Plymouth Road Penarth. The Railway Path is at the rear of properties on the right

Two top-of-the-range cars have been stolen from a house Plymouth Road Penarth by thieves who are believed to have entered at the rear (from the Railway Path) and taken the ignition keys.

On the night of April 16th/17th  South Wales Police say the thieves helped themselves to the keys of an Audi S3 and a Range Rover Discovery and then calmly drove off in the two vehicles – neither of which have been traced.

There is also a separate – as yet unconfirmed  – report of a BMW car also having been stolen from a house in Plymouth Road. In this case it’s understood that not only were ignition keys stolen but a wallet was swiped as well.

On the same night a similar modus operandi was employed in yet another car theft in Goldlands Walk, Wenvoe in which a Skoda Superb was stolen.

Police say car owners in Penarth should keep the ignition keys of their cars out of sight in their homes – and not leave them anywhere where they can be easily found.

Detective Sergeant Chris Warner, who is investigating the break-ins alongside four others recently committed in the Vale, is appealing for anyone with any information or who witnessed anything suspicious in the areas between 11.45pm on Monday night (April 16th) and 6.30am this morning, to come forward.

DS Warner says  the  burglaries are being linked, and enquiries are ongoing to try and identify those responsible. He says “ In the meantime, however, I’d like to stress to residents just how important it is that their belongings are stored safely – even while in their own home. Thieves in at least one of the recent incidents were able to get hold of the keys via a cat-flap, and in others, keys have been left in view on kitchen worktops and have been easily stolen with the quick smash of a window.”

Detective Warner says “To minimise the risk of falling victim to this type of burglar, I’d recommend keeping all keys out of view – ideally taking keys, handbags etc, upstairs when going to bed – and away from windows, doors and catflaps.”

Anyone with any information should contact 101, quoting occurrence 1800132620 (Penarth) or 1800132610 (Wenvoe).

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  1. Peter Church says:

    I probably am not alone in saying good riddance!
    As others have said he has brought disrespect on the Assembly, Welsh politics and the Labour Party. The only person he cares about is himself.

  2. Vic T (Plymouth Road Resident) says:

    The street lighting on Plymouth Road turns off just after midnight (00:15 to be precise) and cars are then being stolen. Surely this is enough evidence that turning the street lighting off increases the likelihood of a crime being committed once they are are out as is the case here and the Vale CC need to start leaving the street lighting on!

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