More Vale Council staff than ever are claiming “sickies” and the most common reason given is “stress”.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet has been discussing the increased level of “sickies” being taken by council staff. 

In the period from  April 1st 2017 to September 30th 2017 [Labour lost control of the council in  May 2017]  there was an 18.35% increase in the number of days off sick taken by council staff.

It was reported that the overall sickness absence rates (i.e. working time lost per full
time equivalent over the period April 2017 to September 2017) was 4.45  days total
days lost on average per employee – compared with 3.76 days in the same period of in the year 2016

74% of all the absences  April 2017 to September 2017 period were categorised as “long-term”  –  (over four weeks in duration)  compared with 26% short-term
absence. This showed an increase in long-term sickness compared with the same period of 2016.

The most common reason given for sickness was “stress” – with the ratio of sickness absence relating to stress increasing from 24.1% to 28.8%.

All employees who suffer from stress are now automatically being referred to the Occupational Health Service for advice and are offered “counselling support“. Managers also receive “training and support in completing stress risk assessments.”


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11 Responses to VALE COUNCIL STAFF “SICKIES” UP BY 18.35% IN 2017

  1. Chris David says:

    Stress appears to have taken over from bad backs as the no 1 affliction affecting the public sector – American invention isn’t it?

  2. Papa Lazarou says:

    Would be managed out of the business in the real world.

    • Taffy says:

      Not much stress in being a barber. Try being a care worker or social worker

      • Chris David says:

        On the contrary- a barber et al running their own business may have to worry about staff, staff taxes and pensions- staff holiday pay, staff sick pay and no productivity- maternity pay (scandalous) general overheads like rent/mortgage. business rates etc etc, cash-flow, banks, no guarantee of income- the list goes on and even a small business can quickly run up debts that can bankrupt them if they don’t get it right or just have bad luck- like genuine sickness. Care / social workers may have stressful jobs but they know they’re getting paid + have pensions, paid holidays, sick pay- another list that goes on so best not judge.

      • Scootergirl says:

        But the previous reply is correct, in the private sector after 2 ‘sick abcenses’, the process would begin to ‘manage’ them out. If they find the work too stressful, they should find a different job, they cannot expect to be paid or have a pension if they are on the sick.

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    Stress absence on full pay for up to six months, managers may complete lots of forms but any hint of “doing” something and the public sector unions bark, and the managers back down-the front line services are undermined, but in as all public services, the staff not the service user are the priority.

  4. Chris Franks says:

    Tories seem to be mismanaging the Vale Council. Our roads are crumbling, schools are poorly resources and now the issue of absences. What are they doing right?

  5. snoggerdog says:

    im sick …………………. of the vale council as well, & ive been practising my kairdyff accent -like.

  6. Peter Church says:

    So, we pay Council Tax to fund sick Council employees! what’s new?
    When they longer can be bothered to work, we pay Council Tax to fund their Final Salary Pensions.
    Happy Days

  7. Local Eye says:

    Try being self-employed and running your own business. No sick leave and just a few days holidays. Sorry but I’ve got no sympathy for these over paid public sector snowflakes.

  8. Penileaks says:

    Most of those local governemt employees who state ‘stress’ as the reason for being sick, should go out and get a proper job in the private sector, or better still, become self employed.
    Only then might they realise what real stress is and all without the ‘support counselling’ and other publically funded fall back schemes to mother them !

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