Sainsbury’s Penarth store yesterday morning. Several shoppers gave fresh food to a “beggar” who then dumped their generous donations at the roadside

It’s understood that yesterday dozens of people gave cash and generous donations of fresh food to a man  posing as a  “beggar” outside Sainsbury’s store in Windsor Road Penarth.

Some of the dumped fresh food dumped by the “Beggar ” who was soliciting donations in Windsor Road yesterday photographed by a PDN reader (Photo NW)

Later in the day most – possibly all – of the food he had given was found dumped in a bag near a waste bin outside Barclays Bank

Amongst the food items donated were “meal deals“, fresh fruit and even a portion of wrapped fish and chips – all of which were left untouched.

Some of the donors actually went to the trouble of buying food items specially for the “beggar”.

The pavement outside Sainsbury’s is regularly used a pitch by itinerant “musicians “ and  even fake “sand artists” all of whom solicit for money.

There were no police  officers to be seen in Windsor Road yesterday but there was a yellow-jacketed parking enforcement officer on duty who is employed as part of the joint arrangements between the Vale of Glamorgan and Bridgend County Borough Council .


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  1. Penarth realist1 says:

    So called homeless beggars only want money for drug or alcohol addiction. Those who give them money are by implications feeding that addiction.
    As a homeless expert said on the radio wales no one ever gets off the streets by begging. Don’t give them money give it to a proper charity instead.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Only stupid people give so called homeless beggars money.

  3. cogan nomen says:

    Am I mistaken ?
    I remember a Big Issue seller .
    He was found dead on a beach .£50k in the bank ?

    • Peter P. says:

      I remember him, too. The rules are that a person sells the Big Issue until he/she has recovered…….???

  4. BigpooSki says:

    He binned all that food, damn I would have had it lol

  5. snoggerdog says:

    i read somewhere that cardiff council are putting a contactless payment point in the hayes that will automaticly take £2 off your debit card & go to the homeless.

  6. Justin says:

    There are a number of really innovative and effective homelessness charities – PLEASE donate to them and do not donate to beggars. You can set up a direct debit, or simply offer a one off donation.

    Example, . Emmaus helps formerly homeless people to rebuild their lives through providing them meaningful work within a social enterprise collecting, restoring and selling second hand furniture. They are based in Bridgend and, as well as the regular work, provide a home, food and addiction support.

    Also . A Cardiff based charity providing around the clock support for homeless people.

    Both of these charities support people where they most need it; most importantly (particularly in Emmaus’ case) they empower them to make life changing decisions and end the homelessness cycle.

    • Penarthur says:

      And line the charity board of directors pockets too?

      • Justin says:

        “Penarthur” and your evidence is….? I think you’ll find that the ‘Directors’ of the aforementioned charities receive NO salary, as they are trustees giving their time voluntarily. If you’re talking about the ‘Chief Executive’ then you’ll find that, in Emmaus’ case (which is the charity I have particular knowledge of), the senior staff are on a very modest salary.

        I cannot comment about any other charities not mentioned in my comments.

        It might be better to join in the discussion when you’re ready to talk facts, not fantasy.

      • Frank Evans says:

        Penarthur. Stupid comment.

  7. Peter Church says:

    People give to beggars to satisfy their own guilt, as others have said never give to them, give to homeless charities instead and that way your money is not spent on drugs!

  8. Louise C says:

    Yes, give to charity or a Big Issue seller.

  9. FairsFair says:

    I’m not even convinced about the validity of the Big Issue any more. I thought that it’s original ethos was a short-term means of helping homeless people earn an income, get a bit of money behind them, get a roof over their head with a long term goal of moving into permanent employment. Some sellers have been around for years and appear to have made a career of their hot spot pitches – which is a shame as it denies opportunities for others who might have a more genuine need. I saw one seller a few years ago parking their car and then pitching up with their magazines a few corners away – since observing that I’ve chosen not to buy the magazine.

  10. Ben Dover says:

    Perhaps the homeless person has an allergy to oranges and a gluten free diet?

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