year as the council’s representative on the board of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – but it was an appointment which the firm appeared to resist – despite the fact that the Vale of Glamorgan Council owns the Pavilion and leases it to Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd.

Professor Anthony Hazell, chairman of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd

Penarth Arts and Crafts chairman Professor Tony Hazell had asserted that it is entirely up to the directors of PACL whether to accept Penarth Town or Vale of Glamorgan councillors as nominees on the PACL Board – and if they WERE accepted , they would not be sitting on the board as representatives of either council.

Professor Hazell had also warned  that all directors – including councillors – must adhere to strict commercial confidentiality – a move which, in effect, would appear to prevent council representatives from reporting back on the affairs of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd to their respective councils  – and to the public at large.

In its comparatively short life Penarth Arts and Crafts has seen no fewer than 43 directors resign from its board.

Following the most recent appointments, the board currently consists of a total of 9 directors. They are:-

  • Professor Paul Roger Cantrill,
  • Cllr Michael Cuddy (Labour leader of Penarth Town Council)
  • Professor Anthony James Hazell ,
  • David Jonathan Lewis Jones,
  • William Finbar  Nolan,
  • Patricia Maureen O’Sullivan,
  • Louise Mary Thomas
  • Kathryn Williams
  • Cllr Ben Gray (representing the Vale of Glamorgan Council)





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  1. Chris David says:

    The debacle goes on. This secrecy and hidden use of public funds is a disgrace. Strict commercial confidentiality!! What’s being hidden? It’s a tin pot charity funded with OUR money. There should be full openness and I expect Cllr Gray to do just that- open up. The (VoG) council are at major fault in the first place by giving PACL £100,000 of our money with no handcuffs. No obligation to be open- meet targets or behave properly. No proper due diligence. Its a scandal. Oh and is Anthony Hazel a professor? I can find no chair he’s an incumbent of, nor can anyone else I’ve enquired with.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Croeso! Mr. Editor delighted you health is restored and with Printers Ink surely flowing through your veins as vigorously as ever.

      Councillor Gray’s vast experience as a Trainspotter up in the Dean Forest Railway should prove invaluable. What we need is a Film Spotter!
      Open the Cinema and we can show all you favourites Councillor.. “4.50 from Coryton” “Murder on the Dingle Express” or perhaps a remake and retitle of one of the St Trinian’s Classics as “The Great St.Augustines Pier Robbery”

      Congratulations Coun Gray and Coun Williams on becoming the 51st and 52nd Director to be elected. PACL have passed the half century thanks to you.
      You may soon become the 44th and 45th resignation when you discover no one actually does anything.

    • Zena Jones says:

      Oh no! A glorious month off and Chris David is back. He didn’t even spend the time to come up with something new to say. The same old hackneyed drum beating.

      • Chris David says:

        Better than your empty vessel contributions Jonesy. Do you have anything constructive to say luv 🙂

    • Zena Jones says:

      Can’t resist it can you? Just a patronising pip squeak.

    • Peter Mann says:

      David, do you really believe you make any constructive contribution on here? You cling to the coat tails of the real agenda setter. The modus operandi is set the bait and the minnows will bite. Try something a bit different.

      • Chris David says:

        You calling you a minnow. More ironic stupidity heh. Tell me – what do you know about the terms of the VoG and HLF grants to PACL? We need some parva Fry sapientia here 🙂

    • Peter Mann says:

      More pseudo intellectual claptrap from David, the man whose sole debating technique is to revert to name calling in the manner of the playground bully.

  2. No-brainer says:

    Lovely to have you back PDN we have all missed you.
    Hope you are fully recovered.

  3. sjleworthy says:

    cant believe PDN had time off. how dare they. so selfish. it was scary. :O


  4. Big Davey says:

    Great to see you back PDN.

    43 directors for an organisation that is only a few years old points to a Chairman and a culture that is toxic.

    Why is he so hell bent on Commercial confidentiality? He isn’t running BP is he. This is a publicly funded body and charity and should be completely open and clear in all its dealings with public money and assets.

    • Scootergirl says:

      I totally agree Big Dave
      Shouldn’t this latest action sound ‘warning shots’ over the VoGC.
      Why on earth should this enterprise be shrouded in secrecy. – What is it that Tony Hazell is keeping secret not only from his appointees, but also that of the people of Penarth, who All want the Pavilion to survive for generations to come. Are the Accounts ever audited. Do the council know how much the so called ‘charity’ are making and more importantly HOW MUCH ARE THEY PLOUGHING BACK INTO THE UPKEEP OF THE PAVILLION, as this surely is the main reason for whoever is running the pavillion, as well as the enjoyment of the general public.
      Come on Councillors, I think you should be looking at this appointment with a magnifying glass!!!

    • Wild West says:

      Hear hear.

  5. 249ers says:

    So pleased to see PDN back on line

  6. Dylan Herbert says:

    Welcome back to the web PDN. I’ve missed you!!

  7. You Win Some You Lose Some says:

    Hazell may have reduced the town to a laughing stock but PDN has returned, hopefully back to fighting fit form.
    It feels like 1989 again and the start of Russia going from communism to ‘democracy’…

  8. Brickie says:

    Can we have a bit of positive news about PACL for a change? And I sincerely hope that all those grumblers about the cinema closure are now back supporting it by putting their money where their mouths were.

    • Scootergirl says:

      What positive news is there – Tony Hazell and his organisation is still in situ.
      The positive news will be when PACL have been relinquished from the amazing golden handcuffs situation that they seem to have been granted.

  9. andrewsketty says:

    Comments like Brickie’s ( above) are precisely the reason why we need PDN ( so glad you are feeling better David – you most definitely have been missed). I like anyone love positive news and would welcome some about the Pavilion cinema but alas there is no good news to report
    Your comment ‘I sincerely hope that all those grumblers about the cinema closure are now back supporting it by putting their money where their mouths were.’ is a good example:-
    1) The cinema remains closed despite promises by PACL that it would reopen las Autumn. No explanation has ever been given to support why it never re-opened
    2) A commercial venture Snowcat is now hiring the cinema for a series of one off screenings of old movies which is a very different proposition to the full offering of new and art/world movies as programmed by the ICO
    Anyone who attended the recent meeting at Trinity Church which was chaired by Neil McEvoy AM will be in NO doubt about the strength of feeling in the town about what has happened to our cinema and the campaign continues apace to get it back open properly
    Ben’s film club screenings can still take place of course but they are no replacement for the full service offer we are used to. I probably used to go to the Pavilion cinema on average 3 times a month and would still do so if the cinema was still in operation as before
    Thank goodness for PDN as otherwise PACL would have us all believe the cinema is back open for business when clearly it is not!

    • Brickie says:

      I get the sense that there is a will by many PDN contributors for the PACL to fail. What a sad reflection on Penarth residents. Happily, I know of many more who are constructive, positive and not bogged down by ‘same old, same old’ grumpiness. You must be a joy to live with.

      • andrewsketty says:

        You clearly do not realise the true extent of the mismanagement and abuse of public money at the hands of PACL.. given what Is in the news now about corrupt charities the stuff going on down the Pavilion needs to be tackled and exposed

    • Chris David says:

      You mustn’t remind us of the facts- You must beat a new and futile drum- see ZJ et al above

  10. WTF says:

    Can’t help marvelling that Hazell is still in that role.
    Then again, it is Penarth.

  11. Moneypenny says:

    Glad your back

  12. Taffy says:

    Three directors out three have also resigned from PPP Board which supports PACL

  13. Michael Garland says:

    Glad to see you that you have recovered and are back. We’ve missed you.

  14. Dave says:

    I was getting bored with the sprucing up of Windsor Road every time I clicked on PDN, glad to see you back !

  15. Far Out East (cogan) says:

    Why is Hazel still there?

    Anyone seen any films at the pavilion lately!!

    • Ben says:

      Two screenings yesterday. 70 very satisfied customers thank you.

      • andrewsketty says:

        Thanks Ben. That’s a really useful and helpful insight for the campaign group that had formed to get our cinema reopened. Proof then that Hazell’s proclamation there’s no demand for the cinema is rubbish. We knew that but your insight just supports it. Many thanks

    • AK says:

      I saw the Muppet Christmas Carol just before Christmas.

      I’m sure there is a punchline there too……….

  16. andrewsketty says:

    Also has anyone taken a look at Companies House website. PACLS trading company Penarth Pier Pavilion has seen ALL its directors resign. And guess what Hazell has now appointed himself as it’s now sole director…and people still reckon we should leave dear old PACL alone????

  17. Ben Dover says:

    Nice to see that the insightful scoop is back about the day to day activities of Penarth, but the same old boring comments from the same old persons on here, with the same old blunt axe to grind as per usual.

    • andrewsketty says:

      Sorry if it bores you Mr Dover. You Can always choose another online newspaper. Thank God for PDN I say as it’s the only media outlet that truly holds people to account locally. The same old tune gets extra verses added all the time…as above so the axe isn’t quite as blunt as you say

    • WTF says:

      And what are you contributing?

      • Chris David says:

        Andrew? Eh maybe a lot more than you? Just asking.

      • WTF says:

        No, my comment wasn’t aimed at Andrew – for whom I have the utmost admiration and respect – but at the supercilious Ben Dover who doesn’t appear to appreciate the irony of his remarks about “the same old boring comments from the same old persons on here, with the same old blunt axe to grind as per usual”.

  18. Chris David says:

    Thanks for the admission. Well give up then Ben Dover- we can see the cracks.

  19. Janet says:

    Welcome back PDN. I’m so happy to see you back online.

  20. Ben says:

    Our March line-up contains new and art/world films alongside some popular classics. There are two new releases here that are hotly-tipped to win Oscars.

    Fri 2nd at 8pm – The Big Lebowski (1998)
    Fri 9th at 8pm – Call Me By Your Name (2017)
    Wed 14th at 2pm – Indiscreet (1958)
    Fri 16th at 8pm – The Florida Project (2017)
    Sat 17th at 2pm – Kids’ Club: Alice In Wonderland (1951) – fancy dress
    Sat 24th at 10:30am – The Breakfast Club (1984)
    Thu 29th at 8pm – Bicycle Thieves / Ladri di biciclette (1948)

    Also, on Wednesday February 28th we have the Welsh premier of A Fantastic Woman / Una mujer fantástica – favourite to take the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

  21. AK says:

    I’m currently in a town where the local cinema is located (very successfully) in a former church building.

    The cinema advertises on the back of a large trailer which is parked in a car park by the busiest junction! No permissions required from anyone!

    • Ben says:

      That’s a great way to advertise. I’ll look into that – thank you AK. Also approaching a variety of bodies to see what public advertising space may be available to help get the message across.

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