This photo of the upturned digger was taken from an upper storey of the Northcliff flats and posted on the Bygone Penarth Facebook site by South Wales Fire Service officer Richard Acford

There’s been a major accident on the site of the controversial Northcliff Lodge / “St Adress” apartment site this afternoon.

A tracked excavator  – evidently working on a mound of earth – has overturned and crashed through steel barriers to end up resting on its side with its jib arm perilously near the existing Northcliff flat complex.

The jib of the overturned excavator came to rest just a few feet from the Northcliff apartment block -smashing down the steel perimeter fencing in the process

At this stage it’s not known what happened to the digger’s driver and whether he escaped uninjured from his cab.

It’s understood that construction work on the site has had to be closed down and “frozen” pending the arrival of Health and Safety Inspectors .

One of the excavator’s caterpillar tracks protrudes forlornly from the earth mound. Some local residents said was “payback” for the damage the contractors have already done to trees in the area

The tracked vehicle had toppled over whilst working at the edge of what appears to be a large mound of loose earth .It’s understood the digger lost its balance and went head over heels down the slope.

The accident may not  bode well for construction of the 30 new apartments on the Northcliff Lodge site – where  locals say the incline is a darned sight steeper than the mound which tripped up the contractor’s equipment today.

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  1. The Tax payer says:

    Yes or no answer. Did anyone get hurt and not a maybe, what if my cat walking past or a bat was flying past ? 😎

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Section 7(a) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.say the question is incompetent irrelevant and immaterial. M’learned friends have to be involved on a Prima Salus Semper basis. -As any Construction Trade Unionist will tell you!.
      Agonisingly inevitable this terrible accident. They were warned about the steep gradient This must have been terrifying for the Plant Operator and his family..
      There is an electronic spy in the cab in most vehicles these days plus a full incident report must be completed in the Accident Book.
      The Vale Council Policy of build it anywhere for the non -existent homeless of the Vale of Glamorgan is starting have serious consequences.
      What next I wonder perhaps an Ancient Briton Lake Village in the middle of Cosmeston to sink like Venice in to the mud?

      • The Tax payer says:

        Take another look Philip as it wasn’t on a steep gradient 😎 Sounds like you would make a good AM/MP as you always seem to know the answer to everything !!!! 😎😂

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Bring on the Clowns ………………

  3. Tim Hughes says:

    It is quite common for a back actor to sit on top of a mound of material when loading trucks, the additional height allows a much more efficient loading operation. Not really sure how a mound can also be a pit or how a excavator can roll head over heals down a slope shorter that the vehicle.

  4. Penarth realist1 says:

    The rush to greed.
    Maybe the bats rushed the digger enmass.

  5. BluesMan says:

    The road they are building is so steep god help them trying to get out when we have snow/ice it will be impossible!

  6. Max Wallis says:

    All these excavation works breach (flout) Planning Condition 14 of 2017/00541/FUL
    14. No development granted by this consent, other than demolition and tree removal, shall commence on site until a comprehensive geotechnical assessment, including results of monitoring, as recommended in the ‘Slope Stability Desk Study Report’ dated December 2015, and the ‘Preliminary Slope Stability Analysis’ dated November 2016, both prepared by Terrafirma, and incorporating a strategy for the disposal of surface water, has been submitted to and agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
    A new version of the Planning consent was posted in the file on 26 Feb. but it contains no surface water strategy. Still less are the geotechnical results ready. What’s the reason the VoG Council has not stopped the works? Did the spirits of the ancient woodland strike back ?

  7. snoggerdog says:

    my ladywife & i were standing opposite on the bus stop this am (1025) bus,i hope those men driving the diggers know what they are doing & and i answered (being negative about the Untied Kingdom we now reside in) ‘most probably the gaffer said,look mate if you can drive a car you can handle one of these i’ll just talk you thru the gears’ whappen? inshala!

  8. AK says:

    Looking upwards from the barrage car park, it all looks a bit precarious !

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