The picturesque shelter at the top of the Kymin is being systematically attacked night after night by vandals – who now have smashed the CCTV cameras covering the site .

Penarth Town Council heard last night that there have been yet more incidents of wanton and deliberate damage at the Kymin – and that the vandalism is continuing.

Roof tiles of the shelter at the Kymin – a frequent venue for drug-taking, underage drinking and glue-sniffing by local youths – has had several of its roofing slates smashed.

Benches at the Kymin are reported to have been “broken beyond repair”. When – just 2 days later –  the  council installed replacement benches,  these too were deliberately vandalised and now the CCTV system has been deliberately put out of action.

In a report submitted to the council last night council officers reported that “PCSO’s” [sic] “are investigating” – but so far evidently to little effect.

On the night of March 14th 2018 (Tuesday night) – councillors were told there were 10-15 youths  up in the pavilion [i.e. shelter]”  but it seems no police officers were present .

The youths put the CCTV system – which covers the Kymin –  out of action and turned one of the camera units upside down. A CCTV engineer was called in yesterday to repair the cameras and was only able to restore coverage on one camera.

Combating the vandalism – councillors were told   – is a “constant battle”. The Safer Vale Partnership, which controls CCTV in the area, is now considering installing a CCTV camera in the Kymin ‘pavilion’ itself  but there was doubt as to whether this would be effective . Councillors heard that when CCTV was monitored, all the youths “had their hoods up – so all you see is a grey blur”.


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  1. Johnabutt says:

    Oh dear, they are at it again, young people doing things of which their elders disapprove. The total lack of any sort of youth provision in Penarth apart from a few private efforts, like church youth clubs, speaks for itself. The long closed youth club at Stanwell provided a familiar place for kids to go, out of sight of parents, but still a safe place. There is nowhere for kids to go these days. If the Council wants to control vandalism and antisocial behaviour the provision of a safe place for kids to go would be a first step. Not all of them would use it, but at least they get a choice.

    • BigpooSki says:

      So you’re saying if the council don’t entertain these kids they will vandalize the area, are the parks still open?what’s wrong with taking a football to the park and playing a game I have a park by me that you can play football in they even have a play area with swings but no one uses it, the only time it is used is when the kids ride up and down it on their motorbikes and churn all the grass up…But hey we can’t blame the vandals right it’s not their fault 🙄🙄

    • David Day says:

      The problem is inside them, not in the society. They are degenerate. A thousand dull youth clubs (a 1950s concept, surely) provided by bien pensant wishful-thinkers would not deter them.

  2. Oliver Hides says:

    I agree – a viable youth club would surely stop this from happening. There is nowhere for young people to go in Penarth but if they were able to play table tennis or card games in a safe environment and receive some guidance from some interested adults I am sure they wouldn’t be any trouble to anyone

  3. Mollie Danielle says:

    Has anyone actually thought of restricting the access to the Kymin during the night? The access is completely open to anyone who wishes to walk in at any time of the day or night. The Kymin should be closed up during night time hours….it works at Alexandra Park, Belle Vue Park and Parc Bryn-Y-Don in Dinas to name a few!

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