The complex, parking regulations in Windsor Road is delivering consistent revenue for the Vale Council

The Penarth Traders Forum – a group of retailers who have premises in the town centre of Penarth – is  recommending that shoppers should be able be park on what are now loading bays for delivery vehicles –  from 09:00 each morning.

Currently what are designated as commercial loading bays until 12:00 Noon each day cannot be used for car parking until the afternoon

No one knows how the parking restriction plate came to be removed from its supporting pole

Hundreds of motorists have been fined for inadvertently parking on them during the mornings.  A complicating factor is the verbose and prolix bi-lingual notices – which are supposed to explain the regulations clearly but are not that easy to understand.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has already commissioned an independent advisor to report on Penarth’s continuing parking problems.

Parking tickets stuck onto a Penarth driver’s windscreen

The Penarth Traders Forum – however –  undertook their own survey , focusing on loading bays in Penarth town centre and has now submitted this new evidence to the independent advisor.

The trader’s survey discovered that :-

  •  Loading PEAKED At 09:00 and before, with up to 50% of loading bays being occupied by vehicles loading/unloading
  • Loading bays were INFREQUENTLY  used for loading after 09:00 ( – for example, 8% of loading bays were occupied by vehicles loading at 11:00 each weekday, except Friday (33% occupied)
  •  The number of cars illegally parked in loading bays at 11:00 increased each day, rising to 67% illegally parked on Fridays.

Trader’s Forum members say they are concerned about the situation and are repeatedly hearing of customers being booked for incorrectly parking in loading bays.

They say this often affects visitors to Penarth who seem confused by –  or are unaware of – the loading bays (particularly the bays located outside Boots), which switch to ‘general’ parking bays after midday.

Some commercial vehicles elect to park in the main road rather than an unloading bay

The Forum is now asking Vale of Glamorgan Council to consider their findings as part of its investigation , and to further consider altering the permitted loading times in the town centre bays to 09:00 or before, and from 09:00 onwards to allow general (timed) parking in the bays.

The Forum has invited the report-author and Vale Council to meet with traders to discuss further initiatives and innovative ways of relieving the parking situation in Penarth.


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Brilliant idea by the Traders!. Enlist support of the AM’s and MP immediately. Come on Andrew RT Davies get on the band wagon asap. Where are you when there is real work to do ?

  2. penarthblog says:

    Converting the old Monty Smith’s garage into a multi story car park would be very helpful, unfortunately there is opposition to such a solution and that’s a shame, it’s in the right place to significantly help.

    • sjleworthy says:

      I multi story would be fabulous, but opposition or not, the major financial and structural upheaval to Windsor road and the accommodating surrounds to enable to accommodate it and the traffic movements would be a mahoosive undertaking. Probably rendering the idea impossible.

  3. Canadian Redwoods says:

    Does anyone know what’s Happened to the “24 hour gym”?
    Has the “coming soon” sign been taken down?
    I was looking forward to pounding on a treadmill there with my big tree trunk legs in Lycra at all hours of the day and night.

  4. Chris David says:

    I agree penblog but some “experts” here have poo ppod that. They put forward a “forensic” case stating with “too far to walk” Why do the council need to pay for an independent evaluation? Its a bit of parking!!

    • penarthblog says:

      It’s just under 100 metres from the Monty Smith’s site to the main shopping centre and even for me with mobility problems, that’s ok. Yes there would be challenges in developing it, but it would be worth it I suggest.

  5. Tim Russell says:

    Make a tunnle from dingle road bridge to penarth station bridge and form a car park over the railway culvert…simples!

  6. Pelenni says:

    If all the traders didnt take up all the parking spaces then their customers would have somewhere to park.

  7. Alternatively cut back the Penarth Branch to Dingle Road and use the existing track bed as a car park.

    Dingle Road Branch doesn’t have the same ring though does it?

    Personaly I’d prefer the branch was reopened to Lavernok, including Lower Penarth Station and Alberta Place Halt which would eliminate the need for more parking in Penarth and yet more by-passes elsewhere

    • Frank Evans says:

      You will have a large fight on your hands if the cycle footpath is dug up.
      The plan of extending the rail to forrest road is barking mad.
      Too many people too reliant on cars. Walk or use mobility scooters

  8. sjleworthy says:

    I’d convert the Bowlers into a multi 😛

  9. Frank Evans says:

    Tell Tescos about loading bays. They have cones out for most of the day and night in Herbert Tce.
    And its not even a loading bay.

  10. AK says:

    Or just walk to the shops

  11. Crass David says:

    Great stuff guys. Keep the comedy flowing

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