The steep-sided Cosmeston Lake was mapped for the first time in 2015 – and was confirmed as extremely dangerous.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to consider commercial proposals to introduce what is described as “Open Water Swimming “ at Cosmeston Lakes Country Park  – an area which up to now has been considered so dangerous, swimming is banned.

The scheme is amongst plans being considered for what are described as “further opportunities for commercial partnerships on council sites for the provision of tourism activities.”

In 2015 Mike Gosling of the Cardiff Branch of the BSAC produced the first depth chart ever made of  Cosmeston Lake

The two lakes at Cosmeston are actually flooded former quarries. A comprehensive sonar survey of the main lake was carried out in 2015 by Mike Gosling of the  Cardiff Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club.

It confirmed that the maximum depth of the lake is 9 metres the equivalent of  30 feet or almost 5 fathoms.

The survey also indicated  why the lake so dangerous and why swimming in Cosmeston is currently forbidden. The bank of the lake is so steep and anyone attempting to swim in the icy water could very quickly get out of their depth . The shallowest area is the Northern corner but even here the bank is very steep and quickly reaches a depth of 4 metres .

Penarth’s “Stamina Swimmers” regularly take their Open Water Swimming exercise off Penarth Esplanade – clad in full wet suits –  but the sea is a lot warmer than Cosmeston Lakes

A separate scheme to introduce “stand-up paddle-boarding” on the Cosmeston Lakes has been “lost” according to the council but a further report on commercial opportunities is due to be tabled at a meeting of the Vale’s ruling cabinet later this month


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  1. Amanda Cruttenden says:

    I assume that if this were to happen there would be leverage to sue the Vale of Glamorgan Council and any company that was to operate there for corporate manslaughter if a family member drowned while using the facility. Surely the Public Liability Insurance would have to be so high as to not make the venture commercially viable anyway?

    • Anthony Bannon says:

      This would be a great thing to have for open water swimming in the area, but agree the owners would need to have suitable safety cover and lifeguards on patrol for insurance purposes? Saying that, there is a man-made open water swimming centre near Bristol that doesn’t have safety cover in the water for swimmers just a sign in and sign out sheet. Not sure the water is the cleanest in Cosmeston with all the ducks and swans!

  2. CoexistinPenarth says:

    It is a shame that the SUP plan never came to fruition. That is a quiet sport that would be fun to do for all ages and would encourage more people to get out and adventurous in the Vale.

  3. Racist Joe (Mark Foster) says:

    When will you Brits in this tight little island understand that its quite naice to have unspoilt wilderness areas like Cosmeston Lakes or the foreshore around Penarth Head to detach yourself, contemplate your navel and just simply commune with nature? You Brits need educating so that you understand that the drive for material profit whilst sacrificing your indigenous environment and culture is not a social good. Try Richmond Park in London before mass immigration or the 30,000 acre Ku-ring-gai Chase in Sydney. Who wants to walk down a country lane like the Railway Path and be overtaken by a Lycra- clad salbutamol-spitting smelly cyclist at 20 miles per hour?

    • CoexistinPenarth says:

      The problem is it is not unspoilt. It now has a very new and shiny road going through it which, it is regularly covered in rubbish including plastic bags full of dog poo festooning the trees. It is a park next to a city, yes it is beautiful but far from being perfect.
      I fail to see how allowing swimming in one of the safer areas would cause a problem. People already swim there in the summer, this would just be keeping people safer.

  4. Johnabutt says:

    When will the Vale listen? Having wildlife and then expecting them to stay with “activities” as well is mutually exclusive. That means: one or the other! The people of Penarth made it very clear they want wildlife, such as it is, NOT ACTIVITIES!

  5. Ollie says:

    Great idea! Open Water Swimmers tend to be a pretty experienced bunch, wetsuits etc, and also not too obtrusive, the honking of the ducks makes more noise than a few swimmers. It’d be great if they opened it up to swimming.

  6. Chris David says:

    Nope stuff it. Thin end of wedge ah! – however must say all the hazardous on the ricter scale of 10 stuff is; oh special me stuff again. Me and my mates- or for you, my mates and I regularly swam across this place when a bit younger and it never ever killed one of us. 🙂

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