Back in Penarth some of the luxury gipsy caravans encamped at Cliff Walk today

Like the first swallows of summer,  the first gipsies of the year have returned to the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s  Cliff Walk car park in Penarth.

A group of about 10 luxury caravans with several other accompanying vehicles arrived at the car park last night (Sunday April 8th 2018) –  where overnight camping by anyone is expressly forbidden

Many of the gipsies have returned to the same pitches that they camped on at their last visit

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has issued a statement inform ing them that their stay is “unauthorised, unlawful and will not be tolerated”.

The Vale Council says its “legal team is currently considering the appropriate action to ensure they can be evicted as soon as possible” but there is a  “strict process that must be followed in the event of the occupation of land by gypsy and traveller groups and once this has been completed the travellers will be given a deadline by which to leave the site.

 Local residents said the Council’s lawyers should be well-practiced with invoking the necessary procedures – the incursion is a carbon copy of the last visit by the travellers – even down to the exact same  selection of pitches along the hedges at the Western and Southern perimeters of the car park. In practice the legal machinations mean the illegal visitors will be in situ for the best part of a week – or longer.

Law-abiding visitors cannot now park at Cliff Walk car park. .

Although the gipsies seem unphased by the law,  the Vale Council has however installed warning signs at the entrance to the Cliff Parade car park informing drivers that the car park is closed until further notice because of the illegal encampment.

Although the council said police had been “informed”, there was no sign of any police officers in attendance at the parking ground this morning


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  1. snoggerdog says:

    northcliffe yesterday (figuratively speaking),cliff walk today,the first has council permission,the latter has not,what a strange society we live in.

  2. Chris David says:

    You have a point snogger- even if a slightly obtuse one. Now my question is how did this happen given the hapless VoG council had to deal with this last year. Maybe the council workers responsible are on the sick!

  3. Peter Church says:

    What can you say, I saw them set up yesterday evening. 😦
    Get ready for the piles of rubbish and the be-moaners who say they have a right to camp anywhere they like. It’s there life style not to pay taxes or obey laws.
    Seize the caravans for non payment of council tax!!

  4. The Tax payer says:

    Best thing is to just install some good steel lockable solid gates now. And if they want to get out they need to leave it as clean as they found it. And before anyone says it I know against there human rights but why should the rest of the Vale have to clean up all the crap they leave behind them 👹

    • You Only Live Twice says:

      A barrier would be a good idea to stop all the yobs in cars doing handbrake turns in the dead of night.
      They lock the parks but leave that place wide open so come twilight the place is like a race track.
      As Blofeld said when his volcano hideaway was under attack, ‘Close shutters.’

  5. Chris David says:

    Human rights are an invention by one set of Sapiens over another which differ from place to place. Sod the imaginary human rights when they’re not based on equality and fair play.

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    The reporting of the travellers in this item borders on the hysterical, and what an over reaction , shut the car park down, stop any of the public parking , shut the car park etc etc . My God what a rant and just what are the Police going to do at this stage, as its says , no Police attendance , they are ‘ parked’ mobile homes not garden sheds or tepees. They can go just as quickly as they came , lets hope they don’t go round the town digging holes in the roads , now that would be criminal and require the Council to fill in the holes , errr just as the Council is rushing around doing right now ,!!?? aren’t they?, if not that would be criminal neglect and a danger to the public and road users. And lets hope they don’t go building viewing platforms on the cliff tops without public approval or consultation , like the one no one wanted and is a disaster waiting to happen. As for Police involvement they are busy riding around in their big van or telling teenagers to leave town and not return , ‘as if they own the place’ . If I was them I’d get the not working CCTVs working and find something useful to do .

    • snoggerdog says:

      the police/council dont prevent any more,they react,patrols,rarely happen,drain clearing no,grass cuttings picked up,no,lane clearance,no,pavement weed spraying,no,pavement flagstone replacement,pothole filling in,john wayne council tax collecting no prob!

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    In short, by and large the Council is useless, cant fix the roads , cant fix the CCTV cameras , cant sort out dodgy footpaths or pavements the list goes on , but they are great at acts of vandalism regarding the towns trees and stupid things like a cycle track near Cosmeston instead of road resurfacing and sorting out the very dangerous conditions with lots and lots of potholes. One can almost imagine them getting some reward for their none existent priorities and their futile and pathetic work aimed at anything that no one needed or asked for ( or very few ) and ignoring the real and pressing issues .

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