Penarth’s near neighbour , the tiny village of Leckwith – which shares a community council with Michaelston-le-Pit – is set to become a tourist mecca if Vale of Glamorgan Council plans go ahead

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering introducing tourist attractions – including a zip-wire run and camping sites – in forest areas on the outskirts of Penarth.

It’s a little-known fact that the Vale Council owns 2 sizeable forests in the Leckwith area  – a  142 acre forest locally known as “Leckwith Woods” and, nearby, a second 109 acre forest called “Cwm Cydfin Woods”.

Leckwith Woods – are owned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Leckwith Woods has been under the ownership of the Vale Council since  1996  and is managed by the council under plans  approved by Natural Resources Wales.

The Leckwith Woods already has a  formal public right of way and recently this has been enlarged by the development of a wide “timber extraction track” .

Zip-Wires may not be suitable for everyone

The Vale Council says that owing to the close proximity to Cardiff and the M4, “the site potentially has high value with regard to development in relation to outdoor activities such as Zip wires, high rope course, mountain bike trails and other activities such as camping pods that have a low impact on the site`s ecology and appearance.”

The council also reports that  Leckwith Woods requires “continued management to ensure that all trees abutting highways are managed in accordance with health and safety guidelines. There are considerable resource implications on the Council due to these factors.” and claims s that’s why it needs to generate income to cover the costs of managing the site. [ There is no reference in the report to any revenue generated by forestry operations and the commercial sales of council-owned timber].

The zip wires and other attractions at Leckwith Woods would not “require the whole area of woodland” but would use “natural pathways” and “selected small-scale areas”  amounting to no more than about 20 acres.

The single-track 16th century Leckwith Bridge over the River Ely, with the area of Leckwith Woods in the background which may now be developed as a tourist attraction. The main roadbridge is behind the old bridge.

Leckwith as it was more than a century ago

The council says “Countryside sites within the Vale of Glamorgan are seen as destination venues for both residents and tourists. They are pivotal in attracting tourists and vital to the local economy, however they constantly need to adapt to the needs of users. The
development of new sustainable activities/attractions will improve the offer to users
and encourage greater footfall and have a direct impact on the future development of
the Vale of Glamorgan as a destination venue, benefiting the local economy and
leisure industry.”

The council notes that “environmental considerations will need to be taken into full account before any agreement is reached. and that “Any successful proposal may need to obtain appropriate detailed planning consent whilst meeting any recommendations or requirements made by Natural Resources Wales and other statutory consultees.”

The council doesn’t intend to invest in any such activities itself, but is considering entering into a “series of agreements with third parties”.


The location of the proposed new camp-site at Cosmeston Country Park

In addition to the two forest sites at Leckwith another camp site is being considered for potential development at Cosmeston Country Park .

This is a 4 acre plot within what’s called a  a semi improved field system of 35 acres in size approximately 35 acres in size and lies to the south west of the country park adjacent to Lavernock Road. The council says that “due to the site`s seclusion and its close proximity to Penarth and Cardiff it has high potential as an area for development as a possible camping pod site”.

However the Vale Council’s new proposals for Leckwith Woods and Cosmeston Country Park aren’t being universally welcomed. One insider said “There is a depressing mind-set  amongst some Vale of Glamorgan Council officers who just can’t leave natural countryside alone.”

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  1. Dean Mears says:

    It is likely that this subject will ignite a heated debate about natural countryside vs tourism and revenue. On one side it will be said that we are losing our country side and to leave it alone when in fact only 1% of Great Britain is developed. On the other side it will be argued that we need tourism for jobs and revenue and that active Recreation is good to stop obesity and to improve health. The unfortunate fact is that our population is expanding massively and the demand for recreational land is increasing. Furthermore are local councils which are under funded are looking for additional Revenue to keep essential services running. Although my feelings are fairly neutral on this subject it has been demonstrated previously that the introduction of appropriate Recreation into the countryside provides revenue which allows good management of the Land which actually encourages wildlife. What do you think.?

    • Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

      “The unfortunate fact is that our population is expanding massively and the demand for recreational land is increasing.”

      Your arguments are pathetic intellectual rubbish. The population expansion fundamental problem is inferior overpopulation caused by mass immigration of largely inferior peoples, and all the problems are solved by preferably voluntary otherwise forced repatriation of foreigners educated here for the last 2 generations. Housing, Gun Crime, Knife Crime, Low British Educational Standards, preservation of local DNA, simultaneously raising the intellectual and material standards of the Third World – the list is endless. The difference here is that this mass immigration into the West is not by superior peoples but has been organised by superior peoples largely by their wars in the Middle East for their own globalist supremacist benefits.

      “Recreation into the countryside provides revenue which allows good management of the Land which actually encourages wildlife.” Tell that to the swans migrating into Cosmeston from Finland and avoiding the swimmers.

  2. JoJo says:

    they are hell bent on bringing noise and disruption to every area of our lovely countryside. Can they not see that peace and tranquility is a tourist attraction in its own right?

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    Will the Waitrose Wimps from the All Male “He Man” Cowbridge dominated Vale Cabinet be the first to test Zip Wire

    .(PDN perhaps you could assist your readers macho fitness aspirations by publishing a picture of the line up of over 60s muscle men in the Vale Cabinet form the Council Website)

    .Will these Green Wellied Whimps spend a Week Camping in Cosmeston in December?
    -Or more likely – Will, the Action Men Paras of Rhoose International Skyport and the Ray Mears of Llantwit be crying ‘ be sat by the Aga as usual counting their expenses?
    Perhaps they are training an Anti -Cardiff Merger SAS at a Boot Camp in Leckwith.?

  4. BluesMan says:

    This is a good idea you need to use your natural resources in a way that’s sustainable! Leckwith woods would be perfect for a Go Ape type zipe wire attraction!

    Plus I cant see a problem with putting a camp site in that field it will bring tourists to the area!

    • Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

      You cannot use words like Go Ape, Nigger or Black and White Minstrels or Porgy and Bess on social media any more. Its racist. Only I and my followers are allowed to use them. I have made a Hate Crime report to Alun Michael.

  5. Chris David says:

    Well Mr Mears where do you get your stats? According to the BBC (Corine project) and the university of Sheffield the figures are more like “More than half of the UK land area is farmland (fields, orchards etc), just over a third might be termed natural or semi-natural (moors, heathland, natural grassland etc), a little under 6% is built on (roads, buildings, airports, quarries etc) and 2.5% is green urban (parks, gardens, golf courses, sports pitches etc). So 6% built on- 6 x your figure! but near enough 100% Sapiens impact on the land- and of course devastation on the high seas. Its the impact that is the more important factor.Then we have your assertion “local councils “under funded” no they’re not. they’re badly managed and milked by certain sections. Circa 18 council mangers in Cardiff alone have pay packages of over £120,000 PA + pensions etc. Barry couldn’t get a meals on wheels budget right – out by a factor of was it 6, despite its own highly paid mangers. The fact is Sapiens- the greedy ape needs to change its global economic models which are reliant on population increase and fiscal growth (see PWC worlds ,largest economies in 2050) or we’re sunk. It can’t go on but self serving politicians look to the short term only.

    • Barry Boy says:

      Well Mr David where do you get your stats? Eight Cardiff managers get packages with over £120k pay.

      • Chris David says:

        The number of people with pay packages worth more than £100,000 in local government in Wales has gone up, according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance.
        The campaigning group found that 107 people enjoyed remuneration in excess of £100,000 in 2015-16, compared to 105 a year earlier.
        Across the UK, more than 2,300 council employees earned above this threshold.

        According to the Taxpayers’ Alliance, in Wales “Cardiff City Council had the most employees who received remuneration in excess of £100,000, with 16.” Opps two have been sacked, but I did say circa- Google it- so sorry- factor in NI – pensions and expenses and the 16 cost over 120k each. Source as reported in WOL.

        Swansea had the second highest number (13), followed by Wrexham (12) and Caerphilly and Torfaen (six each).

        The Taxpayers’ Alliance added that the biggest remuneration package in Wales was in Wrexham. There, the Head of Housing, Public Protection and Environment received a package worth £323,622.

        So just ill informed or on the gravy train Barry ? 🙂

    • Confuseddeanus says:

      Chris love 1% or 6% or 10% it still indicates that we have a small area built up within the UK not though that is necessarily of any relevance. You may have more of a handle on the actual facts but logic tells me the increasing population and decreasing funding to the council must mean that they are stretched. There always has been and will be highly paid members of staff but I suspect this is a small percentage of the total budget.

      • Chris David says:

        Deano you’re on the back foot and not reading widely enough. The fact is we have near 100% affect on the land and 6% developed just for building is absolutely massive. Your fiscal logic is also woefully flawed. The whole point of growth economics is for “it” to succeed the population must increase (see PWC report I offered), so more population means more revenue for the economy including the council- not less. Once we get to grips with giant corporation and individual sucking out too much there will be even more money for councils to mismanage and line their own pockets with. Land is a resource. All resources are finite. The current model wont prevail, but I think it will take a major disaster(s) to make the greedy ape change. Meanwhile we can (try) and do our bit to stop grass verges being dug up- what an absolute waste of money and gross vandalism- country parks being turned into Disney by Disney like ego driven odd balls and council mangers (who regularly display incompetence) bleeding us.

    • Sarky Andrew says:

      Oh God, he’s back. He’s been saying exactly the same things for years. Talk about a one trick pony.

      • Chris David says:

        Yup so has Darwin Sarky- how’d he miss you heh. Ps I can’t tell you god is a fabrication sorry- PDN boss is a believer x

  6. Fishhenge says:

    The area near Cosmeston should be used for the replacement for the existing Penarth Cemetery.

    • Confuseddeanus says:

      Yes you cannot beat a long and brisk stroll around Cemetery grounds most invigorating. Advantages would be as well as the soil becoming more organic we could plant wild seeds around the graves to encourage wildlife. Maybe we could have some famous people transplanted to the COUNTRY PARK to encourage more tourism.

  7. Ford Prefect says:

    I always thought Leckwith Woods were a bit inaccessible to the public. There doesn’t seem to be any easy to reach paths to get into it. A zip wire is a wonderful way to experience the woods, with minimal disruption.

    • Confuseddeanus says:

      There is a national route running from Cardiff Bay retail park to the bottom of Leckwith Hill alongside the river.

      • Ford Prefect says:

        Yes I know the one, but it sticks to the river. There isn’t a way to get up the hill into the woods as far as I am aware.

  8. J24 says:

    Great idea!!!

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