Traffic is so heavy in Dinas Powys that even some green activists now admit to using cars to take their children to school rather than struggle with them along the pavements at peak periods . Most of the traffic consists of commuters driving through Dinas Powys on their way to Cardiff. There is no other route available. 

Penarth Town Council  is to be offered a seat on the new expanded review group being set up to oversee the Welsh Government’s study aimed at solving traffic problems on the corridor through Dinas Powys – including the long called-for Dinas Powys  by-pass. 

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s ruling cabinet has now ruled that the councils of other affected communities – Llandough, Sully and Barry – will also be represented.

Rod Harrod chairman of the Dinas Powys By Pass Steering Grup

Rod Harrod, chair of the Dinas Powys By-pass Steering Group says the Dinas Powys representative on the existing Review Group, Roger Pattenden, had requested the scope of the by-pass study should be widened.

Mr Harrod added “The proposed Dinas Powys By-pass will be of considerable benefit to the whole of the Eastern Vale, including neighbouring areas – not just Dinas Powys.”

The steering group has put forward suggestions for a complete re-design the Merrie Harrier junction and has also tabled other proposals – including  absorbing traffic from the planned Cog Road housing development (on the outskirts of Sully) and another plan to “allow entry for the estate to be built on the site of the former old St Cyres school in Dinas Powys.”

The Labour councillors have pressed for further delays to the Dinas Powys by-pass project – claiming funding would not be available until “after 2026” . However, – by-pass campaigners have effectively argued that unless action is taken now, commuter traffic from the multiple housing projects already authorised by the former Labour administration in the Vale  will grid-lock the whole of the Eastern Vale long before that.

With a show of hands, a packed public meeting in Dinas Powys in November 2016 gave overwhelming support for a by-pass for Dinas Powys.

The by-pass campaigners say the previous Labour administration in the Vale Council  already approved sites for 10,000 new homes in the Vale of Glamorgan  – half of which would be built within 3 miles of Dinas Powys.

Mr Harrod says “Eventually there will be 4,000 new homes at Barry Waterfront, 125 at the Bendricks, 500 at the Cog in Sully, another 576 in Cosmeston. 145 are to be built in Lower Penarth, 80 already at St Josephs and 55 at Headlands School, Penarth. There will be 258 houses built on 3 different sites in Llandough. That’s without 215 at St Cyres school, Dinas Powys, 70 at Caerleon Road, 50 at Cross Common Road and the 18 already at Chapters at Pen-y-Turnpike and those almost completed at Bryneithin.”

He also warns that the failure of the campaign to register land at the Sully Sports Club as a “village green”  could pave the way for a further 250 houses to be built on that site.

Mr Harrod says “The A4055 through Dinas Powys is the only part of the Strategic Highway network in the Vale that doesn’t have a by-pass around its primary settlement.”

The extra study and surveys will cost around £18,000 which the Vale Council has agreed to pay from its Neighbourhood Services and Transport reserves.


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  1. Confuseddeanus says:

    As a retired transportation planner who has helped model two by-passes in South Wales I would like to comment on this.
    Part of the process would be to undertake traffic counts and origin and destination surveys. There are many hurdles to jump through with the Welsh government for example ecology, cost and benefit. My personal view is that a bypass of Dinas Powys will significantly reduce traffic along this route. The problem lies with, other than westbound traffic, all other traffic predominantly uses the merry Harriers and Baron courts junctions. My understanding is these two junctions are already at capacity and cannot be improved without significant land acquisition. Improving these two junctions is likely to result in requiring two also improve the A4223 junction buy Cardiff Bay retail park. With any increase in car ownership and particularly with the developments proposed in the area this will further increase queueing and delays at these junctions. Accordingly construction of the Bypass is unlikely to address the overall traffic problem particularly for commuters during the peak periods. I am not aware of other options that are being explored but it would appear that a strategic link to the A4223 between Leckwith and Culverhouse Cross would significantly reduce all the traffic through the already congested network. Additionally providing Park and Ride hubs and increasing the frequency of trains and buses and the quality of the train stock would encourage people to use public transport. The bottom line is we have too many vehicles on our inadequate road network, there are too many single occupancy car trips and too many parents take their children to school by car when they could use alternative means.

    • rodtharrod says:

      I did send a lengthy response to your comments…but the gremlins seem to have got to it. If you’d like to send your details to my email – – I’ll contact you with more than I can put here at this time.

    • Penarthur says:

      From all the typos and A4223 references, I doubt you were ever an important planner.

      • Confuseddeanus says:

        Thank you Penartharthur for your totally unnecessary and childish comment. In response I doubt whether you of any importance period.

  2. Phil Dawson says:

    The bottom line as I see it is that we already have far too many new houses and too high a population for our totally inadequate transport system. Another 5000 houses in the immediate vicinity of the eastern Vale conurbation will prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
    ALL proposed new builds within our area should be postponed forthwith until a solution to the transport problem is found and put in place.

  3. Confuseddeanus says:

    I agree Phil but assuming the policy in place means that all these houses will be built the transport network will have to be looked at. It would have to get really bad and approached gridlock before they do anything. New roads will help temporarily but in a short time we would be back to the place where we are now. With the increase of population and associated housing we will have to get more cars off the road.

    • Phil Dawson says:

      It would have hoped that our planning authority could be relied upon to be wise before the event and plan accordingly. Too much to hope for! Whatever happened to common sense?

  4. Birkett says:

    Getting cars off the roads is the ONLY solution. There really is nothing much else to say.

    • rodtharrod says:

      Getting cars off the road is an ideal for some but both impractical and unrealistic in the short to medium term. What about the elderly, disabled and parents with young children? To give an idea of the figures involved, currently 72% of Dinas Powis peak-time commuters drive their vehicles to work with another 6% as passengers. 10% use the trains that are packed to the doors by the time they reach Dinas Powys. There are 20 park and ride spaces for 9,000 population. The other 12% is divided up in 1, 2 and 3% among buses, cycling, walking.

      • Birkett says:

        I didn’t say get ALL cars off the road.

        I think it was implicit in my comment that the alternatives to driving need to be made much, much more attractive.

      • rodtharrod says:

        I didn’t mean to imply you referred to ALL cars off the road but currently no-one has come up with any proposal other than the by-pass to remove ANY cars that might allow the bus companies to increase their services or be able to ensure they keep to a strict time-table. The trains might give a better service when electrified (but the Vale Metro is at least ten years away). Without sidings or park-and-ride a significant increase in train use for Dinas Powis commuters is not likely. (I know of people who currently drive to Barry to park, to then catch the train from there into Cardiff. True.). The most important thing is that the time for ‘doing nothing’ is over with 5,000 plus new houses going up in the area

      • Birkett says:

        I’m also of the opinion that the most effective deterrent to unnecessary car journeys are traffic jams.

  5. Penarth realist1 says:

    The houses built at the old HTV studios at culverhouse. Development plan said traffic will be no worse because most will use public transport and the section 131 money spent on cycle paths. Both did come true. Traffic on that roundabout is chaotic in the morning and evening.

    • Confuseddeanus says:

      Sara I think it is Upper Cosmeston Farm adjacent to Lavernock Road.

      • Confuseddeanus says:

        Developers are normally ask to look at the peak period traffic depending upon the location. They are allowed to offset the proposed new flows by taking away the traffic flows of the previous use. They will often mesage away any additional traffic by promoting increased use of public transport walking and cycling.

  6. Sara says:

    Out of curiosity, where is the site for the 145 proposed houses in Lower Penarth?

  7. Confuseddeanus says:

    Sara I think it is Upper Cosmeston Farm adjacent to Lavernock Road.

  8. rodtharrod says:

    Sorry Confuseddeanus, you are not correct. The Upper Cosmeston Farm development is for 576 houses. The 145 (including some special needs) is :
    MG2 (27) Land adjacent to Oak Court, Penarth 145
    All these sites can be found on the Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan site. This one is on Page 179.

    • Confuseddeanus says:

      Thanks Rod it was only a quick search that I undertook and I stand corrected.

      • rodtharrod says:

        As I said above if you want to chat about it – I’m sure you may can add to the process – please email contact. Putting my number here is impractical but my email is

      • Confuseddeanus says:

        Rod I am happy to provide you with some information based on my previous experience but I do not want to get into a long debate. Can you provide some idea of what are your concerns and I can decide whether I will email you?

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