The days depositing of multi-black-bag consignments of refuse for rubbish collection may be over

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering cutting back the number of black bin bags per household which can be left out for collection.

It’s being proposed that there should be a top limit of no more than 2 black bags left out for collection per household – with possible exceptions for very large families.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council refuse team

The Vale Council says that the average number of black bags put out by each household is currently 3 and says the council “will not achieve further targets without instigating a change that requires all households to engage with the service.

Some households put as many as 20 black bags out for collection and in almost every ward across the county there were some households filling 10 bags each time.

The council says that without implementing a “restricted black bag system”, it will not be possible to achieve to achieve future waste and recycling  targets by just using what it calls “an educational approach alone.”

Black bag rubbish has to go to landfill – or be incinerated

An internal report recommends that Vale Council continues to collect black bags every fortnight as at present but restricts households to 2-black-bags per fortnight (with provision for very large families or exceptional circumstances to accommodate items such as hygiene products and other non-recyclable items). If householders don’t play ball they could find enforcement action being taken against them

Any householders who think they can get around the 2-black-bag restriction by simply using larger bags can think again.  The size of a bag used for domestic waste collections cannot be larger than 750 mm in diameter and 1 metre in length.  …Also wheelie bins –  which have previusly been provided on a pilot basis by the council in some wards – are to be banned .

Black bags would still be collected fortnightly – as they are now.

Also in the pipeline are plans for householders to help with recycling by separating  glass from paper plastic and metal. Currently all these materials are collected on a “co-mingled” basis but its now envisaged that households should use separate containers to segregate these items for recycling to meet Welsh Government targets of recycling 70% of waste

The glass, paper, tins and plastic collected in the Vale isn’t recycled by the Vale Council itself but is sold by re-processing contractor based in the North of England to private companies throughout the world. The council itself receives no income from it.

What the council calls “separated collections” would, it says, “ result in much lower levels of contamination and in turn a higher sale price for the material”. The council also plans to  find its own markets due to the higher value of the sorted material..

The Vale Council also plans to  intends to build a new “waste transfer station” where recyclable material can be stored before it is sold.  Teh changes are expected to save the council £400,000 each year and held bring it into line with recent legislation.

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  1. Rein it in says:

    This seems fair enough.
    How the hell are people filling 20 bags?
    There’s something obscene about that.
    I don’t care whether they’re a ‘big family’ or not.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Cowbridge biased All Male Vale Cabinet Tories will surely have a kitchen maid and butler to put their rubbish out for them.
      The 49 Labour Councillors in Labour Controlled Rhondda deal with this in a business like responsible way and if you don’t expect a visit from the Council’s Waste Awareness Officers.
      Rhondda Cynon Taff Rules.
      Black bag waste allowance
      no wheelie bin – 4 black bags (standard size bags only – 25 litres)
      small wheelie bin (120 litre) – 1 additional bag (standard size bags only – 25 litres)
      large wheelie bin- (240 litre) – no additional bags
      Please note: If you have 2 wheelie bins this will be regarded as side waste and we will ask you to remove your second bin. If necessary we may remove the second bin.
      What black bags will RCT collect?
      Regardless of where you live in RCT, we will only collect standard size black bags (25 litres). Any bag larger than this will not be collected including black wheelie bin liners.
      What happens if you put out too many black bags?
      Any additional black bags (except ash waste) will not be collected and residents are likely to receive a visit from the Council’s Waste Awareness Officers.

  2. Andy Fenton says:

    Will there be a weight restriction on each bag too? Deary me. What about for when people move house and naturally have a lot more rubbish to dispose of? The Vale really need to get a hold of more important issues. I’ve seen potholes the size of dustbin lids that have remained unfilled for at least ten days. They’re on main routes so Council workers will undoubtedly see them. I could go on…

  3. Chris Franks says:

    Well this is interesting. No mention of such cut backs during the election. All they said was that ‘Conservatives will ensure that there is no move to monthly bin collections’ Have we been misled?

  4. IAN NORTON says:

    Amazed at this story

    Although only two adults in our house, we have trouble filling one black bag per fortnight (it’s generally only half full)! So, wondering what on earth others are putting in their bags(?)

    However, our green bag with plastic, glass & paper for recycling is always jam packed every week.

    Perhaps the Council have got the right idea and will be ‘gently’ persuading people to have more a little more thought about what goes into which bag

    Kind regards
    Ian Norton
    Penarth Marina
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    • Brickie says:

      I agree. However, I can’t see how this can be enforced.

    • Dave says:

      Agree we do one black back and several recycling ones. Part of the problem is the volume of plastic and cardboard used nowadays to hide the fact there isn’t actually any product in the thing you are buying. Once you unwrap food etc you see whats left could have been packaged with half the material but wouldn’t look good on the shelf. I think eventually this will change and it is an important environmental issue.

  5. elizabeth roberts says:

    so we’re going back to separated recycling – as we always used to. I always thought this was a better way of doing it. Never understood why they changed to co-mingled. As for 2 black bags per household – those who put out 20 can easily drop 1 or 2 outside neighbours’ houses in the middle of the night – more fly tipping here we come!

    • Craig howell says:

      Totally agree with you Elizabeth that bags would be placed outside neighbours house’s, and You only have to walk along st Mary’s well bay road to see the amount of fly tipping going on and this will only get worse.

  6. Chris David says:

    Yes dumping that’s the problem. And putting out 10- 20 bags needs investigating – that’s a business so what are they doing to create so much waste? But restriction will end up in fly tipping,. Were already the dirtiest country in Europe. I think the VoG need to actually coral the big wasters and investigate the bag contents!

  7. Fiona Whitfield says:

    What about my cat litter? 2 bags cos I change litter twice a week and so 2 bags if my cat has the runs then what? seriously any more than 2 litter and the bag is too heavy and I buy the dearest strong bags.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Although I agree that people should not abuse this service by putting out too many bags , I think the restriction to 2 bags is both unrealistic and just asking for trouble when collecting on a fortnightly basis 4 bags would seem about right . May one ask the Council what people are to do with their rubbish if it exceeds 2 bags EAT IT !!???? And people in flats don’t have anywhere to store uncollected bags . The whole idea is cloud cuckoo land 4 bags yes 2 bags no. I don’t know if the Council are aware but Penarth town centre is alive with Rats both black and brown varieties and although Rats have poor eyesight their sense of smell is their best way of tracking down food . And its strange that this sort of rubbish collection was mentioned once before and it was mentioned as we were heading into Summer when the temperature goes up , which will produce for the Rats the lovely aroma of rotting food . So we will soon have to rename Penarth from “The Garden By The Sea ” to “Penarth The Stink By The Sea” and put up warning signs telling people to beware of Rats , Mice , and urban Foxes to whom the town will become a magnet . One final word where will people without storage space put any uncollected rubbish?.

  9. PB says:

    Given the rubbish service we get from the council when it comes to collecting the rubbish, it’s a bit hypocritical to complain about how we throw the rubbish away. I’m damned if I’m going to collect up the mess that the council leaves behind them each week for them it they decide that we are only allowed 2 black bags because there is no way on earth i’m separating other peoples mess out for them. The tories are as bad as labour in almost every way, why do we keep voting for the same two political tribes when they always let us down?

  10. David Moorcraft says:

    There might be a slight problem outside blocks of Flats, for instance.
    The front wall outside the two blocks of flats in Bridge St Cogan are used as a dumping ground on all dates and times by anyone in the vicinity. Some black bags are there for over a week; spill out, and its obvious that much of the contents are recyclable.
    It’s a credit to the bin men that the area is usually left clean.

  11. Phil Dawson says:

    I can see the logical conclusion to all this is that in a few years time the council will just stop collecting full-stop. Then what? At least their nonsensical ‘targets’ will be met.

  12. Anti Rat Brigade says:

    Judging by the experience I had living in Bridgend where you had 6 separate recycling boxes and were restricted to 2 black bin bags, fly tipping was rife and the norm. As were the rats as the streets looked like permanent rubbish tips. Oh and then there were the resident maggots which feasted on all of the flytipping and food boxes they forgot to collect as they didn’t have time to empty 6 boxes a day, per household. I could go on! VGBC please do not follow in the footsteps of Bridgend who outsourced their services to KIER, which are abysmal at recycling. If you do it will be career suicide. !!!

  13. Phil Nedin says:

    I wonder how many households actually put out 20 bags and is it perhaps a one off? This could be an example of “exaggerating for effect”. They would be better off dealing with the small number of serial multiple black bag users rather than penalise everyone for the overuse of the few.

  14. Dan Potts says:

    Stand by for more fly tipping !

  15. Lesley Monger says:

    We used to separate our recycling as requested years ago and even bought special bins for our kitchen to do this!
    When this was collected it was all thrown in the wagon together anyway!!
    Make up your minds VoG
    Why do we have to buy recycling bags when in Cardiff they get them free? Even though we pay higher rates
    People who don’t recycle at all should be made to do so and fined if necessary

  16. The Tax payer says:

    What’s it going to cost to check if the house has a large family and what if you have visitors to stay. Do you ask them to take the rubbish home with them ?? Just thinking back to Xmas time when family members come home ?
    As above post all you will find is people dropping them outside other homes. Also I noticed the recycle lorry this week as I happened to be off work when they called. All the items were put in the lorry and crushed including the glass so how do they separate the items I asked myself ????
    If your passing Barry council offices and have have more that two bags just drop them off with the rest of the rubbish 😂

  17. Lex79 says:

    Fantastic and about time! The amount of black bags out for collection on bin day is obscene!!

    • St Augustine says:

      Well said. There are far too many ignorant/lazy/selfish people who recycle nothing and also put their food waste into black bags.

  18. AK says:

    How about the Council moving into the 20th Century and introducing wheelie bins or community recycling points where appropriate. Get rid of these useless, messy and non recyclable plastic bags altogether.

    • Lesley Monger says:

      What about terraced houses?
      In Cardiff you see streets with wheelie bins in front of their windows and such an eyesore
      If everyone was responsible there wouldn’t be an issue

  19. Kalan says:

    We live in a flat and conscientiously recycle all our glass, plastic, paper and food waste, so limiting non recyclable waste to 2 bags is not an issue for us, but where I am supposed to find space for 3 more containers to separate our recyclables I just don’t know

  20. Andy says:

    If the black bag proposal of two a fortnight is an issue for you, I seriously question what on earth you are doing! If you are recycling properly you should have minimum black bag waste. I think I have one black bag to put out maybe every three to four months, everything else is recycled properly.

    I can see the need for the old yellow nappy bins for families with young children, but apart from that, where’s the problem?

    If you have the odd week where you create extra waste, such as a house move or the like, there is a perfectly good and accessible public tip at Atlantic Way.

    • V Mildew says:

      So if someone dumps 2 bags outside your house Andy, before you’ve had a chance to put your own bags out, how will you be able to prove to the council that the additional bags are not yours?

      • Andy says:

        It’s up to the council to prove that they are mine. I’ll admit I’m lucky and my neighbours are not the sort of people who would do that, but if someone did, I’m sure a little rummaging would find incriminating evidence and the following pleasure of posting their waste back to them through their letterbox.

    • snoggerdog says:

      andy a man who thinks everyone has a jamjar waiting on the drive/curb.

  21. FairsFair says:

    Perhaps the Council should devise a scheme based on council tax bands ie the higher your banding the more black bags you can put out. People could also sell their black bag entitlenent to neighbour!

  22. Sarah says:

    I would hardly have half a black bag to put out fortnightly, but because in VOG there is no collection of incontinece pads (which my elderly mother of 90 uses) separate to waste I need to put out 2 bags a fortnight, getting fed up wth VOG why we can not be the same as Cardiff with a a separate collection of yellow bags is beyond me and when you ask you are told to put them in black bag collection

  23. Lesley Monger says:

    I agree
    I have a puppy and four cats who produce waste as you would expect
    I think two bags a fortnight is insufficient 3-4 would be adequate
    I would add that I recycle religiously and with all the packaging from the pet food that is a lot!
    Perhaps they could pay us a nominal amount for recycling and that would improve things and encourage people who don’t bother

  24. Chris David says:

    Yes your obviously responsible- but maybe people with a lot of animals should lake their own special arrangements?

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