Police officers at Penarth’s latest gipsy encampment – the Penarth Leisure Centre car park today

The gipsies’ 2018 Spring holiday in Penarth has continued today with the  campers leaving the rubbish-strewn Cliff Walk car park behind them and moving to Cogan.

Police were called to Penarth Leisure Centre this morning after it became apparent that the caravans from  Cliff Walk had now moved to the Penarth Leisure Centre parking ground following the issuance of legal notices upon them on Wednesday .

About half a dozen caravans had moved to the Leisure Centre car park this morning

About half a dozen caravans as well as assorted vans and other vehicles  established their new camp site on the perimeter of the parking ground adjacent to the open grass area at Penarth Leisure Centre. At hand were  the attractions of the swimming pool, a skateboard park, gym facilities, a cafe and public conveniences.

Police officers were seen to be in discussion with a group – but then left the scene with the caravans still in situ.

Used toilet tissues and bags of rubbish litter the ground in the Cliff Walk car park in the aftermath of the illegal encampment

Meanwhile, back at Cliff Walk, a considerable amount of rubbish including several used sheets of toilet tissue had been left strewn on the ground – but this was cleaned up this later this morning  by Vale of Glamorgan Council cleansing staff.

By later this afternoon however the contingent of caravans had moved off the Penarth Leisure Centre parking ground and was on the road again – destination unknown.




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  1. Peter Church says:

    Maybe they have gone for a collective swim!

  2. Brickie says:

    What charming visitors to the town. They don’t exactly endear themselves, do they?

  3. Penileaks says:

    Is there not some sort of blanket order that the Vale Council can take out to cover all such places in the Vale to save them having to constantly go back through the legal system every time these travellers move to another one ?

  4. snoggerdog says:

    used toilet tissue,& i thought they didnt give a s***.

  5. Steven says:

    Thanks to the quick response from the council, police and other agencies, the travellers have been moved on been moved on.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    People you don’t give a toss about laws should not expect themselves to be treated fairly. Size their caravans.

  7. Birkett says:

    Grubby fucking bastards

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Dear oh dear!, oh dear!, oh dear! Brickie says these travellers don’t endear themselves due to a small amount of litter discovered in ONE SPOT on the car park!! , I don’t suppose anyone having a go at these people have ever walked the streets of Penarth town centre especially at weekends ? plastic bottles left on window sills , chip wrappers , on the floor, cardboard coffee cups , cigarette packets etc the list goes on and guess what , thrown their by people living in Penarth , don’t exactly endear themselves do they ? and have little or no respect for the state of the town . And I don’t suppose the ones ‘having a go’ at the travellers have ever taken a look on some days in the lane between Shaw’s drapery shop and the dry cleaners only to witness overflowing bins (some) and the rubbish shoved between the large wheelie bins ,and that’s slap bang in THE MIDDLE OF TOWN ….. not on or in a cliff top car park. Whilst the state of these bins continues to ebb and flow with rubbish amounts and the streets are strewn with litter no one , I repeat no one has the NERVE to single out a particular section of society . “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones” , the saying goes , until the town centre is clean and tidy , no one should have the ‘brass neck cheek’ to criticise people who are demonised and outlawed by so called ‘concerned public ‘. And I’m not on the side of anyone facts are facts and bullcrap is just that.

  9. The Tax payer says:

    Should just block them into the area and not let them drive away until they have cleaned it back to what it was. Got no time for them what so ever as

  10. AK says:

    Andrew Worsley, it’s not often I agree with what you say but on this occasion I do. Penarth is rapidly beginning to resemble a grubby little third world town with a major rubbish and littering problem. This is created by ourselves and made worse by the plethora of collection systems from the last century.

    We need street corner recycling and general bins for commercial and domestic waste, collected daily as happens overseas. My God, we might actually have to walk to get to the bins !

    Severe fines for any waste left on the pavement, and for littering.

    And a big thank you to our hard working street sweeper, who works tirelessly around where I live.

  11. Fishhenge says:

    Get a large mob together to round them up and Flog them on the roundabout. Then march them out of town. Preferably off the end of the pier at high tide, that would get some tourists here. How far off the end of the pier does Penarth finish?

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