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Yet again Penarth has been listed by the Sunday Times as one of the top ten best places to live in Wales.

In its annual re-shuffle of town-names, the Sunday Times has picked out Mumbles for the place of honour at the very top of its list .

Not to gloat – but Cowbridge  is NOT the best town to live in Wales – it didn’t even make the shortlist

Unaccountably Cowbridge – which was top of the pile last year – doesn’t rate a mention this year and isn’t included in the ever-more-bizarre list for 2018. Quite what the Vale market town has done to deserve this fall-from-grace is not explained.

The paper claims to have drawn on factors like “community spirit”,  “shops” and even “broadband speed” in coming to its final adjudication.

For those who’ve never heard of Colwinston – or aren’t quite sure where it is – it’s somewhere under the label that says “Colwinston”

The only other town in the Vale of Glamorgan listed in the top ten is Colwinston.

Other towns in the list – besides Penarth – are Abergavenny, Monmouth , Abersoch, Presteigne , Laugharne, St David’s and Saundersfoot.


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  1. Chris David says:

    They don’t take into account the administration then!

  2. Peter P. says:

    I’m very pleased that Penarth received such an excellent rating. But they obviously haven’t looked at the sorry state of the roads, the dangerous pavements, the blocked gullies, etc. etc.

  3. Adam Mathews says:

    Obviously the Sunday Times isn’t familiar with the grousers and grumblers on here.

  4. Mike Yorke says:

    Cue the haters

  5. Deluded says:

    If it makes people feel better to believe they live in an amazing place where the price of their ‘ouse is going through the roof, let them carry on.

    • mikeyorke says:

      Is that not a good thing that “their” house price is going through the roof? More profit for if/when they sell it

  6. penarthblog says:

    Yes it’s a great place to live, but like many other places, not without its faults as have been documented here many times.

  7. Chris David says:

    Yes in many ways a lovely town to live. But its administration is diabolical and some think its all about profit- and so keeping young families out of the town or out of the home owning culture. Nice.

  8. Anthony Ernest says:

    For those who have never been to Colwinstone, it is in fact a village and not a town. It has a pub, a church, a phone box and is pretty – but to class it as a town is nonsense, and an incorrect assessment. Penarth, in contrast, has many of the features of a popular town, and has done so for many decades.

  9. Chris David says:

    Indeed Cllr Earnest I think most of us would agree wholeheartedly. What Penarth lacks is a real museum. There are several ideas being mooted at the Foxy Deli meeting on the 21st. One idea is to repatriate the 230+ works of art by Turner, Rembrandt, Constable and others to Turner House. They were originally housed in Turner House Penarth. The proposal is to rehouse them with a major upgrade. The detail in on Facebook. “Turner House Penarth- the Museum Proposal”. This could be a huge draw not only locally but indeed Internationally with this huge collection, most of which is in vaults in the National Museum of Wales (that’s just awful) put back on display for all. What a draw and boost for the town. Can you tell us publically as you are associated with the Civic Society et al- will you be supporting this proposal? Here in public and at the meeting this week? That would be very positive for what is a fantastic opportunity.

  10. Chris David says:

    Update re Penarth Museum. The National Museum of Wales have confirmed to me in writing that the great works of art housed there can be re-housed in Turner House Penarth. Obviously conditions apply. Martin Grossage has confirmed to me this option will be discussed at the meeting in Foxy’s Deli Penarth tonight. Very quiet Mr Earnest!! No opinion?

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