First thing this morning Penarth police officers had to get snow off patrol car windscreens at the Windsor Road HQ before they could carry out safety checks later today (South Wales Police photo)

For the second time this month snow is falling in Penarth today –  blanketing roads and causing many scheduled functions to be cancelled.

Vale of Glamorgan gritting lorries were working on the main streets of Penarth at 02:00 this morning but continuing snowfall since then nullified much of their work .

Alison Watkins of Penarth posted this picture of pristine snow on Twitter this morning (Photo Alison Watkins)

Today’s snow seems to be of the same powdery consistency as the snow which was delivered by the “Beast from the East”  – and is therefore accumulating in wind-driven drifts but the volume of snow wasn’t quite as heavy the previous snowfall at the beginning of the month .

It looks like another day of unendurable privation ahead for Penarth – or, alternatively,  lots of fun with sledges and snowballs…

…but meanwhile people in the know predict that things could get worse tonight:-

On Twitter Penarth’s Tabernacle Church in Plassey St has issued this dramatic warning to its congregation

The Tabernacle Church in Plassey  has warned its congregation not to turn up for tonight’s scheduled Evening Service.

On Twitter. the Tabernacle says “Due to the worsening weather conditions expected from later today and the high probability of ice underfoot, there will be NO evening service tonight.”


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  1. Good grief. Cogan Tesco has has yet refill its shelves following the previous snow so I guess they’ll be even emptier today.

    • Peter Church says:

      Something strange going on at this Tesco……
      The shelves have been empty/badly stocked for weeks. I wonder if they are playing a trick. Customers are down so we’ll have to sell the land off for flats and move to the old ToysRus store in the bay???

      • Cold snap says:

        Interesting you should mention this. Some time after the last snowfall, I asked one of the checkout staff why there were signs everywhere saying something like ‘Bear with us while we get our stock levels back to normal.’ She was quite aggressive and cagey about it when I’d only asked in a polite, oh-dear-did-the-snow-mess-things-up type way.

      • “Toys Were Us” you mean.

  2. Peter Church says:

    The ground temp is above freezing, so the roads are fine.
    It wont stop the trains and buses from being cancelled and all the schools closed for the next week!

    • Cold snap says:

      Is it true a group of teachers performed a snow dance on Plassey Square earlier?
      Crowds of them raising their hands to the sky pleading for at least another week off.
      No point them going back now before Easter. May as well have a clean run.

  3. Chris David says:

    I’d go for the fun bit- tis nowt more than a light flurry- as usual 🙂

  4. AK says:

    Wasted journey to the Sully tip – all closed !

    If course it would be too much to expect a notice on the VOG website or Facebook feeds

  5. sjleworthy says:

    Constipated on excess bread and milk for the next week now 😦

  6. Mark Foster says:

    Its amazin wot Vlad can do, don’t ya think!

    • Triple Distilled Penarthian says:

      If Vlad is short for Vladivar yes its AMAZING what Vodka can do !!

  7. I think the problem with Tesco’s empty shelves is that they’ve cut their logistics to the bone and don”t have the capacity to quickly recover after a couple of days of delays. On the other hand all of their competitors have coped much better and apart from a few odd items have fully stocked shelves.

    It makes me wonder that if the supermarkets as a whole could feed the country during a prolonged winter spell or civil emergency.

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