At Penarth’s first-ever public baby “gender-reveal” the pink smoke informed assembled guests there’s a little girl on the way (Photo John Clark)

Crowds on Penarth Esplanade this afternoon unexpectedly witnessed what is said to be the very first public “baby-gender-reveal” event to be held on Penarth sea-front .   

“Gender-reveal parties”  (i.e. parties at which the gender of an expected new baby is revealed)  are becoming increasingly on-trend over in the USA  and it was never going to be long before up-market Penarth would be following suit. Today the town did just that.

Expectant parents Chris Christou & Rebecca Pereira pose for pictures after Chris’s pink flare had revealed the result of partner Rebecca’s scan. There’s a girl on the way! (Photo John Clark)

This afternoon’s “big reveal” was carried out on the North  Slipway where friends and family of Penarth hairdresser Chris Christou and partner Rebecca Pereira gathered to receive the news of Rebecca’s latest hospital scan – which would confirm the gender of the couple’s forthcoming baby.

The big secret was to be revealed – not by word of mouth but by smoke-signal – blue for a boy and pink for a girl .  Off with a roar went a hand-held flare …. sending a cloud PINK smoke into the sky – and everybody got the message.

Guests at Penarth’s first public “gender-reveal” prepare to toast the yet-to-be-born baby with some top-quality bubbly (Photo John Clark)

There were cheers and applause from assembled guests as they toasted the arrival-to-be with plastic beakers of champagne watched by scores of onlookers and well-wishers on the Esplanade and the Pier.


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  1. Chris David says:

    Hells bells what!…….anyways up it won’t be long before some PC nut insists on three/ four colours. Worlds getting madder.

  2. AK says:

    Pink ?? Poor child is gender – stereotyped before she is born.

    I’m kidding…….

    Best wishes.

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    My God is this whats its sunk to ? my wife/gf is expecting a baby girl , I know what ill invite my pals and we will stand on the beach as I set off pink smoke so I don’t really have to tell them the gender the smoke will inform them , how clever is that ????????.Give me a break, a totally inane , vacuous , stupid ,empty headed idea .

    • V Mildew says:

      Typical “totally inane , vacuous , stupid ,empty headed” comment by Andrew Worsley!

    • Mike Yorke says:

      There is enough sadness and negativity in the world……how some people share their special moment is their choice and it doesn’t effect anyone really now does it?

  4. sjleworthy says:

    any excuse for a party

  5. Amy Mitton says:

    What a lovely idea. Good luck to the happy parents to be. I doubt if they read these grumpy, mean spirited comments but best to ignore them anyway.

  6. Cynical Jock! says:

    With you Andrew!!! Still I suppose its less damaging to the environment than the plastic balloons released from the end of the pier yesterday to celebrate “Mothers Day”! IDIOTS!!!!!

  7. Ford Prefect says:

    Good god, where is this nonsense coming from? Why are they forcing pink on girls? They’ll be dressing her up as a princess as soon as she’s born

  8. snoggerdog says:

    lm still trying to work out what gender fluid is,so that must be blue for a boy& pink for a girl,? or am i sticking my neck out & having a giraffe!

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    well V Mildew , I suppose you think the pink smoke ‘event’ was a stroke of genius? its easy to criticise if you don’t have to defend your words , as you haven’t bothered to do . When you have something to add do so , don’t use my own words back at me, as it meant nothing in your case .

    • V Mildew says:

      Funny Andrew how you are always so quick to criticise someone else yet hate being criticised yourself. On a regular basis you make negative and scathing remarks without any consideration of the affect it may have on the person you are aiming it at; I mean the people in the article, not me as I do not give a single jot about what you think of me. It is quick common for you to make judgement based entirely on a few photographs when you weren’t even there, and then take offence when people, like myself, pick you up on it.

      As for the pink smoke event, I have not opinion on it, but all it is is a group of friends sharing the excitement of the forthcoming baby, how could anyone be offended by that? They were not causing any harm so I say that it is no nobody else’s business how the wish to celebrate this occasion. Seriously Andrew, do you get offended every time someone sings happy birthday or wishes a passer by a Merry Christmas too?

      Oh and if you mean y “defend your word” that I did not respond to Chris David, well that was quite simply because I didn’t understand what he was on about, did you?

  10. Penarth realist1 says:

    It’s a boy!

    • Chris David says:

      I know Viv I know- I should dum it down a bit more to fit in eh! But come on Vic- seriously, don’t you think we should insist on 4 or more smoke colours so we are truly inclusive?

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