Parkside House comprises 1 and 2 Park Road, Penarth

Inspectors of the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) have been carrying out another of their routine inspections of care homes in Penarth – this time at the Parkside House Care Home.

Parkside House is in Park Road, Penarth – a large converted house near the seafront and town centre which can provide accommodation and care for up to 40 residents over 60 years of age.

Parkside House accommodates 40 residents in both the main houses and the coach house

The home is operated by Llangoedmore Properties Ltd and currently accommodates 17 residents requiring personal care and 22 residents who have dementia (and also require personal care). There is 1 resident in a mental health category.

Inspectors found the quality of the care given at Parkside “of a good standard”. Residents are “generally happy and have opportunities to take part in activities they are interested in” and “appeared relaxed and content” . The report says “Staff support people with warmth and in a person-centred manner.”

Inspectors found that “Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding” applications had been made when it was felt that a person lacked the capacity to “manage their own safety”. The home also has access to a “local advocacy service” if such people required independent support

A “dedicated activity co-ordinator” is on duty 5 days a week . Recent activities included giving residents the opportunity to “build a snowman” – with snow being brought in
from outside during the recent bad weather.

Medication management in the home was found to be “robust“.  Meals were freshly prepared and residents told inspectors that the food “is very good” or  “not bad” . There was plenty of choice and portions were generous.  Residents’   food and drink preferences were  identified within care records with the exception of one case which “lacked detail”  as to portion size and fluid amounts. Overall however inspectors found “people’s health and care needs are being met.”

However inspectors noted there was – what they described as a “lack of detail ” in care plans regarding people’s “end-of-life wishes”. This is a point included in a list of recommendations made by inspectors (see end of item)

Inspectors report that “the home is welcoming and the environment is clean, well maintained and decorated to a good standard”. However the inspectors had a caveat about the use of CCTV in the home . They say “consideration is required as to the purpose of CCTV cameras currently being used in communal areas in respect for peoples’ privacy.”

The inspection team found “All areas of the home viewed were clean and tidy. This shows that people live in accommodation which is homely, clean and comfortable.. In addition, people were safe from unauthorised visitors entering the building. People’s privacy and personal information is well protected.

Inspectors were told by the relatives of residents “it’s fantastic there” and “staff are brilliant”. Staff told then that they had undertaken a lot of training recently and felt they were suitably skilled to fulfil their roles.

The CIW has made the following recommendations:

  • End-of-life wishes to be considered and included in care planning.
  • Food and fluid charts to be completed accurately.
  • The use of CCTV cameras to be reviewed to ensure that people’s privacy is
  • Evidence to be demonstrated of service user/advocate involvement in care
  • Daily logs to be more detailed and include people’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Evidence to be demonstrated that policies and procedures are kept under review.

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