Tesco Express in Herbert Terrace

The well-known Tesco Express supermarket in Herbert Terrace Penarth has been found not to be in breach of the Sunday Trading Act following an anonymous complaint made to the  Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning department

The allegation made against Tesco had claimed that its “retail area” [i.e. the interior size of the store]  “exceeds the prescribed retail area for a small store (Sunday Trading Act 1994) and appears to be operating in contravention with regard to Sunday opening hours”.

Tesco Express is open 7 days a week and advertises its opening hours 7 days a week   06:00 – 23:00

In 2014 a public opinion poll found  72% of people across the UK thought they should be able to shop whenever it was convenient for them – but a proposed amendments to the Deregulation Bill  were rejected in the House of Commons .  A proposal in the 2015 Budget to relax the Sunday trading for shops with a trading area of over  3,000 square feet was  defeated in a House of Commons vote.

Former council candidate and company director Tony Harris has criticised the person who made the allegation

Mr Tony Harris who stood as a Penarth First Independent candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan Council  in the 2017 local council elections has criticised the anonymous person who has lodged the complaint against Tesco.

Mr Harris says “So a person or persons unknown measured the inside of the shop in plain sight and nobody noticed.What on earth does this sad numpty hope to achieve?”

Mr Harris says “Its hard enough on the High Street as it is. Prezzo is going to be empty soon – so go and measure that.” he tells the anonymous complainant.

Later the Vale of Glamorgan Council planning department carried out an investigation and confirmed that Tesco is operating within the law and is not in breach of Sunday Trading regulations .

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  1. Tony sawyer says:

    It actually opens at 6am not 8am

  2. hopenotnasty says:

    Sales area has to be no more than 3000 sq ft. It has to close if above that footage. Hmmm it will be close.

  3. Dean Mears says:

    Careful consideration has to be given to the retail floor area because it is not the total floor area and does not include the ancillary use

  4. Local Eye says:

    So person or persons unknown measured the inside of the shop in plain sight and nobody noticed. What on earth does this sad numpty hope to achieve. Its hard enough on the High Street as it is. Prezzo going to be empty soon so go and measure that.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Yer. Some people really do need to get a life 👹

    • John Powell says:

      Making sure that the law, as stated, is followed? Seems rude to call someone a numptie because of that. Have a concern for the businesses that do follow the law!

  5. Dean Mears says:

    If there are concerns by local residents of deviations from the planning application then a diary supplemented with photographs should be kept and presented to the Vale. Tesco has been vilified for introducing small stores into town centre but in many cases this generates increased sales within the town. Bear in mind if this property has retail use then if Tesco was to leave it could be replaced by a retailer that generates far more noise, traffic and smells. Unfortunately if you choose to live in a town centre there will always be associated issues as the results of daily operations so be careful what you wish for.

  6. I would have to say i agree … as much as im not a fan of Tesco et al…. the smaller shops in more central locations DO boost trade and local economy as people are creatures of habbit and generally lazy so they will default to the easiest common denominator.
    I would happily open a shop next to a Tesco as the footfall would be excellent and id back our range over that of a supermarket, though its not an apples with apples comparison.
    That said – if they are not abiding by planning or laws – thats not cool, i know i and a number of other businesses voted against the BID as Tesco were cut a deal, just becasuse your a big fish shouldnt allow you to not play by the same rules.
    If residents / objectors kept a diary and presented evidence – job done.
    that said i suspcet they would just put a stud wall in to the reduce the retail area and carry on…

    • Ralph says:

      I buy wine from your shop Dan and I also use Tesco occasionally – bit harsh to call us “generally lazy”

  7. to clarify i mean genrally lazy in the sense that people will go where is the most efficient use of thier time, this is without doubt supermarkets… the rose tinted view of going to a seperate shop for milk/ bread/ meat/ etc etc is not compatible with peoples lives… thats exactly why supermarkets are “good” this constant habitual flow of people/customer/consumers is actually good for the ancillary services/ businesses nearby.
    basically without making my point well i was saying a lot of people use them…
    for the record i think sunday trading laws are outdated and i dont see why people should appose anyone conducting business on a sunday regardless of size

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