Rail passenger Mr Jesus Christianity of Penarth was jailed for 17 months for what he said to gay Pride marchers

A Penarth man, Mr Jesus Christianity (34), has been given a 17-month-long jail sentence after threatening  rail passengers attending a Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transexual (LGBT) march being held in Cardiff last year.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that Mr Christianity had shouted selected quotations from the Bible  at the  LGBT rail passengers who were on they way to attend the “Pride Cymru” event in August last year and had told them  “I’ve got a bomb in my backpack.”

Christianity admitted “communicating or falsely giving information with intent and making a threat to damage or destroy property” .

Cardiff Crown Court

Prosecutor Gareth James told the court that the defendant had targeted young people on the train – whom he could tell from their appearance were attending the event –  and told them “gays were disgusting” . Mr James went on to say that “When the passengers got off [ the train]  he [Mr Christianity] said to one of them ‘I’m going to Pride now and I’ve got a bomb in my backpack’.”

The court was told that a young woman had called the police and an armed officer had tackled Mr Christianity at the march in Cardiff city centre. He was found not to be carrying a bomb and although he had a toy gun, there was no evidence that he was intending to attack anyone.

Defending Mr Christianity, Ruth Smith, said her client suffered from “clear psychiatric difficulties” and a  dislike of public transport .

Passing sentence, the Judge – Neil Bidder QC – said Mr Christianity was motivated by “hostility to homosexuality” but accepted he was not a terrorist and that he was “sorry” for his verbal attacks.

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  1. penarthblog says:

    What a nasty man.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    “Man who vowed to ‘drive a car into a crowd of white people’ spared jail”

    We really need to start taking action against the British Judiciary.

    • Ralph says:

      Idiotic comment – as usual.

      • Penileaks says:

        Not idiotic at all Ralph, just another example of double standards in our system.
        Both Mr Christianity and the person involved in this threat to drive a car into a crowd of white people are guilty of threatening behaviour, likely to cause offence, injury, etc., so why are they not treated similarly ?

  3. JohnPowell says:

    Is Mr Jesus Christianity actually from Penarth, do we know, or did he just happen to wash up in Glebe St before causing this chaos and upset?
    I ask only because his behaviour doesn’t reflect well on the town.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    A lot of things don’t reflect well on the town JohnPowell , the wanton tree felling by the Council , the ignoring the public and building a viewing platform that nobody wanted or asked and is now a unstable structure, the increasing number of potholes in the town that was bad before the recent bad weather , now even worse , the inconsiderate and bad parking by many town residents which the town is now recognised for…………..that lot reflect bad on the town , of course if you wish to linger with the delusion (illusion) that Penarth had or has or did have something to be exceptionally proud of I’m afraid that’s is evaporating daily (what little is left ).

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