The proposed new orders cover parks and beaches

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet is to consider today the introduction of a “Public Spaces Protection Order” (PSPO) to clamp down on anti-social behaviour by dog-owners.

The council is to discuss starting the process of introducing a “PSPO” for dog controls in across the  Vale of Glamorgan (including Penarth) under Section 59 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

The first step is to undertake a statutory consultation exercise with members of the public
and what the council calls “other relevant stakeholders” – which will be carried out over 8 weeks .

It’s proposed that there should be:-

  • A prohibition of dog fouling in all public places with the Vale of Glamorgan
  • A  requirement for a person in charge of a dog at all times to carry bags or suitable
    means for the disposal of dog faeces.
  • Every person in control of a dog most keep it on a lead in “specific featured parks” and [somewhat conradictorily] dogs will be excluded from “specific featured parks”.
  • Dogs will be banned from “all marked sports pitches and playgrounds”.
  • Dogs will be prohibited from specific beaches from 1st May – 30th September each year [ they already are prohibited from Penarth’s foreshore in that period]

The Vale Council says that the Public Spaces Protection Orders would enable the law-abiding majority of people to enjoy these areas.The council says ” Although there have been several educational interventions to tackle people who allow their dogs to foul public spaces and do not pick up after them, there continue to be issues in the Vale of Glamorgan with irresponsible dog ownership, specifically where dog faeces is not being removed. The Council is aware that the majority of dog owners are responsible and control their dogs in public spaces; however there is still a minority of people who do not take full responsibility for their animals and ignore the Council’s byelaws. Consequently a significant number of complaints are continuing to be received by the Council in relation to dog fouling.”

The Cwrt-y-Vil football pitch, where Penarth Town Football Club plays, is amongst the areas which could be covered by the proposed new Puhlic Spaces Orders

The Vale Council points out that “Dog fouling is unsightly and unpleasant and in turn can lead to serious illness in humans, such as Toxocariasis. This is a roundworm parasite that lives in the digestive system of dogs. The worms produce eggs which are released in the faeces of infected dogs and contaminate soil. Once the eggs get into soil they can survive for months. Humans can become infected when they come into contact with
contaminated soil. Sports players and children are most at risk of coming into contact
with contaminated soil.”

  • 93% of the council’s parks staff said in a survey that there is an issue with people not removing dog faeces
  • 81% of the parks staff said the problem contoinues all the year around and said that the true extent of the problem with dog fouling is “under-reported” to the Council.
  • The report also cites instances of play having to be stopped in the middle of sports matches when dog fouling is discovered on the pitches. The Vale Football Association says there has “been an increase with dog fouling on Council pitches and matches
    have to be stopped whilst someone removes the waste”’.

Samples shown on Twitter of the deposits of local dogs left on Penarth pavements

The Keep Wales Tidy charity reports that  dog faeces was found to be present on 13.7% of streets within Vale of Glamorgan during 2016/2017 – an increase on the previous year.

The council says its officers will work with internal departments and its Dog Warden Service to identify suitable areas for dog walkers and that the public will have an opportunity to comment on these areas during the consultation period.

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  1. Clare says:

    Who is going to enforce this ? Cosmeston has a notice that dogs should be on leads but they run wild and not a warden in sight to do anything about it .

  2. IAN NORTON says:

    DNA database for dogs – it’s the only fool-proof answer!

    Kind regards
    Penarth Marina
    Sent from my iPhone

  3. David Day says:

    Excellent initiative. Filthy and stupid creatures. (The dogs, I mean.) Of course, enforcement is a problem but there are schemes around – at beaches, most commonly – that work well and are based on the vigilant participation of responsible dog owners themselves acting as voluntary wardens. They usually have little distinguishing features like an orange armband or jacket. Their powers are simply chastisement and shaming or, I guess, reporting of persistent offenders.

  4. Peter Mann says:

    Thank you for the helpful photographs. I hadn’t realised that’s what faeces look like.

  5. sjleworthy says:

    it is an enforcement issue, like most others. i own a couple of dogs, and like to think of myself as a responsible owner, but its easy for me to get away with anything i want with them if i choose, like so many other owners do.
    take the cliff top walk – it’s a cycle free zone, yet i contend with daily cyclists on it. who enforces these rules?

  6. Chris David says:

    Cat’s next- even bigger problem as they run wild and in addition to leaving their little presents they play havoc with wildlife. Bigger problem than dogs environmentally. I’d hate to see responsible dog owners under the cosh thought- just the bad ones but they all get tarred unfortunately. I’ve seen what dog faeces can do to a child if it gets in a wound- Penarth juniors rugby, dog poo on the pitch- child hospitalized. Very nasty.

  7. Kevin Mahoney says:

    I’m not convinced by the ‘Educational intervention’ argument to be honest.

    There is provision for fines up to £1,000 for not clearing up after your dog ( or general littering ) each time I have asked the Vale in regards to prosecutions the reply has been that

    a) There are very few few tickets handed out for dog fouling

    b) Only £75 instant fine tickets have been issued because larger fines would mean the Vale taking offenders to court

    c) Less that 50% of ‘on the spot’ ticket fines are collected.

    I would like to see a meeting with magistrates requesting firm application of the available fine limits applied to those appearing in front of them and a determination by the Vale to to take owners who do not clean up after their pets to court and to highly publicise sucessful prosecutions in the local press allied with a number of specific council initiated ‘operations’ to identify and clamp down on offenders.

    • St Augustine says:

      I agree Kevin, the lack of enforcement is the real issue, and it’s infuriating.

      Re. littering, there are some extremely anti-social characters near me who persistently throw rubbish from their cars (usually fast food waste and canned drinks) onto the road. I gave the Council the addresses, car registrations and video evidence of these people’s anti-social behaviour and didn’t get any responce apart from a “service request number”.

      After repeatedly chasing-up the Council over many weeks, I finally got a phone call. The person who called me was unaware that I had provided video evidence. He was also unaware of the other cases I had reported (on the same “service request”) but told me the following:

      1) Council officers had twice visited one of the addresses but no-one answered the door even though they were there.
      2) They had then written to this person and told them that if they continued to litter, they may receive a fine.

      What a waste of everyone’s time and money! Why didn’t they just fine them?

      At present, the street here is covered in cans, bottle, fast food refuse etc. and I have proof of who the culprits are, but know there’s no point in passing this on to the Council as they’re not only disinterested, they’ll also spend a small fortune knocking on people’s doors when they’re not at home.

      I’ve lived in other countries and many parts of the UK and it saddens me to say that Wales is the dirtiest of all.

  8. Graham Vodden. 9 heath avenue , penarth says:

    Just another ploy to divert attention away from the Barry incinerator and the St Mary’s Well Bay access issue.

  9. snoggerdog says:

    the barrage seems a pick up after your dog free zone !

  10. wdytyar says:

    Just returned from a walk in Cosmeston Park and there is a fence there that is festooned with bags of dog poo. Why cannot dog owners take the mess home with them to dispose of. On the pavement close to where I live is a pile of dog poo that has not been picked up and as there is no street lighting on this stretch of the road some poor soul is going to walk in it. Still when the Vale Council has dug up all the grass verges on Lavernock Road there will be a greater expanse of pathway for dogs to foul and pedestrians and cyclists to come into contact with.

    • CoexistinPenarth says:

      This is the problem I have. Why on earth go the effort of picking up your dog poo only to sling it in a tree! Much better to just get a stick and flick it off the path.
      The woods around Dinas Powys are even worse, every tree has at least 1 dog poo filled bag hanging from it, it is revolting.
      As a dog owner it really isn’t difficult, it is part of being a dog owner. You feed them, you walk them, you pick up their poo!

    • St Augustine says:

      If there was someone handing-out on-the-spot fines for a few days at Cosmeston then I’m sure word would get around, and there would be a reduction in this disgusting behaviour.

      There really isn’t any excuse for it. Don’t warn them, just fine them. Take some of them to court and make an example of them as well.

  11. Jackieg says:

    We live in Penarth Marina and dog owners constantly leave their dogs mess on the walkways. Could the council put some dog poo Bins along this stretch. They even poo outside our house. There are young children walking these walkways.. Just lazy dog owners.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Not seen it recently but for a time saw dog owners park near the Oystercatcher and then walk their dogs on the Marina specifically for them to relieve themselves-from what I could see they were not even residents,

  12. Dizzydeb says:

    I used to walk on the far stretch of the beach at least 3times a week with my dog. I would take a carrier bag with me and pick up a full bag of plastic bottles, beer cans, wrappers and fishing tackle and lines. I know irresponsible dog owners are a problem but I’ve found the amount of rubbish left behind by fishermen and youngsters on the beach is outrageous! MORE BINS ESSENTIAL!

  13. Dogs R Cleaner than Teenagers says:

    The Comments by Cllr Mahoney make me laugh.
    Instead of the dog police the Council need to concentrate on broken glass all over the filthy pavements, the leaves strewn all over the drains causing flooding when it rains, pot holes bigger than craters, and heaps of horse pooh left outside my house! Are the Dog Police going to chase horse riders down my street to force them to
    Pick up their pooh??!!!! That would be interesting to watch !!!

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      Thank you for your comments and observations Mr Cleaner.

      I’m not entirely sure about the liink betwen your comments and the subject in hand ( except perhaps your observations on horse droppings)

      Have you contacted anyone in regards to your complaints?

    • Chris David says:

      Not instead of- in addition to. I’ve seen the affect dog poo in a child’s graze can have- very nasty. Hospitalised. Oh you forgot cats- poo everywhere and decimate wildlife.

  14. Jackie says:

    If im out walking my dogs and there’s no bins around , I’ve always taken it home to put in bin, cnt understand why some people pick it up the throw bag to hang on trees it’s totally disgusting, give good dog owner bad names,
    Cosmeston lakes shoud have more bins around for dogs mess, plus dogs can go off lead in certain area, my dogs love it down there

  15. Rosy says:

    Victoria Playing Fields has been a ‘no dogs’ park for years and years. But every day I see dogs frolicking about, and doing their business. There is a small note at the entrance that no dogs are allowed, but until someone is actually fined, nothing is going to change.

  16. bizilizi says:

    If dogs poo on grass is it at all likely that picking it up eliminates ALL possibility of contamination. Where can children play freely or people pay sport?
    Dogs should have a DNA record so that poo can be identified.I could then return the bags which are thrown over my wall to the owners – including the ones which a local dog owner hides between 2 garages and those left in the gutters or on pavements.
    Of course dog owners would have to pay the costs particularly the guilty ones but we all have to pay for our pleasures.

  17. Nincompoop says:

    Dog poo DNA database?? Is this a serious suggestion? Hey while you’re at it, why not invent some dog nappies too? What about punishing guide dog owners too if they can’t see the dog poo? When I was a kid there was none of this hysteria about diseases etc. Yes it’s annoying but the majority of people are responsible, why not ban every human being from having kids using this “logic”, for the minority of irresponsible parents. How have you all managed these past weeks without PDN to whinge to.

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