A computer impression of the completed development – which has yet to be approved.

Although Penarth Town Council is not due to consider amended plans for the development of the St Paul’s Church site until next week, contractors have already turned up there to carry out ground tests.

The scheme is being proposed by WYG consultants on behalf of the social housing organisation  the Newydd Housing Association.

Contractors have already arrived on the site of St Paul’s Church (Photo JM)

The specialist firm,  Terra Firma,  is already carrying out what a PDN source  understands are “compaction tests” on the site even though the latest version of the much amended planning application has yet to be approved .

Penarth Town Council’s planning committee postponed the  discussion of the amended  St Paul’s plans and re-scheduled it for March 15th .After Penarth Council has come to its view,the plans will then have be approved by the full Vale of Glamorgan planning committee – which is not due to meet until March 29th.

What appear to be shallow foundations of the front wall of St Paul’s may now be giving concern to developers

One of the areas of particular concern at the St Paul’s Church site is the front facade – or front wall – of the building .

This is proposed to be only part of the original building due to be retained in the apartment development.

One of the small pits dug out to discover just how deep the foundations of the front wall of St Paul’s actually are. (Photo JM)

It’s at the base of the front wall that surveyors have been digging away earth at the base of the front wall of St Paul’s next to the front wall of St Paul’s  – evidently to try to establish just how deep the foundations go .

If the typical standards of Penarth’s Victorian builders are anything to go by, they surveyors have probably discovered the foundations are  shallow.

One PDN source says that if the original foundations are not deep enough, the facade could become unstable when the rest of the building is demolished  – and it too may have to come down.

The shell of the burned out Methodist Church before it was called “St Paul’s”

St Paul’s was  originally built in 1863 as a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel but burned down in 1905.

In 1906 St Paul’s was re-built – this time as an Anglican church and named “St Paul’s” . Several feet in height were chopped off the original finials and pinnacles on the front fascia of the building .

The burned out Methodist chapel was re-built, the original pinnacles of the front facade were removed  and the front window was reduced in size when the building was  re-branded as the Anglican St Paul’s Church in around 1906

The front window  was re-modelled and reduced in height – giving the structure its current awkward, ungainly and inelegant appearance.

St Paul’s was bombed by the Luftwaffe in 1940 – but repaired. It was bought by the forerunner of Penarth Town Council – Penarth Urban District Council –  in 1967.

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  1. David Moorcraft says:

    I would still love someone to explain why the ugly church façade is being kept. It’s not even “original” , having been altered during previous change of use. The whole plans will not “add” anything to that part of old Penarth.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    .Permission for Soil Tests pre Planning Application are advised by the Authority(Vale) and a matter for the Developer and Owner (Vale and the undemocratic Newydd Housing Quango)
    As usual the Vale of Glamorgan Council has given itself permission to bully Penarth Residents.
    The Vale will soon be abolished as a Local Authority but sadly not in time to stop their destructive churn and burn approach to St Pauls which is the usurped property of the People of Penarth.
    Labour are now in Coalition with a working Majority in the Assembly again.and will be reducing the number of Council’s in Wales very soon. (Westminster are demanding it or they will cut the WAG Grant)
    I am reliably informed by sources that joining forces with the LibDem and Independent has made Penarth becoming part of Cardiff,~ thankfully ~ very likely.

  3. Tim Hughes says:

    Compaction is the method used to increase the density of granular materials. The results can be dependant on the depth but are unlikely to vary significantly at the same depth over quite a large area.

  4. AK says:

    Philip Rapier you are living in cloud cuckoo land. There are no form proposals to merge the Vale with Cardiff, and I suspect that many of the Vale voters and taxpayers would fight to avoid joining in the profligate spenders and dreamers of Cardiff Council.

  5. penarthblog says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but whatever your views on this development, prep work will need to be carried out.

  6. Johnabutt says:

    They were using a thing that sounded like a mini pile driver when I went past. Probably digging cores near the front on the side by the lane.

  7. Mark Foster says:

    Madness! So the Tory party is putting 20 more cars on Windsor Road in the rush hour in addition to the 20 for the Robert Smith car showroom. Its just another of those schemes to make the Crocodiles in the Ty Newydd and Tory and Labour Party Swamp richer under the guise of social housing, without any thought given to the well being and culture of the local residents. Look at how indescribably ugly the completed development is! Remember the original objective of the twisted Labour Party predecessors was to turn it into Penarth’s first Mosque, as the sketch below proves.

    Give the building back to the Boxing Club from which it was stolen, to achieve social cohesion. Get rid of the Tory and Labour Parties and elect nationalists to save yourselves. Don’t put them in jail for confronting child rapists.

  8. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    I have just been to a wonderful event at The Paget Rooms and marvelled at our good fortune, those that went before us wisely gave us buildings that could be used by everyone. Dance classes, theatre, first dates and kisses. What are we leaving behind for those that come after us? Where can our youngsters make their memories?

  9. FairsFair says:

    I was speaking to Neil Munn recently and he said that the Boxing Club has no interest in returning to St Paul’s – so perhaps everyone should stop banging that particular drum!

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