Fairfield Primary School in Penarth

The schools inspectorate Estyn has been carrying out a formal inspection of  Fairfield Primary School, Penarth – the first since the school had its last check-up 8 years ago –  in 2010.

Fairfield has a total of 321 pupils on the school roll between the ages of 3 and 11 . They are  taught in 11 classes. The average proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals over the last three years is 12%, which is below the national average of 19%. The school identifies that around 13% of pupils have “additional learning needs” , which is below the national average of 22%.

Estyn rates every school it inspects on a 4-point” judgement scale” as “Excellent” or “Good” or “Adequate” or “Unsatisfactory” . The latest inspection was carried out in February 2018 and Fairfield emerges with an overall rating of “Good”.

Fairfield Primary School Penarth

The report says Fairfield pupils “come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The majority are of white British ethnicity and most come from homes where English is the main language. A few pupils speak English as an additional language and a very few pupils come from homes where Welsh is spoken.”

Estyn says the school is “a strong and cohesive community where pupils feel safe and valued. All staff work effectively together and support pupils’ wellbeing and personal development well. The school’s clear focus on providing a purposeful learning experience through its values-based curriculum is effective in ensuring that nearly all pupils develop positive attitudes, behave well and show respect for other members of the school community.”

The report says “most pupils engage enthusiastically in their learning and make good progress as they move through the school” . The school is said to have “a good track record of making improvements, for example, in raising the standard of pupils’ writing and providing stimulating opportunities for pupils to learn outdoors.

Fairfield was evaluated under 5 separate headings, all of which were adjudged to be “good”:-

Fairfield Primary School was rated as “good” in all areas. It didn’t achieve the top grade of “excellent”

Estyn has made four recommendations which the school will now implement as part of an “action plan”:-

  1. Ensure that self-evaluation processes clearly identify the specific aspects that require improvement
  2. Ensure that teachers use questioning effectively to encourage all pupils to develop their thinking fully
  3. Provide clear guidance to pupils on how to improve their written work and sufficient opportunity to make the required changes
  4. Improve overall rates of attendance.

A  police constable (not a PCSO) pictured on duty outside Fairfield Primary School this week to ensure there are no problems relating to parental parking after the Easter Break. (Photo South Wales Police)

Parking is not an issue covered by the Estyn inspection – but this week South Wales Police patrols have been on duty outside Fairfield Primary to ensure parents comply with the regulations when collecting their children.

There has been a long history of parking issues in the vicinity of the school.

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  1. Eyes and Ears says:

    Well Done to all involved. Lets hope Parents can now try to help by boosting the attendance. I know children can be ill but I’m sure there are occasions when children are kept off when not totally necessary.

  2. Sara says:

    Wow! An actual real life policeman in Penarth.

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