Swatched in scaffolding and plastic sheets, No 20 Paget Road is undergoing a huge makeover

One of the most ambitious property re-developments yet seen in Penarth’s Paget Road is currently under way at a mid-terrace house – Number 20.

One way or another, most of Paget Road’s existing houses have already been re-developed or extended or undergone roof conversions to take full advantage of the sweeping views over Cardiff Bay which are offered by almost every home in the two main terraces.

At the rear of the property daylight is visible through where the roof used to be – and there could be  a surprise in store for the neighbours when the wraps do eventually come off

However one of the most ambitious re-developments yet seen in that street  is now under way at No 20 Paget Road where almost the entire house has been de-gutted and a new  rear extension is being added.

The huge project has involved swathing much of the  house in plastic sheeting, with  even a temporary corrugated-iron roof being installed to keep the worst of the weather at bay during building work.

When completed, the front of the Victorian building will look very much as it does now. However the original plan for a three storey rear extension (as illustrated on the right) has since been reduced in size to two-storeys with a flat roof -(which cannot be used as a roof-garden).

Eventually the traditional slate roof will be restored and –  apart from the addition of velux-type windows –  will look very much as it does now.

The surprise for neighbours however may be at the rear of the property where an ultra-modern two-storey extension is being been added – although it’s not as large as the design which was  originally proposed.

When Penarth Town Council’s planning committee first considered the original planning application it said that “the proposed extension, which also includes raising the ridge height of the terraced dwelling, is overly large and out of character with the dwelling resulting in an overbearing and un-neighbourly form of development”.

[PDN Note: Subsequently the size of the rear extension was reduced from three storeys to two and the ridge height of the roof will now be the same as the Victorian original] .

The front and the amended rear elevations for the property showing the now-reduced height of the rear extension (on the right)

The application was then approved on a “delegated” basis. Approving the application, the Head of Planning at the Vale Council Marcus Goldsworthy said  “it is considered that the proposals do not result in an unacceptable detrimental impact upon the amenity of neighbouring residential properties or the character of the property or wider area.”

The sheer scale of the financial investment being made at this property alone underscores the rising value of all the houses in this Victorian, traditional – but now highly desirable – part of Penarth.



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  1. Dizzydeb says:

    “is overly large and out of character with the dwelling resulting in an overbearing and un-neighbourly form of development”.

    Hmmm ring any bells?? Church bells just around the corner maybe???

  2. John Powell says:

    Un-neighbourly indeed and done for private profit. At least St Paul’s will help house the desperate.

  3. Sarah says:

    I think it looks much improved and we should respec the fact that private money is being used to enrich the area.

  4. AK says:

    Flat roof ? Oh dear.

  5. Nincompoop says:

    Good luck to the owners of this propert and I hope you enjoy your home when it’s finished. As far as I can tell the owners have t done anything wrong, as always it seems to come down to personal taste of which PDN readers seem to automatically object.
    Live and let live.

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